Watchlist and Player Reports

Player reports will be added in over the course of the next few weeks. When categories are ready, you’ll see the header hyperlinked, which will enable you to see the reports for the pitchers and position players. For the last four (DSL through Notable Arms), there will be a single post instead individual thumbnails.

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C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Severino Skole Renda S. Perez
Ward Taylor
Kieboom Wooten Bostick Difo Gunter Goodwin
Read Yezzo Davidson Turner* Gutierrez Vettleson
Reetz Marmolejos-Diaz T. Alvarez
Lora Aguero Ballou
RHPs LHPs DSL Bats DSL Arms M*A*S*H Notables
Hill Grace Pimentel Baez Rosenbaum Kobernus
Cole Br. Harper
Agustin Fuentes F. Rivero Dykstra
Ross Spann Robles Cespedes Purke Benincasa
Voth Silvestre Mota Y. Ramirez
Solis Self
Simms Walsh A. Martinez
Bermudez J. Rodriguez
Dickson Thomas Fedde Turnbull
Mendez Reynoso Johansen
De Los Santos
R. Lopez
Je. Ramirez

* Will not play for Washington until June 2015 due to MLB Draft rules
Player Name = Traded or released
Player Name = Graduated from prospect status

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  1. oh bot can not wait for spring training , making my annual trip, and this year I will be down there for 3 weeks in coco, come on id feb. Sue how are you I hope all is well

    1. Mel, are you going to be the ‘Chris Manno expert’ this year? Maybe you can use your Brooklyn connection to give us the skinny.

  2. Michael, Smoker became a reliever roughly mid season last year.
    Sue, is there a particular reason for the order that you list players? And I thought Josh Johnson was a shortstop. What is the story on him anyway? He’s young, seems to be quite decent, but doesn’t appear to be on the radar. Boy, it’s nice to look down most positions, and actually see two or three respectable prospects. Then there’s third base. Don’t get hurt Zimm.
    And thanks again for all the work, Sue.

    1. With the exception of Harper, players are listed from where they finished or spent the most time in the 2010 regular season. Hence, Johnson is “ahead” of Lombardozzi.

      Speaking of whom, Johnson is a utility guy that flamed out with the KC organization but had something of a comeback year with Washington. He’s older (25) but could become a bench player if everything goes right for him. I tend to think of him as Michael Martinez with less speed.

      Similarly, I assigned positions based on appearances. Almost all the non-1B in our system can, have, or might play the rest of the infield. Zimmerman, Desmond and Espinosa are certainly making things tough for these guys to move up, but I would feel much better if one or two of them could emerge like Espinosa did last season. As we’ve seen in nearly every “failed” trade in this offseason, there’s simply not the depth to spare… yet.

  3. What about Jesus Flores at Catcher, or is he missing because he’s been injured for so long?

    / Mark

    1. Once a player loses his rookie status (130+ AB, 45+ days on active roster, 50+IP), he is no longer a prospect. Flores “graduated” in 2007.

  4. when it says Blake Kelso has the work ethic of a starting shortstop are they saying he is slacking as in he already has earned the position? Or that he works hard…

    I guess I’m easily confused

  5. This is really good; Thanks. My ‘gut’ tells me that 3-6 from this list will make the jump to the big club this year (Ramos, Espinosa, & Maya are all but there already, joined by Brown, Rodriguez, & maybe Milone). If the team has another good draft / sign year in 2011, we’ll really have something to talk about.

  6. Sue, or anyone, I’ve been wondering about Tatusko and Roark. In the 2010 prospect book (BA) neither were on Texas’ top thirty. Yet this year both pitched quite well until the playoffs. What do the Nats have here with these two? Are they hard throwers? What is their potential?

    1. Jackson – I wrote this up in early August:

      Good example of why I’d prefer not to write up the pitchers sight-unseen; can’t say, for example, if Roark’s success was simply age and a lack of familiarity or if the new coaches spotted something and fixed it. Unfortunately, I looked to see if the “Backfield Diaries” had been continued but it appears they weren’t picked up by anyone anywhere. His twitter account has gone dark, too.

  7. Just started checking out the condensed scouting reports. Love them. Love the format.

  8. Mark, with my backround and my area, I will be able this year to give you the skinny on anyone thats a north east kid, from Virginia to New England
    I have heard from my circles that Manno has been working his tail off in the off season, and for those of you that think that the organization does not look into this (you are wrong)
    I hear he has gained significant weight and is looking good. I hope to contribute this year to this blog, you all do a great job, and its enjoyable and inforamtive stuff. Thanks for the opportunity

    1. Mel, sounds good. I don’t know if you were around back during the ‘Rhinehart Mafia’ days, but it seems a natural progression to make Chris Manno one of our underrated favorites to cheer from here. We need a name though; I’ll throw it out the gang…………. maybe ‘Manno’s Minions’.
      The other two to root for, other than the always rootable Josh Wilkie, are Rafael Martin & Randolph Oduber.
      Martin goes from beer league baseball to prospect status in only a few years & Oduber goes from 32nd round pick to looking like a man among boys in the GCL.
      Anybody else have a ‘who are they’ type players we can root for?

  9. You know what i love . I love to watch a player improve everytime he steps on the field, every time he works out in the gym, and every time he represents the uniform he wears. I guess its the reason why I Love a kid like Manno and Randolph Oduber.

    I look into things like work ethic, what a college coach thinks of a player, and what that player is like on and off the field. This kid Manno played in the ACC , pound for pound one of the toughest divisons in college baseball. Played and was an oustanding allstar in the cape, and get this won the championship in the cape. He was a leader on that team and believe me , I am in the cape every year , he was the toast of the town of Harwich, the oldtimers loved him, the coaches and players loved being his team mate. Now we also have this young man Randolph Oduber.First in the cage , last out. Quietly working his tail off and trying his very best just to be better each time out. I love that in both of these players. How do they react to failure, what they do the next time around. The Nationals are trying thier very best to build a winner. AS far as I am concerned it starts with High character guys that win. Guys that are use to winning and accept nothing less. Teach winning at the player devlopment level. Teach those who are hungry and you will have a super successful organization. I love player development, if I had my way, it is what I would do full time all the time. Guys like Manno a 26th round draft choice, understand that , I am not asking for perfection, nor am I asking these guys to be angels all the time. I want 150% during the off season and 200% during the season. Sorry for the sermon

    1. Mel, well written. What boggles my mind is with Mano’s resume, how could he have lasted until the 26th round? Things like that I just don’t understand.

  10. Mark simply put He did not have a great season as a senior, at one point in his junior year ,many scouts and clubs had him as high as a top 5 rounder. I have had several guys in junior year way up there, but their leverage goes wayyyyyyy down come senior year.

  11. Sue, I think you forgot the scouting report for J.R. Higley. Apart from that, everything else is very fine! Keep up the good work!

  12. What about RP Hassan Pena, OF Jesus Valdez, and pitcher Carlos Martinez? Re: Martinez, rumor has it that he’ll be considered as the Potomac closer this year.

    FYI, Hassan has been crushing in PR this year. Leads his team in pitching appearences, has an era of about 1.4 and he’s been clocked at 97 mph.

    1. We don’t see them as being more than organization soldiers at this point, but if they were to be released and an indy-league procurement guy were to come calling, I’d say “take ’em; they’re worth the slot” (I’m referring to the leagues where they have rules for experience).

    1. I could be, but very, very few players that haven’t played above AA by the time they’re 26 (or in Martinez’s case, 27) ever make it to the majors .

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