Initial 2014 Player Reports Completed

As reported earlier this week, I’ve been using the downtime afforded by the Fairfax County Public Schools weather to work on the first draft of the player reports for the 2014 Watchlist. The focus has been on the players that I’ve seen in the past season or so, the Top 10 guys per Baseball America (for which I have more up-to-date scouting reports), and the GCL and Auburn guys, who I don’t expect to get much attention from either BA or John Sickels.

Special thanks go to Ryan Kelley and Sean Hogan as their work on the 2013 draft picks (listed in the blogroll) was invaluable for this project (see previous parenthetical) as it made possible for me to write in more sooner than in years past. When the 2014 book and PDF arrive from BA and Sickels respectively, I’ll fill in “Report Not Written” entries and edit/rewrite the others.

As always, feel free to discuss in the comments while we wait (wade?) out the winter.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

8 thoughts on “Initial 2014 Player Reports Completed”

  1. I guess the Joseph Dunigan signing is a step
    Beyond signing Michael Burgess
    Dunigan joins Komatsu. , Goodwin, Souza
    Perez, Kobernus in outfield unless Joseph can
    Grab a 1 b glove and be better than K2 in burg
    Although Bluxom may repeat burg for 250 ABs

    Luke: Safari is telling me the page cannot be pulled
    Up at this moment for player watch list
    Maybe it’s the fog out here with the rain ?? Lol

    Harrisburg should be cool with Ramsey, Skole
    Bluxom, two catchers who hit left handed perhaps
    In wAtts , jeroloman and Mitch C???
    That staff should be a watch list in itself
    Chris Mihalek will be busy

  2. Yes that did the trick, Luke!
    I understand the meaning behind
    The watch list but I beg to ask several questions
    Which Patrick Anderson will begin to answer
    On Viera B fields.
    Does Gunter shift to outfield to better take
    Advantage of the possible platoon scenarios
    @ 3b/2b/1b. ???
    Valdez can move around like Estarlin did last
    Year . dent can play 2b / 3b with Taylor Wrenn
    On board. Yezzo , Lopez , Valdez.
    Lippencott repeats for 300 ABs in hags?
    Diffo and Meija are very interesting as Artie Johnson
    Used to say to Ruth buzzie on Laugh- in!
    Something old expo fans have not seen
    Since Montreal days when FP wAs soaking
    Up Felipe the Godfather wisdom!
    Interested in how the LH bats produce
    Up and down the chain: Bluxom, Ramsey,
    Lippencott, Yezzo ( should be as projected)
    Even with the Hagerstown and Potomac
    Dimensions. Plus M- Diaz!
    I still think Jamey Carroll wAs brought back to
    Plant his ole ex- po and other org ways into
    A coach then skipper mentoring role.
    Great bring back along with his friend, Michael
    Barrett . One if the truly nice guys in mLB
    No matter what cub, zambrano and AJ P-ski say !!!!!
    Senator fans recall that club Michael was on
    Winning behind Milton Bradley GS game 7
    Bottom of 9 th 2 out clout !!!!!????!!!

    1. Might they see some Mark DeRosa in Jamey Carrolll? Certainly a key ingredient that was missing in last season’s campaign. Might push Espinosa and Walters back down to AAA unless they decide one or the other is a better choice over Hairston.

  3. Luke, I hope this was a labor of love, because it sure looks like a lot of work.
    I love this stuff; it’s seamhead heaven!

    FYI to everybody, Todd Boss over at Nats Arms did a must-read piece in September on how all the 2013 picks did in their 1st pro season.

  4. Good scoop by Todd Boss
    Yes, Nats definitely will attack draft in 14
    With different tactics unless arbitration money
    Takes away from draft budget? Doubt it

    1. Seems like they’ll go full bore in this draft with a 1st rounder in tow. Will it be pitching, pitching and more pitching? Or?

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