2012 Watchlist Updated

I’ve updated the 2012 Watchlist since the Gio Gonzalez trade, and upon learning that Taylor Jordan has undergone TJ surgery, paring the list down to 65 players. As mentioned previously, and in the comments, I didn’t add on players. That makes sense for a Top 50 list, but there’s not a set number here we’re shooting for.

I also decided to treat the traded away players just as I did last offseason: a slash-through line. I like to think of the watchlist as a snapshot in time — here are the guys that are on our radar, if you will.

I didn’t add any of the Rule 5ers or the throw-in from the Gonzalez trade, as all three I believe to be inventory more than end-cap. To placate the Purke Posse©, I’ve moved him into the starter column and moved Joel Barrientos in the to LH reliever column.

Otherwise, I’ll be updating the player reports as best as I can until the books come in from BA and Sickels (technically, an e-mail), commenting on the players I’ve seen, creating an amalgam from external sources whenever I can, or simply some notes on the ones that fall into neither category (typically the DSLers).

My apologies in advance for any “Report Not Yet Written,” which is a placeholder for any player that I haven’t seen extensively and will need the aforementioned books to write a decent summary.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of NationalsProspects.com. Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

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  1. A lot of confidence in Marerro? That he’ll be recovered for the 2012 season? Kind of like a Taylor Jordan call perhaps? Have to wonder about Sammy Solis, no word yet on the results of his visit to Dr. Lewis Yocum and probably won’t be any until after the New Year. But given the Nat’s luck …

    1. I’ve heard varying reports of Marrero’s return date whereas we know that TJ surgery is going to shelve Jordan for more than half of 2012. I don’t know about confidence so much as the hope that he can come back and can be an asset, one way or another.

      1. That works for me – Players listed by level either achieved or expected (2011 draftees). I still cringe seeing Bloxom listed as a 3B, but understand it.

        The TJ pronouncement for Taylor Jordan puts another ‘ding’ on the finish for the RHSP list. Can this Org. get through a calendar year without losing someone to a major injury?
        2012 = Taylor Jordan (TJ), Chris Marrero (torn Hamstring), Yunesky Maya (shoulder problem in DWL). And the season doesn’t start for another another two months…
        2011 = Rick Hague (labrum), Adam LaRoche (labrum), Ryan Zimmerman (torn abdominal), Cole Kimball (rotator cuff), Adam Carr (shoulder), Elvin Ramirez (R5-shoulder), Dixon Anderson [draftee] (60-DL).
        2010 = Stephen Strasburg (TJ), Jason Marquis (elbow chips), Jack McGeary (TJ), Ross Detwiler (hip flexor), Chien-Ming Wang (shoulder reconstruction), Juan Jaime (TJ), Robinson Fabian (TJ).
        2009 = Jordan Zimmermann (TJ), Roger Bernadina (ankle), Jesus Flores (shoulder), Nyjer Morgan (hand), Ryan Mattheus (TJ), Scott Olsen (labrum).
        2008 = Jesus Flores (ankle), Matt Chico (elbow/shoulder).

        That’s as far back as my records go – 21 separate players between 2008 & 2011. Now two of those (Wang & Mattheus) were acquired as previously damaged, but still…

  2. Looks like Anthony Rendon is destined for Woodbridge, or that’s what Byron Kerr’s sources tell him. Rendon plus some pretty decent prospects from Hagerstown should make things interesting in Potomac even with the flooding. Oh, and I guess that would be a first? A top prospect NOT skipping Potomac but starting there? … 😉

    Potomac may be a real power house if Rendon and any of the others don’t get bumped to Harrisburg too soon.

    1. You’ll forgive me for my pessimism, but no Nats 1st-Round Draft Pick has ever debuted at Potomac and only one has pitched there within 12 months of being drafted (Detwiler).

        1. Not sure I follow the logic that says he needs to go a different path than Bryce (who was sent to AFL), but obviously time will tell.

          1. Exactly. Harper was sent to the AFL in ’10 and started in Hagerstown in ’11. I’d love to see Rendon in Potomac, but history says it’ll be in June, not April.

          2. Harper was also 18 or 19 at the time, Rendon is 21. I think that you would really be slowing his devlopment at Hagerstown, and I compare Rendon with Strasburg, more than Harper. Rendon isnt as good a prospect as Stras, so that puts him at Potomac IMO

    2. When do the summer rosters get posted? Also, how extensive is the minor league spring training coverage? Can we find stats of the players?

      1. Summer rosters are usually released shortly before each team (Auburn, GCL) starts up. I have to rely on the MSM for the ST coverage and don’t have the budget to go down there myself. Like instrux, the coverage is very, very sparse. So most of our ST coverage is on the angle of which prospects will make the parent club (e.g. Lombardozzi – bench or Syracuse).

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