2023 Watchlist and Player Reports

Info about these players will be added over the course of January and February. I usually start with players I’m familiar with and then branch out to the Top 30 or so. When the prospect book(s) arrive, I fine-tune the descriptions. When a page is done–or is ready for viewing–I’ll hyperlink it. The last four categories and M*A*S*H will be essays rather than a series of capsules.

You can visit previous watchlists by clicking on the year. Please note: The site has undergone a few theme changes, which will make some of the older reports less readable: 2022
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C 1B 2B/SS 3B OF M*A*S*H
Millas Emiliani Baker Alu Hassell Lee
Pineda Frizzell Cruz Infante De La Rosa Tetreault
Vega E. Tejeda Lipscomb J. Young Henry
G. Diaz White Carrillo
Wood Shuman
De La Cruz Hernández
McKenzie House
Quintana Quintanilla
Green A. Ramirez
Cox Lile
RHPs LHPs ’22 Picks DSL Arms DSL Bats Notables
Cavalli Cronin Leyva Leon Contreras Downs
Ward Ferrer Cornelio C. Sanchez W. Diaz Cate
Irvin Troop Huff Roman Mojica Connell
Brzykcy Parker L. Young D. Perez Vaquero Antuna
Yankosky Knowles Grissom Fortunato E. Ramirez Meregildo
Willingham Alvarez Cuevas
Ribalta M. Perez Méndez
Theophile Saenz Boisserie
C. Romero Aldonis Rutledge
Lara Marquez Denaburg
Susana Agostini M. Davis
Sinclair Bennett
K. Rodriguez

Player Name = On the 40-man roster
Player Name = DFA’d, traded, or released
Player Name = Graduated from Prospect status