2015 Watchlist and Player Reports

Player reports will be added in over the course of the next few weeks. When categories are ready, you’ll see the header hyperlinked, which will enable you to see the reports for the pitchers and position players. For the last four (DSL through Notable Arms), there will be a single post instead individual thumbnails.

To see last year’s Watchlist, click here. Previous years… 201320122011.

C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Severino Skole Renda S. Perez Ward Taylor
Kieboom Wooten Bostick Difo Gunter Goodwin
Read Yezzo Davidson Turner* Gutierrez Vettleson
Reetz Marmolejos-Diaz T. Alvarez Lora Aguero Ballou
RHPs LHPs DSL Bats DSL Arms M*A*S*H Notables
Hill Grace Pimentel Baez Rosenbaum Kobernus
Cole Br. Harper Agustin Fuentes F. Rivero Dykstra
Ross Spann Robles Cespedes Purke Benincasa
Voth Silvestre Mota Y. Ramirez Solis Self
Simms Walsh A. Martinez Bermudez J. Rodriguez Pleffner
Dickson Thomas Fedde Turnbull
Mendez Reynoso Johansen
De Los Santos
R. Lopez
Je. Ramirez

* Will not play for Washington until June 2015 due to MLB Draft rules
Player Name = Traded or released
Player Name = Graduated from prospect status