2017 Watchlist and Player Reports

The next few weeks will be devoted to adding info about these players. I typically start with the players I’m most familiar with and then branch out to the Top 30 or so. When the prospect book(s) arrive, I fine-tune. When a page is done–or is ready for viewing–I’ll hyperlink it. The final four categories will be more like an essay than a series of capsules.

To view previous watch lists, you can visit them by the year. Please note: the site has undergone a couple of theme changes, the most recent in July 2016, which will make some of the oldest reports a bit less readable: 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011

Severino Skole Abreu Ward Goodwin Glover
Read Marmolejos Sagdal Gutierrez Bautista Brinley
Reetz Simonetti Noll Neuse Stevenson Mendez
C. Kieboom Robles Pantoja
Agustin Peterson
Wiseman Fuentes
Johnson Howell
RHSPs LHPs DSL Bats DSL Arms Notable Arms Notable Bats
Cole Crownover Cabello Sisneros J. Cordero Banks
Voth Borne Falcon Guillen Mapes Corredor
Fedde Guilbeau Mesa Chu A. Lee Franco
Simms Watson Morales Duran Rivera III L. Garcia
Valdez Mills Pascal J. Peguero Luzardo Antuna
Baez Y. Ramirez
W. Davis
F. Peguero

Player Name = Graduated from prospect status
Player Name = On the 40-man roster