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As we have the previous three editions, let’s review the 2015-season selections before discussing the 2016-season group:

Pedro Avila
2015: 6-3, 0SV; 13G, 13GS, 59⅔ IP; 2.26/1.87/1.06 in the DSL; 1-0, 0SV; 1G, 0GS, 4IP; 0.00/2.31/0.50 in the GCL
2016: 7-7, 0SV; 20G, 20GS, 93IP; 3.48/4.27/1.33 in the Sally Lg. → Traded in the offseason

Francys Peguero
2015: 3-1, 12SV; 22G, 20GF, 34⅔ IP; 1.82/1.99/0.84 in the DSL
2016: 3-0, 1SV; 8G, 5GS, 32⅔ IP; 2.20/2.59/1.10 in the GSL
0-1, 6G, 0GF, 14⅔ IP; 6.14/3.21/1.57 in the NYPL → Made the ’17 Watchlist as a RHSP

Yonathan Ramirez
2015: 2-6, 0SV; 14G, 14GS, 68⅔ IP; 2.75/2.91/1.12 in the DSL
2016: 4-3, 1SV; 13G, 11GS, 53⅔ IP; 3.69/3.50/1.30 in the NYPL → Made the ’17 Watchlist as a LHP

Gilberto Chu
2015: 3-3, 0SV; 18G, 1GS, 49⅓ IP; 2.55/2.90/1.10 in the DSL
2016: 1-4, 0SV; 11G, 11GS, 51 IP; 3.18/2.37/0.96 in the DSL → See below

Warner Duran
2015: 1-0, 0SV; 17G, 0GS, 33⅔ IP; 2.67/3.35/1.22 in the DSL
2016: 1-0, 6SV; 19G, 11GF, 32⅔ IP; 1.65/2.28/0.73 in the DSL → See below

The Nats were aggressive with Avila, Ramirez, and Peguero as each skipped over the GCL. Avila was flipped for Derek Norris while Ramirez responded with decent campaign in the NYPL. With Peguero they may have overreached, but his promising conversion to starting may have offset it. Both Chu and Duran were “held back,” but both youngsters improved and could be candidates to go the NYPL or higher this summer.

On to the 2017 selections…

Yelmery Sisnero
JULY 1, 2017 AGE: 19
STATS: 4-3, 0SV; 9G, 9GS, 41⅔ IP; 0.43/2.08/0.91
With the de rigeur warning about small sample sizes, Sisnero dominated in his second go ’round the DSL. Like Ramirez (above), Sisnero relieved in year 1 and started in year 2 with nary a homer allowed and just nine walks issued.

Angel Guillen
JULY 1, 2017 AGE: 20
STATS: 4-1, 0SV; 12G, 11GS, 54 IP; 1.67/2.52/0.94
Guillen also “figured it out” last summer, but this was his third season in the DSL. He wasn’t old for the league so there’s hope that he’ll continue to progress in ’17.

Gilberto Chu
JULY 1, 2017 AGE: 19
STATS: 1-4, 0SV; 11G, 11GS, 51 IP; 3.18/2.37/0.96
At first glance, it looks like Chu regressed but look closer and you’ll see that he had a lower FIP and improved both his walk rate and K rates despite switching from relief to starting.

Warner Duran
JULY 1, 2017 AGE: 19
STATS: 1-0, 6SV; 19G, 11GF, 32⅔ IP; 1.65/2.28/0.73
Like Chu, Duran repeated the level and improved upon his production, particularly in lowering his BB/9IP from 4.0 to 1.7. He was also called upon to close out games and notched six saves.

Jairon Peguero
JULY 1, 2017 AGE: 20
STATS: 0-5, 0SV; 13G, 4GF, 33 IP; 4.91/2.60/1.45
Doesn’t appear to be related to Francys, Jairon posted a very strong 2.60 FIP in his debut season as a left-handed reliever, fueled by zero home runs, just one hit batter, and 14 walks – all while striking out nearly a batter per inning (31K).

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