DSL Bats

As we have the previous editions, let’s review the 2015-season selections before discussing the 2016-season group:

Aldrem Corredor
2015: .303/.411/.417, .974 (1B), +.051
2016: .290/.361/.379, .987 (1B), +.030 (GCL)

Luis Perdomo
2015: .295/.385/.405, .935 (LF), +.037
2016: .263/.354/.351, 1.000 (LF), +.020 (GCL)

Edwin Ventura
2015: 300/.374/.387, .949 (RF), +.027
2016: DNP

Roberto Medina
2015: .317/.372/.442, 1.000 (C), +.040
2016: .215/.301/.264, .971 (C), -.029 (DSL)

Juan Evangelista
2015: .283/.328/.443, .946 (CF), +.020
2016: .296/.339/.407, .882 (CF), +.027 → Made the 2017 Watchlist as an OF

More proof that short-season stats and scouting by boxscore is closer to guessing than anything else: Medina repeated the level and did worse, which may be explained in part by his catching more games; Ventura didn’t play at all.

Now, for the 2017 guys…

Jose Cabello
JULY 1, 2017 AGE: 20
STATS: .277/.391/.333, .988 (C), +.029 GPA vs. DSL Lg. Avg. of .230
Admittedly, Cabello was old for the DSL at 19, but the Nats are hurting for both 1B and C so we make the pick on the hope that something clicked and will continue this summer at the GCL or the NYPL.

Santo Falcon
JULY 1, 2017 AGE: 20
STATS: .250/.333/.335, .935 (CF), +.004
Same deal for Falcon, who also repeated the level, as did many of his teammates. There’s less reason to be enthusiastic, but last year’s DSL squad was an extremely weak one. Falcon and Cabello were the only teenagers to hit better than league average.

Brailin Mesa
JULY 1, 2017 AGE: 19
STATS: .257/.302/.355, .944 (RF), -.005
Mesa started very strong (.879 OPS in June), hit a wall (.452 in July), then rebounded (.599 in August). We’ll find out whether that’s good enough to get to the GCL this summer, but it would not surprise me if he’s released, either.

Jesus Morales
POS: 2B/3B/1B
JULY 1, 2017 AGE: 19
STATS: .261/.312/.298, 1.000 (2B), -.015
Morales split time in the infield between 2B, 3B, and 1B (he’s also played a handful of games at SS and in the OF). Offensively he improved from 2015 (.455 to .610 OPS) but unlike Mesa, the best-case scenario is a third year in the DSL.

Juan Pascal
JULY 1, 2017 AGE: 19
STATS: .239/.315/.268, .927 (SS), -.021
As noted in the season review, Pascal played 55 of 56 games at shortstop in his first season, in which he was a shade younger than the league average. The inference? He’s got something that the scouts see as a fielder, but is raw (18E). Best bet is another DSL season to see if he further develops.

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