Baseball America’s Revised Nats Top 10

Baseball America for NPPLike slideshows of cheerleaders and WAGs for Bleacher Report*, Baseball America can’t resist another chance to re-issue a list, which it did today with the 2013 Organizational Talent Rankings.
*Full disclosure: I can’t resist bulldogs or visual puns.

As a system, the Nats came in at #13 — up three spots from the #16 ranking last December — but perhaps of more interest is the “new” Top 10 list, which is as follows:

1. Anthony Rendon, 3B (AA)
2. Lucas Giolito, RHP (XST)
3. Brian Goodwin, OF (AA)
4. A.J. Cole, RHP (A+)
5. Matt Skole, 1B-3B (AA)
6. Nathan Karns, RHP (AA)
7. Christan Garcia, RHP (MLB D.L.)
8. Eury Perez, OF (AAA)
9. Sammy Solis, LHP (XST)
10. Matt Purke, LHP (XST)

In a nutshell, A.J. Cole was inserted at #4 and the “old” nos. 4-9 were moved down one spot. Zach Walters was the “bumped” #10 prospect. My projected destinations for where they’ll be for Opening Day are in parentheses.

The Washington farm was ranked #12 last year in this revision, following a brief moment on paper when the system was rated #1 prior to the Gio Gonzalez trade.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

7 thoughts on “Baseball America’s Revised Nats Top 10”

  1. I thought #16 was too high last December, but now that we have kept Jeff / Danny / Carlos, etc. I’m feeling that a “middle of the pack” ranking isn’t that unrealistic. It’s still too heavy with AAAA type guys that will probably never make a ML impact with the Nats unless there are injuries, but given the youth of the ML team, that depth is not a bad thing to have. They have a couple of years to try to get pitchers healthy and re-build the younger end of the pipeline.

  2. I am looking forward to going to Bowie to watch the Senators play. I know that in 2005 or 2006 Potomac played before a Nats game at RFK. I wish DC would do more FUTURES AT FENWAY type games to showcase their minor league teams. I realize it would be a nightmare for season ticket holders of the farm teams but it would be cool.

    1. The problem with that 2006 misadventure was the decision to do it after a regularly scheduled Big Nats game on a Sunday afternoon, which always struck me as tone deaf.

      I don’t think it would be a nightmare for the STHs… if the powers that be realize that this could be treated like a perk, i.e. STHs either get premium seating, a discount on the tickets, or a pre-sale opportunity, etc. etc.

  3. Lefties in the radar. Who will
    Surface full season above A plus
    Sousa, Ramsey and Burns in Potnats OF
    Sousa in Burg I mean
    Surprising Higley was not cut

  4. A couple of years ago I went to Boston for the “Futures” game when Salem was to play the P-Nats. This was my chance to visit the Fenway shrine went tickets were cheap and see the P-Nats play there. Unfortunately, a tremendous T-storm struck about an hour before the game as I was rushng into town to check-in at the hotel and get to the game. Although the storm washed-out the game, I went to Fenway away and did see the shrine. Anyway, I, too, would love to see the Nats do this at Nats Park.

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