2013 Watchlist: DSL Guys

DSL 2010 Review PicWhile it’s nice to have the potential “we’ve had our eye on this guy since” moment… thus far, it’s been more miss than hit. This, as written previously, is the nature of the short-season beast. It’s made worse by the murky environment that is the D.R.

Still, the goal here is to provide as complete coverage as possible, so if that means scouting by boxscore, so be it. Here are the DSL guys that caught my eye while doing the 2012 season review:

Osvaldo Abreu
JULY 1 AGE: 19
STATS: .279/.381/.363, .912FA, +.028 GPA vs. Lg. Avg.
Abreu started 54 of 59 games at SS, which tends to be a good sign since it could mean the org has made up its find as to his defensive position (and in this case, prowess).

Rafael Bautista
JULY 1 AGE: 20
STATS: .329/.419/.395, .951FA, +.053 GPA
Likewise, Bautista held down the CF slot (63G) and showed on-paper speed with 47SB in 67 games and drew 27BB for a .419OBP rate.

Jose Marmolejos-Diaz
JULY 1 AGE: 20
STATS: .298/.362/.490, .972FA, +.051 GPA
“Orange” split time between 1B and LF and showed good power. He made all his errors at 1B, but what we don’t know is if he’s a bat in search of a position or a slow baserunner.

Elisaul Gomez
JULY 1 AGE: 21
STATS: 7-3, 1; 3.31ERA, 1.189WHIP
Old for the DSL, but still left-handed, and for lack of a better explanation: He was one of the five best pitchers on a team that had to outhit its pitching.

Randy Novas
JULY 1 AGE: 18
STATS: .271/.337/.421, .986FA, +.023 GPA
Novas has been a mainstay since the Nats announced him as an IFA in Feb. ’11 as a 16-y.o. Improved his numbers across the board from ’11 to ’12, most notably increasing his SLG% from .310 to .421.

Raudy Read
JULY 1 AGE: 19
STATS: .251/.324/.441, .997FA, +.022 GPA
Probably safe to say that Read is no longer 170 lbs, given his position and the team-leading 9HR in 68G. Perhaps more impressive: cutting his errors from eight to one while still maintaining a decent CS% rate.

Jefry Rodriguez
JULY 1 AGE: 19
STATS: 0-2, 0; 2.93ERA, 1.419WHIP
A strong debut season, despite the high WHIP, which was caused by the walks (6.9) more than the hits (5.9) but also kept the ball in the yard (2HR in 43IP).

Hector Silvestre
JULY 1 AGE: 20
STATS: 5-3, 0; 3.20ERA, 1.197WHIP
The ERA jumped in his second year in the DSL, but he also pitched 30 more innings (46 to 76) and kept his low WHIP steady (1.196 in ’11) while getting more K’s (7.0 to 8.2). A bit old, but still lefthanded.

Maximo Valerio
JULY 1 AGE: 17
STATS: 3-5, 0; 3.55ERA, 1.247WHIP
The name alone is almost enough to get mention, never mind posting league-average nos. while turning 17 six weeks into the season.

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