2011 Watchlist: RH Starters

Yunesky Maya Yunesky Maya
DOB: 8/28/81
Ht. 5′ 11″
Wt. 170
Bats: Right
Career Stats
Like it or not, Yunesky Maya bears the
burden of being the first significant
IFA since the scandal that forced out Jim
Bowden and his success will forever be
judged through that prism. Pedestrian in
five Sept. starts, the hope is that Maya
will regain his low-90s fastball. For now,
his 72-82 curve is his best pitch and he’ll
use his 83-87 change and his 82-85 slider
to add or subtract speed.
Brad Peacock Brad Peacock
DOB: 2/2/88
Ht. 6′ 1″
Wt. 175
Bats: R
Career Stats
As a former SS, Peacock’s arm has
always been a strength but in 2010, he
seemed to turn it up a notch and was
hitting 95 most nights I saw him pitch.
Early in the season, he piled up the
strikeouts, but it wasn’t until he
mastered his breaking pitches (change
and knuckle-curve) that he could pitch
past the fifth and start to get noticed
outside this space. He pitched in relief
in the AFL, which has led to some
speculation about his future, but he’s
likely to start the 2011 season in the
Harrisburg rotation.
Ryan Tatusko Ryan Tatusko
DOB: 3/27/85
Ht. 6′ 5″
Wt. 200
Bats: R
Career Stats
Picked up at the trade deadline from
Texas, Tatusko and his “trademate”
Tanner Roark helped pitch the Sens into
the E.L. playoffs, elevating his fastball
fromthe 93-94 range to as high as 97.
His secondary pitches aren’t as advanced
(though scouts believe his slider could
improve) which could mean a trip to the
bullpen, but he’s likely to begin 2011
in the Syracuse rotation.
Tanner Roark Tanner Roark
DOB: 10/5/86
Ht. 6′ 2″
Wt. 220
Bats: R
Career Stats
Acquired in the Guzman trade, Roark is
described by John Sickels as a finesse
pitcher, though he’ll occasionally break
90. Mixes in changeup and curve (both
solid) and consistently throws strikes
(2.2BB/9 for Harrisburg, 3.1 for career).
Has started, relieved, and finished
games, which could earn him a cup of
coffee a la Craig Stammen.
Brad Meyers Brad Meyers
DOB: 9/13/85
Ht. 6′ 6″
Wt. 195
Bats: R
Career Stats
Injuries limited Meyers to just six starts in
2010, and a second foot surgery this past
fall could slow or delay his 2011 season.
His stellar 2009 season (11-3, 1.72) keeps
him on the radar, as does his classic four-
pitch arsenal (FB, CU, SL, CH) that scouts
describe as polished, pointing to the
deception created by his long and lean
frame. If/when he gets healthy, he’s a
good bet to slot in the Syracuse rotation.
Marcos Frias Marcos Frias
DOB: 12/19/88
Ht. 6′ 2″
Wt. 190
Bats: R
Career Stats
The 2010 season was the tale of two
pitchers. Prior to his stint in the GCL, he
was a prototypical raw thrower that had
difficulty getting through the lineup
twice, let alone three times. After, he
was sharper, stronger and just plain
better, winning his last two regular-
season starts and both playoff starts
against the league’s top two offensive
Trevor Holder Trevor Holder
DOB: 1/8/87
Ht. 6′ 2″
Wt. 185
Bats: R
Career Stats
Holder gambled on himself by turning
down Florida after after his junior year
at Georgia in ’08, but was hit hard in his
first pro season in ’09 as fatigue set in
from trying to pitch at the 91-94 range
after throwing 88-92 the year before.
Scouts noted the uptick in velocity was
at the expense of movement. In 2010,
Holder reset the pitch and regained
both its sink and his confidence.
Lacking a plus pitch, he’s projected
as a long reliever but will likely
start 2011 in the Harrisburg rotation.
Pat Lehman Pat Lehman
DOB: 10/18/96
Ht. 6′ 3″
Wt. 210
Bats: R
Career Stats
Lehman was a Sickels sleeper prior to the
2010 season, citing his plus slider and
above-average command shown in 2009
at Vermont and Hagerstown. The long
ball was Lehman’s weakness, with 14
given up in 97⅓ innings. However, he
still managed to strike out better than
a batter per inning. Likely to repeat
at Potomac in 2011.
Paul Demny Paul Demny
DOB: 8/3/89
Ht. 6′ 2″
Wt. 200
Bats: R
Career Stats
Demny has the stuff that can make you
say “wow,” but struggles with his
control enough to negate it. He’s
started 50 games for Hagerstown over
the past two seasons and both our
spies and Sickels wonder if a switch
to the bullpen might be in order.
A.J. Cole A.J. Cole
DOB: 1/5/92
Ht. 6′ 4″
Wt. 180
Bats: R
Career Stats
Sickness, a slow start, and signability
issues dropped Cole’s stock in his senior
year, though he signed for $2M — a
record for the 4th round. His fastball,
which had dropped into the 80s during
the spring, was clocked at 93 in the FIL,
not far from the 95-97 range it had been
in 2009. He’s expected to return to that
speed as he matures, complementing the
heat with an 11-5 “spike” curve and a
changeup. Expected to begin 2011 at Low-A Hagerstown.
Taylor Jordan Taylor Jordan
DOB: 1/17/89
Ht. 6′ 3″
Wt. 190
Bats: R
Career Stats
While he didn’t appear to be throwing that
hard the night I saw him in Burlington in
June 2010, Sickels says he can throw up to
95 mph with sink, citing a 2.05 GO/AO ratio.
Needs to improve command and improve
secondary pitches (that I did see). Could be a
two-level pitcher in 2011 (A- and A+).
Tyler Hanks Tyler Hanks
DOB: 3/19/90
Ht. 6′ 2″
Wt. 205
Bats: R
Career Stats
Probably most famous for his status as
teammate of Bryce Harper at the College of
Southern Nevada. Throws mid-90s heat with
sink, similar to Jordan and a slightly better
GO/AO ratio (2.32). Sickels says his slider
needs work, the development of which could
dictate his long-term role as a starter or
a reliever.

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Wirkin Estevez
DOB: 3/15/92
Ht. 6′ 1″
Wt. 170
Bats: R
Throws: R
Career Stats
Estevez led the GCL Nats in wins (6), games
started (14), strikeouts (95) and was second
in innings pitched as an 18-year-old. His
1.31 BB/9 was ninth-best in the league.
A likely candidate to pitch in the GCL.

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Anthony Marcelino
DOB: 1/21/93
Ht. 6′ 3″
Wt. 175
Bats: R
Throws: R
Career Stats
Marcelino split time between starting and
relieving but still put up good numbers
overall, with a 3.20 ERA (league average
3.37) and a 1.200 WHIP despite a high
walk rate (4.0). A low strikeout rate (4.8)
and 13WP in just 45 innings leads me to
believe he’s likely to return to the DSL
to improve his control.

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  1. Sue, reading your writup of Michael Allen…………. Paul Menhart @ Potomac really is the magic-man isn’t he?
    I’ll bet he’s way underpaid relative to his value to a franchise.

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