More From MLBA: The Hitters

A look at the hitters listed in the Minor-League Baseball Analyst

Because it was suggested β€” but more because it gives us discussion fodder β€” I’m continuing with my posts derived from the Minor-League Baseball Analyst (MLBA). To keep folks posted on my previously promised endeavors (not only that, Skipper, what you said you’d do), the right-handed starters page is now complete.

First, a review of the system they use for grading prospects. It’s two parts, a number grade and then a letter grade. The number grade is the ceiling, the letter grade is the potential for reaching that ceiling.

10 = Hall of Famer A = 90% Probability
9 = Elite Player B = 70% Probability
8 = Solid Regular C = 50% Probability
7= Average Regular D = 30% Probability
6= Platoon Player E = 10% Probability

As I did last year, I’ve put my comments in itals if I’ve seen them in person (or simply have something to add).

Bryce Harper (18) – 10D
Some power, serviceable arm, can hit a little πŸ˜‰

Wilson Ramos (23) – 8B

Danny Espinosa (24) – 8B (8B)
Not much to add to what I wrote last year: “MLB-ready defense. Terrific batter’s eye. Power breakout in ’09, if legit, could get him to Washington by year’s end.” Obviously, folks question if he can keep the strikeouts down and the BA high enough to justify spot in everyday linep

Derek Norris (22) – 8B (9D)
Injuries diminished his power in 2010, but time to heal between regular season and the AFL seems to have brought it back.

Eury Perez (21) – 8C (8C)
Turned on the jets in the second half to finish with 64 steals and is the best young CF prospect in the system.

Chris Marrero (23) – 8C (9D)
Slowly working his way up to AAA, but the once-promising power potential remains somewhat diminished.

Corey Brown (25) – 8C

Tyler Moore (24) – 8D
Struggles with breaking pitches and can be jammed inside, but arguable the most pure power in the system.

Steve Lombardozzi (22) – 8D
No standout tool, but does the little things well and uses the whole field as switch-hitter. Can fill in at SS, but fringe-average arm will be exposed.

Destin Hood (21) – 8D (8D)

Jeff Kobernus (23) – 7C

Rick Hague (22) – 7C

Kevin Keyes (22) – 7C
Just passing this along, folks.

J.P. Ramirez (21) – 7C (7D)

Adrian Nieto (21) – 7D (8E)

Leonard Davis (27) – 6B (6B)
SDDY: Mistake hitter that can be neutralized by LHPs. Best positions are 3B and RF but can play LF and 2B.

Stephen King (23) – 6D
Has shown flashes of former five-tool status, but injuries and suspension have eaten into his development time


As you can see, there are some obvious faults to this list… a 4A utility guy… a 22-y.o. that was clearly overmatched at SS-A… a light-hitting catcher that’s still not hitting… It’s nice that there are more guys being ranked (16 vs. 15 last year), but I’d rather have something a little less suspect.

Tomorrow, a look at the pitchers and then we’ll work our way over the the likes of BA and Sickels while working on the watchlists.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

9 thoughts on “More From MLBA: The Hitters”

  1. Power, batters eye and awesome defense seem like they would grade higher. If I were making the rankings, I would call Espinosa a 9C.

    Thanks for the run down!

  2. I was excited about Keyes when he signed, but with his time served at VT, I’m now less than enthused (snark duly noted, Sue_D).

  3. In looking at their list in a bit harsher light, did either one of the authors/compilers for this guide even visit a minor-league ballpark last year? Nieto, Keyes, & Leonard Davis over Freitas, Oduber, & a handfull of others – Those two need to get out more often.

      1. Whoops – That probably won’t play well with the Nationals’ FO. That’s what, the 5th guy popped for a violation in the last 12 months in the orginization?

  4. sad about adrian. I really like him. my kid chatted with him via text the other day….talk about an unhappy player….you gotta know what you’re putting in your body at all times when you are subjected to testing like these players are.

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