AFL Update: Oct. 16, 2016

nick-lee-afl-10-15-16Scottsdale put up a four-spot in the 1st and never looked back as they defeated Glendale, 9-4 yesterday afternoon.

Drew Ward and Osvaldo Abreu both started and comprised the Desert Dogs’ left side of the infield at third and shortstop, respectively. Andrew Stevenson got the nod in right field (it’s a developmental league, kids).

Ward, who batted third, remains red-hot as he reached base three times with a double and two walks. He was busy at the hot corner, making four assists without an error.

Abreu batted eighth and went 1-for-4 with a strikeout. In the field, he had two assists and turned a double play.

Stevenson singled in a run and stole a base but struck out twice in four trips to the plate. He had one putout on defense.

Nick Lee (↑↑ if you haven’t figured out yet ↑↑) made his second appearance with an up-and-down inning: one unearned run allowed on one hit and two walks while striking out one. He threw 26 pitches, 10 for strikes.

Glendale is now 2-3 and has today off. They’ll start back up tomorrow afternoon as they host Peoria.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

19 thoughts on “AFL Update: Oct. 16, 2016”

  1. Fearless leader is feeling snarky this morning 🙂
    Drew Ward is certainly someone to get excited about in 2017.
    Once again, kudos to the photographer, whoever he is.

  2. So I guess now it’s time that we can effectively evaluate the Schrock trade….

    11.2 IP, 1.54 ERA, of essentially meaningless September baseball.

    Plus, 2 IP, 4.50 ERA, 4 BB, and, most critically, one loss in game 5.

    To those that thought it wasn’t a colossally stupid trade at the time, do you still feel that it wasn’t colossally stupid?

    1. For the trade to be justified, Rzepczynski needed to play a role in getting the Nats over the NLDS hump. He failed.

      Rzepczynski had the chance in the 7th inning of game #5 with a 1-1 score; Rzpeczynski walked Yasmani Grandal on 4 pitches. At the time the trade was made, the red flag for “Scrabble” was his BB/IP. That concern came back to haunt the Nats. Rzepczynski is now a free agent. So, the Nats gave up Max Shrock for a two month rental that was hung with the loss in Game #5 of the NLDS. Ouch.

  3. I can’t remember anyone on this site liking that trade. Very unRizzo like.
    I read something about Ward during the season that lauded the improvement in his defence at third.
    Here’s a couple of questions for you minor league fans out there. I debated these trades with myself while walking my dogs on the Confederation trail in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada.
    Would you trade Giolito, Lopez/Fedde, and Glover for Chris Sale? Would the Sox?

      1. Expo fans recall Mark Langston

        Depth chart for 17?

        Syr : Ward Martinson Lozada
        Sanchez Pleffner Keyes IF
        Soto perez
        Burg. Guetierrez , Corona, abreau
        Davidson , masters
        PotomAc : Sagdal. Lora meijia
        Page , LaBruna Noll
        Hags: simonetti Ripken Kernian – rooting for him but he may get pink slip- Franco , Beckwith, Dulin, A Martinez, a couple Latin kids from lower….

        Will be interesting to see how Franco and Mota mature in next year

    1. Schrock is playing in the AZ Fall League for the A’s.

      Devotees of an organizations’ prospect website are never going to like a trade when that organization trades a prospect for a rental player. The Nats upgraded their bullpen with hope of improving their post-season chances. They got Melancon (who was lights out) and Scrabble (who pitched well until the most important game of the season) for Rivero, Schrock and Taylor Hearn. in doing so, the Nats held on to their top prospects (Giolito, Lopez, Robles and Fedde). The Nats could’ve out bid the Indians for Andrew Miller, instead of dealing for Rzepczynski, but it probably would’ve cost Schrock, plus Robles, Fedde and either Giolito or Lopez as the Indians traded 4 of their top prospects including two top 100 players. Would that have been better in retrospect?

      1. We’ll never know. Losing Giolito would have been fine with me had it brought a WS title.

        My problem with the Schrock trade was that it would not have been necessary were it not for Rizzo’s propensity to dump LH relievers (Blevins, Krol, Abad, Rivero). He knew when he traded Rivero for Melancon that the lefty hitting Dodgers were likely to be the Nats first round opponent, but chose to give up Rivero instead of a right handed pitching prospect.

  4. And, Jeff, former Expo fans will never forget the Bartolo Colon trade. Two trades to go down into infamy for Expo, now, Nat’s fans. It’s a trail of tears. If, of course, baseball can be considered important in the scheme of things.

    1. Get over max
      Sagdal is coming
      He will fit better in future
      Tissue , Tito
      Buckle up , pilgrim as the Duke
      Might say

      1. I’ll take you up on that bet, Jeff. Schrock is 2 years younger, and already an entire level ahead of Sagdal. It’s like comparing R. Lopez’s performance at AAA to Taylor Guilbeau’s performance in Hagerstown. Guilbeau may have had better peripherals in A than Lopez did in Syracuse, but the fact that Lopez did it at a much younger age means a hell of a lot more.

    2. Nats fans too might have liked
      Cliff Lee , Grady and phillips
      In RFK from outset.

      How quick will Orlen and Bourne
      Come ??

      Everyday Rivero might have been
      Burned out by October the way
      Dusty was using him ??

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