Spring Training Thoughts, Redux

Viera via NatsnqA little more than a month ago, I wrote a post about the upcoming Nationals 2013 Spring Training, which is de rigeur when it’s cold and/or February; the day after: a post about options (self-referencing is also obligatory).

For the most part, it’s been as expected… Anthony Rendon has had his moments, which have been heavily covered, but has been cool the for the past three games (0-for-7, 3K), which has been largely ignored. Danny Espinosa and Wilson Ramos have proven thus far to be healthy enough, which may have been the best shot for any of the minor-leaguers (notable or otherwise) to sneak onto the 25-man roster.

For us, the fans of the minors and what some casual fans call “the baby Nats,” there’s been a little upheaval. Christian Garcia (wrist) and Nathan Karns (leg) have both suffered injuries, which the more cynical among us would say is probably inevitable for two surgically repaired guys after breakthrough years in 2012. Matt Purke is (once again) going into witness protection extended spring training to begin the season with a plan to join his teammates (probably in Hagerstown) in late May and an innings limit of about 100, which works out to be about 17 or 18 starts.

As you might imagine for the first guys to hit the plane from the I.L. if/when there’s an injury, Corey Brown, Carlos Rivero, and Chris Marrero have been getting quite a bit of playing time. Of the three, as noted this morning in the comments, only Rivero is out of options. This is, of course, why Rivero has been appearing in the outfield, though I get the sense it’s more to showcase his versatility as trade bait. Unfortunately, I also agree with the commenter’s contention that it’s been for naught thus far.

I’d still guess that at least two, if not all three will survive tomorrow’s expected cuts (a bit of a misnomer, since they’re usually reassigned, not released) because they’re older, more experienced players who are on the cusp of the majors and whose presence isn’t needed in the minors camp just yet (OK, so maybe I’m still holding out hope for a late-spring trade, too)

More likely to go: a catcher (e.g. Sandy Leon), a couple of pitchers (e.g. Patrick McCoy, Brandon Mann) and an infielder or two (unfortunately, Matt Skole is candidate as Ryan Zimmerman plays more). We’ll know more this roughly this time tomorrow.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of NationalsProspects.com. Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

14 thoughts on “Spring Training Thoughts, Redux”

  1. Sorta nice to see so much talent that can’t make it to the Bigs.

    Also nice to see Rizzo not get involved in too many long-term contracts so there is a future for Goodwin, Skole, and Rendon with the Nats.

    Long-term contracts are the bugaboo of teams that want to be competitive over the long haul. The only way to handle the cyclic nature of competition is too continuously refresh and avoid sign guys beyond their usefulness.

  2. if Goodwin does not see action in the SS games today there’s a story that’s not being reported.

    1. Why? Do the Nats not have a history of hiding high-profile prospects away from the public whenever/wherever they can get away with it?

  3. I just plant the conspiracy theory, it’s there for the rest of you to validate or refudiate as you see fit

    1. 3b11 … If there was a conspiracy, it was back prior to ST when they decided not to make Goodwin one of their non-roster invites to major league camp. My guess is that Davey just felt they had enough OF from the 40 man roster given that the lineup was set, and that they had enough backups for the spring with Corey, Eury, TyMo, Lombo, and even Rivero as it turns out.

      1. for what it’s worth other non-roster invitees have made appearances. look, I’m not ready check Oliver Stone’s twitter account on this. it just seems a little odd

  4. on a more transparent note, Sickels has Giolito @ 104 and Skole @140 in his top 150. Rendon, Goodwin and Cole also listed

  5. I too was curious about Goodwin’s absence given that half his Hagerstown teammates have made it to the non-invitee roster since the start of spring training? A little odd. Also, have any of you noticed how well Alex Meyer has been doing? He was just sent down from big club but threw 5 scoreless innings in his last outing. Honestly don’t think Span was worth it. Time will tell.

      1. Time will tell, but five scoreless innings in spring training is a pretty thin foundation to build on. Does Meyer have upside? Heck yes! But don’t forget that in Rizzo’s wheeling and dealing he managed to flip one year of Morse plus Alex Meyer (#63 prospect on Sickels’ site) for three years of Span plus A.J. Cole (#89 prospect). Cole is almost exactly two years younger than Meyer, and so will be coming along at a time when the Nats will need low priced pitching. Rizzo is playing chess, not checkers.

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