Highlights From The BA Prospect Chat

Accompanying each team’s Top 10 per Baseball America is a chat for subscribers only. As such, I have to paraphrase and condense, which I’ve done per prospect, per ranking. I’ve then cherry-picked some names that came up in the chat. If it’s in brackets, those are my clarifications or amplifications. Otherwise, you’re looking at the opinions of Aaron Fitt.

1) Anthony Rendon — Could force a move of Ryan Zimmerman to 1B, but the Nats haven’t indicated their long-term plan; it’s still wait-and-see.

2) Lucas Giolito — If he were completely healthy, he’d be listed along with the likes of Gerrit Cole, Dylan Bundy, and Archie Bradley in a discussion of the top pitching prospects.

3) Brian Goodwin — [In response to the Jackie Bradley Jr. comp] Bradley is a safer prospect because of his hit tool, plus he’s more advanced on defense but Goodwin has louder raw tools — more power potential, more speed.

4) Matt Skole — There are some similarities to Chris Marrero, being only a year younger and still in A-ball, but his power output and his walk total are two encouraging signs. Skole strikes out plenty, but his strikeout-walk rate is 1.3-1 thus far as a pro [Marrero’s is 2.1-1], similar to what it was at Georgia Tech. You have to like power hitters who can offset their strikeouts by drawing lots of walks.

5) Nathan Karns — Has a physical frame and the makings of three quality pitches — a real chance to be a big league starter, though he could also thrive in a late-innings relief role [have a feeling that if he struggles in Harrisburg, they might make this switch sooner rather than later].

6) Christian Garcia — A bullpen guy all the way. He’s got starter stuff— three above-average pitches when he’s on his game — but durability is an issue.

7) Eury Perez — An 80 runner, mentioned in conjunction with discussion of Billy Burns as to the org’s fastest, who got the nod, though Fitt said it was not a unanimous choice, with Jeff Kobernus getting votes, too.

8) Sammy Solis — Not discussed.

9) Matt Purke — The expectation is that he’ll be 100% in ST, but you never know with a shoulder issue, especially one that has lingered for a couple of years now. Still some concern that he peaked as a freshman at TCU.

10) Zach Walters — Not discussed.

Michael Taylor — An outstanding defender in center field, but scouts worry about the length in his swing [266 K’s in 278 G].

Chris Marrero — A one-dimensional player who needs to really hit for power to have value but hasn’t slugged .500 since 2007 at Hagerstown.

Destin Hood — For a guy who’s supposed to have raw power, hard to get over just 26 homers in 1600-plus career at-bats; only three last year [Almost precisely what our Hagerstown guy said in 2010].

Sandy Leon — An outstanding defender — a plus receiver with good agility and blocking skills, and a slightly [a misspelling of “significantly”] above-average arm that he really knows how to use. He’s made huge strides offensively, though unlikely to ever be an impact hitter.

Corey Brown — A fourth outfielder [in MLB] with some power, and he’s a good enough athlete with enough arm strength to fill in anywhere in the outfield, but unlikely to hit enough to be a regular.

Ivan Pineyro — [Name a sleeper below High-A] A Dominican righty who just turned 21 this September, whose velocity tops out at 94 and has a changeup that could become a plus pitch.

Brett Mooneyham — Has a great pitcher’s frame, plenty of athleticism and arm strength from the left side, but has a long way to go [in terms of his mechanics].

Aaron Barrett — Stuff is pretty average — fastball (91-92) and a slightly above-average slider that eats up hitters at lower levels — but could eventually become a middle reliever.

Wirkin Estevez — Had TJ surgery this fall [first I’ve heard of it — will edit the Watchlist accordingly].

Tony Renda — Similar to Lombardozzi, but not as defensively adept or a switch-hitter [thus endeth the comps to Dustin Pedroia].

Jason Martinson — A player with power potential, athleticism and a shortstop’s skills, but already 24 years old and a long way to go as a hitter.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of NationalsProspects.com. Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

7 thoughts on “Highlights From The BA Prospect Chat”

  1. I could accept Lucas Giolito being like Dylan Bundy. If he turns out to be as good as he is supposed to be, then it might be a good thing that he is ready a year later. The rotation seems pretty set for a while.


  2. Interesting that BA thinks Garcia is a bullpen guy, while most every org source seems to indicate that he’s heading to the AAA starting rotation in 2013. The t hing is, if Garcia isn’t going to be durable enough to be a starter, the only way we’ll know it is if he hurts himself and blows another season. Meanwhile the MLB bullpen will inarguably be weakened by his absense in 2013, a “win now” season for this team.

    Purke: I’ll believe it when I see it. At this point I think his bonus money and 40-man slot are closer to being a complete waste than an opportunity. That’s the problem drafting known injury risks (ahem, Lucas Giolito).

    1. Seems like trying Garcia as a starter at Syracuse isn’t much of an issue for the ML team strength, given that 1.) the MLB bullpen is very strong / deep with RHRPs, and 2.) it would be very easy to convert him back to the bullpen if anyone (ahem, HRod) stumbles. While I could see perhaps a higher risk of injury as a starter, I’m not sure I’ve seen any data confirming that.

      I agree completely on Purke, mainly because it seems like they must have looked at MRIs of that shoulder several times (including prior to signing) before finally deciding on surgery, so I don’t yet feel confident that this surgery will fix all his problems. I don’t yet have that same concern with Giolito, as it seems like that really was a known issue which surgery has a high likelihood of fixing.

  3. Surprised to hear about Estevez going down with TJ… but he did miss a large portion of the season this year… so I guess it makes sense… though I never heard what knocked him out in the first place.

    1. I kind of take that as a good sign for him, as an injured elbow would explain his poor perfromance at Hagerstown

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