Goodwin To Leapfrog Taylor To Harrisburg (UPDATED)

For the second straight year, an outfielder from Hagerstown is poised to skip Potomac and head to Harrisburg instead.

Multiple online sources are reporting that Hagerstown CF Brian Goodwin will be promoted from the Suns to the Sens, with Harrisburg CF Eury Perez heading to Syracuse to make room. Steven Souza Jr. is also in line for a return to Woodbridge, according to Kerr.

As the headline notes, this means that Potomac CF Michael Taylor is staying put, and according to Geoff Morrow of the Patriot-News, J.R. Higley will be reassigned to Potomac, indicating that more moves are coming since the Potomac roster was at the roster limit of 25 following the additions of Alex Meyer and Aaron Barrett yesterday as well as indicating that Sam Palace had been transferred from the Suns to the P-Nats as well.

Goodwin had posted a line of .324/.438/.542 in 58 games while missing five weeks with a hamstring injury, and gets the bump that went to Bryce Harper last July in 39 fewer PAs and 14 fewer games played.

UPDATE: Potomac has officially announced the placement of OF Jayson Werth and IF Chad Tracy to the roster as rehab assignments, the promotion of OF Steve Souza Jr. from Hagerstown and the placement of OF Randolph Oduber onto the 7-day DL. C Sam Palace has been transferred from the Suns, but he is listed as on the DL as well.

UPDATE #2: Harrisburg has officially announced the promotion of OF Eury Perez to Syracuse, the promotion of OF Brian Goodwin from Hagerstown, and the transfer of OF J.R. Higley to Hagerstown (not Potomac as initially reported).

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

30 thoughts on “Goodwin To Leapfrog Taylor To Harrisburg (UPDATED)”

  1. It might be time to start talking about signing or trading for BJ Upton. That would be a relief; I just don’t see the appeal.

    Were Meyer and Goodwin both picks the Nats received for losing Adam Dunn? I know Meyer was, but if Goodwin was, too, it is starting to look like a great “trade”.


    1. Correct. Both Meyer and Goodwin came to the organization from picks received from losing Adam Dunn.

  2. Great news for Goodwin, he has had a very consistently good stint in Hagerstown. Have to wonder if the bump up for Perez means Brown is about to be promoted.

    1. I’m not so sure. Brown has played all around the outfield, so they could just shift him to LF when Perez arrives.

      I think this probably just ends Jim Negrych’s time with Syracuse.

      1. I do think that the Nats should sell high on Corey Brown. Matt Skole may also be good trade bait, at least to an American League team.


  3. Glad to see the Nats FO finally not being so conservative with the farm system!

    Here’s to hoping Goodwin keeps playing just as well as he had in Hagerstown.

  4. Very exciting news.

    Can’t wait to see him play when the Sens come back to Richmond August 7-9!

  5. Anthony Rendon sighting in a Gulf Coast game yesterday! 0 for 2, but at least he’s playing again.

  6. good for goodwin, i hope that he, meyer and rendon dont get traded otherwise the farm is in trouble.
    Taylor doesnt deserve a promotion, not much power, too many strikeouts, very low average.
    corey brown isnt really part of the future, hes 26, past being someone the nats consider

    1. I don’t think that Corey Brown is completely off the radar at this point; while their chances diminish, there are players that are late bloomers. Jayson Werth, Josh Willingham and Mike Morse are three I can think of right off the top of my head. But he has put himself into a position where he’s going to have to continue to rake just to remain a part of the conversation.

      1. The Nats contenting for the playoffs this year hurts Brown’s chances to get ABs in September. Most likely, he’ll end up being a little used reserve after the rosters expand.

  7. The Texas Rangers did this wih their top prospect (a SS) in May, going from Low A to AA, and he’s doing pretty well so far.
    It’s a bit scary,as you don’t want what happened with Bill Rhinhart to happen here, but Michael Taylor clearly wasn’t ready to be promoted.
    Let’s hope Goodwin can make it work.

    1. Rhinehart was two years older and never really considered a top prospect. Goodwin, on the other hand, might even be in the conversation to win the starting CF job in DC as early as sometime next year, assuming he does well at H-burg and in the AFL.

  8. I noticed a couple of non-drafted FAs from the 2012 crop on the CGL roster — Matt Foat from USC, Will Piwnica-Worms from Duke (where else with such a hyphenation!) and Mike Albaladejo from FL Atlantic. Anybody have any sights on these young guys.
    I’d guess the chances of NDFAs moving beyond A ball ain’t good. Seth Bynam made it all the way to Syracuse, but at 32 his run is nearly over.

    1. Pete Orr was a NDFA, if you want an example of a guy who made it.

      The chances for this year’s NDFAs should be better just because the draft was shortened by 10 rounds.

    2. Has to get a cup of coffee and a coaching position. Jason Michaels is now a coach in Syracuse.

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