Spring Training Broadcast Schedule (UPDATED)

As predicted, MLB Network has picked up some of Nationals games in its broadcast schedule. Most, however, are rebroadcasts of the MASN feed, some live, some tape delayed. Three road games have been added, with one live (at Atlanta on March 14) and two tape-delayed (at St. Louis on March 22, at Mets on March 28), increasing the total to 13 games on cable TV this spring and nine games on local radio.

Here’s the updated schedule with the live and/or unique games:

Day Date Time (ET) Opponent Network
Sat. Mar. 3 1:05 p.m. Houston 106.7 FM
Sun. Mar. 4 1:05 p.m. Houston MASN
Mon. Mar. 5 6:10 p.m. NY Mets MASN
Tue. Mar. 13 6:05 p.m. Detroit MASN*
Wed. Mar. 14 6:05 p.m. Atlanta MLB Network#
Thu. Mar. 15 1:05 p.m. NY Yankees MASN**
Fri. Mar. 16 1:05 p.m. NY Yankees MLB Network
Sat. Mar. 17 1:05 p.m. Miami 106.7 FM
Sun. Mar. 18 1:05 p.m. Detroit 106.7 FM
Wed. Mar. 21 1:05 p.m. Atlanta MASN*
Thu. Mar. 22 10:00 p.m.+ St. Louis MLB Network
Sat. Mar. 24 1:05 p.m. Baltimore MASN***
Sun. Mar. 25 1:05 p.m. NY Mets 106.7 FM
Wed. Mar. 28 4:00 p.m.+ NY Mets MLB Network
Fri. Mar. 30 6:05 p.m. Miami MASN*
Tue. Apr. 3 3:05 p.m. Boston MASN

* = Not simulcast on 106.7FM  ** = Simulcast on 1580AM instead of 106.7FM  *** = Orioles MASN broadcasters
+ = Tape delay  # = Also on 106.7FM

And in case you’ve been living under a rock, Sammy Solis appears to be the latest National to undergo TJ surgery, while Anthony Rendon has become the ST flavor of the week. Here’s a take from outside the Natmosphere from national baseball writer Rob Neyer.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of NationalsProspects.com. Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

15 thoughts on “Spring Training Broadcast Schedule (UPDATED)”

    1. I think you should be able to follow along on Gameday off the MLB site. Fairly sure I have followed MLB-college exhibitions on it – they normally work out the kinks on new aspects of it in those games.

      1. Jack Tavenner (@NatsJackinFl) just said via Twitter he’d tweeting from the games all weekend long, including the Hoyas game.

  1. Sirius/XM does not have its full slate of ST games listed yet. I can get the info on those once they are available.


    1. I think it increases the odds that a swingman (e.g. Evan Bronson) starts instead of relieves. Might also buy some time for an older player that might have otherwise gotten cut. Lot of possibilities. Older pitchers at Harrisburg have not been unusual the past two seasons, so it’s not an easy call.

  2. You’ve footnoted some games ( with * / ** / *** / + / #) but I see no explanation of what you mean. Please clarify. Thanks.

  3. Looks like all of the usual suspects were on Rob Neyer’s article commenting.

    Seems more likely that Zim moves to 2nd base not 1st. And Rendon to third if he is as good as they say. Espinosa to shortstop and Desmond to UTL.

    1. Well, to paraphrase another Twitterer, let’s let Rendon have a few pro at-bats before we worry about trading him, shall we?

      1. Doesn’t seem to make any sense to trade him. Especially since the drafts here on out will likely be leaner than the past 2-3 years.

        1. funny to read “moving Zim to 2nd” and “making sense” coming from the same poster.

          really peric??? with all do respect get back on the Trevor Holder bandwagon where we all recognize where you’re coming from

          1. Holder is still in the organization. Just as Smoker and McGreary are. With the injury to Solis, the trades and rule 5 a lot of guys are going to get some extra chances perhaps.

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