Nine Minor-Leaguers Released

With the latest BA transaction update comes the news that we had been expecting: Eight Nine Nationals minor-leaguers were released last week (or early this week).

  • RHP Mark Herrera
  • LHP Chad Jenkins
  • 1B Russ Moldenhauer
  • OF Chad Mozingo
  • OF Wander Nunez
  • C Wilfri Pena
  • 2B Roberto Perez
  • RHP Manuel Rivera
  • OF Connor Rowe

Five of the eight nine were Watchlist players in 2011 or 2012, but only three played above SS-A — Jenkins 9IP and Moldenhauer 50PA for Hagerstown in ’11; Pena appearing in eight games (23PA) for Potomac in ’10.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

21 thoughts on “Nine Minor-Leaguers Released”

  1. Well, that solves the Wander Nunez puzzle. I had figured that he’d been released sometime last season, since he never showed up anywhere in 2011.

  2. The only one that stirs the memories is Moldenhauer. I remember one of the Nats execs saying that when he got to Florida they found out he hadn’t touched a glove in 4 years and they were trying to work with that. He was also shorter than advertized.
    On top of that, he turned down a LOT of money to go to Texas, clearly a decision he’ll regret for some time.

  3. Been kind of waiting for Luke to weigh in on this as he has the best low down and leads:

    MinorLeagueBlog ranked the Nats farm system 7th!!! Which I think is amazing! Especially after the trade, even given the top 2 are no brainers (Harper/Rendon). Still?

    #1 San Diego Padres – Top 15 Prospects
    #2 Toronto Blue Jays – Top 15 Prospects
    #3 Arizona Diamondbacks – Top 15 Prospects
    #4 New York Yankees – Top 15 Prospects
    #5 Tampa Bay Rays – Top 15 Prospects
    #6 Boston Red Sox – Top 15 Prospects
    #7 Washington Nationals – Top 15 Prospects
    #30 Miami Marlins (typical Loria)

    1. Yes, its true; for all of you avid minor league followers … jpers admits he hasn’t viewed any minor league games and instead uses stats and scouting reports.

      Yes, I think our local analyses of the games are better due to the attendance factor. And they are reliably objective.

      1. I wouldn’t say he goes to no games… just not enough to see all the prospects. Neither does Sickels. Or Law. Or any one scout. Nobody can — that’s over 4,000 players. But I appreciate the vote of confidence because I do believe there is something to seeing games and players in person, not on video.

    2. I tend not to weigh in on every single Top XX list because it gets repetitive real quick. For example, issued its Top 100 list last week. Two Nationals made it. That’s dog bites man. Sure, some folks might get their panties in a bunch that Harper is #3 and Rendon is #56, but quibbling with ranking Matt Moore and Mike Trout ahead of Harper is splitting hairs. And #56 ain’t so bad considering Anthony Rendon has zero professional experience and questions about his health and durability.

      Of course, I’m pleased that the trade didn’t Minaya the farm system. To paraphrase an article from last year, “Having a good player is nice, being able to spare one is better.” Now we really know what was meant by that.

  4. I’d be pleased if the nat’s prospects ranked seventh. But I don’t see it. I thought Texas was one of the top two or three in this area.

  5. After looking at the players still in the Nationals’ system, I’m thinking there might be at least one more round of cuts before spring training opens.

    1. Absolutely. This round of cuts took place in December last year. I expect another round like it in late March.

  6. A little surprised by Moldenhauer if only because he handled RHP pretty well in 2011.


    1. Unfortunately for him, nearly anyone in the system can play 1B which makes him pretty dispensable. If you have 4 good outfielders, move one to first. If you have 2 good third baseman, move one to first. Catcher not quite cutting it behind the plate, move him to first. You get the point.

      1. Not to mention, he’s 6′ in heels and 200 after a stomach flu. But maybe he can hook on in the indys and get another chance.

        1. Good point. Along those lines, it’s crazy to think that someone who’s 5’11” and 275 would be able to play 1B much of anywhere. 🙂

  7. Wander Nunez got hurt last year. That’s why he didn’t show up as playing. He had to get surgery on his ankle. Now I don’t know why they released him. He had power. He practiced with me everyday in Philadelphia, PA in Hunting Park. He was a great guy, always helping me on my swing and any problems I was having.

    1. I’ve been trying to get folks to love the indys because one of its purposes is to provide opportunities for guys to get back to affiliated ball. Let’s hope his name shows up in May and he plays his way back.

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