Happy Thanksgiving

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days in the prospect world, with the new CBA that’s changed the pipeline to the majors by imposing severe restrictions on spending and laid the foundation for an international draft.
Ben Goessling of MASN makes a compelling argument that the new CBA is a reaction to what the Nationals have done for the past three drafts.

Now there’s a case to be made that the field has been leveled, but it’s a weak one. The big boys have already proven that (A) they’re not willing to overspend on amateur talent (B) if and when they decide they should, they can more than afford the penalties. To be blunt, the leveling is not on dollars but sense. Teams that preach scouting and development can’t put their money where their mouths are anymore and bet big (e.g. Royals) on amateurs and IFAs. Good scouting and drafting will still be rewarded. It just will be rewarded less.

What remains to be seen is what teams will do with these so-called savings. Will teams decide to invest more in player development indirectly by hiring more coaches or spending more money on catering, transportation, training, etc.? Or will the “that’s the way we’ve always done things” mentality persist? In this age of MBA front offices, I believe there’s an opportunity to reallocate those funds into your human capital. Never mind that the first organization that does this might just have an advantage.

That’s enough for today — I’m thankful to have the chance to have this little bully pulpit, and I’m glad for everybody that stops by and reads. Stay safe, stay home (if you can), and call your mother!

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of NationalsProspects.com. Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

7 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Sue.
    Love the picture. That Spike oozes personality. My boys, Rufus and Gaston, would love him.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Sue! FWIW the baseball mucky mucks all agreed to this CBA so they all got to live with it. I hope we the fans can, too…

  3. Happy Thanksgiving and great photo of Spike and a turkey! Guess Obama didn’t pardon that one and neither did Spike.

    And keep in mind that the CBA expires in 2016. Not all that long a time from now. But the real good news for long-suffering DC fans? Selig and MLB fear the wealthiest, most financially stable owners: the Lerners, especially Ted. And therein also lies the rub. Will Ted have the energy to see this franchise become a consistent winner?

  4. And, I’m with Jackson Campbell love the photos of Spike one of the best parts of this site. I hope you keep posting them.

  5. Giving thanks for this site, which is seamhead heaven, and the smart dialogue that makes the Hot Stove so much fun.

  6. Thanks for all that you do Sue. I got a first hand look at how much work goes into this passion of yours, and I appreciate your dedication and responsiveness to all of us. Hope you and yours are enjoying the holiday season.

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