A Little Experiment In Crowdsourcing

Of course, the events of the past 24-36 hours belie the idea that there is such a thing as the wisdom of crowds. But since we have an interesting convergence of both a lull before the winter meetings and only one major prospect ranking thus far this offseason, I think there’s an opportunity to tap into our own community of seamheads to do this year’s Top 10 lists and see how we do when the big boys weigh in next month.

So here’s the deal. We’ll try the position players first. Send your Top 10 position players to natsprospects[at]gmail[dot]com (Link opens your preferred email client).

I’ll compile them, weight them in reverse order (#1 = 10 points, #2 = 9 points… #9 = 2 points, #10 = 1 point) and we’ll have fodder for discussion. When I hit a sizable number of submissions, I’ll update this post to let people know we’ve hit a critical mass.

Like the headline says, it’s an experiment. I’m intrigued to see how we rank them vs. the others. If it goes smoothly, I’ll repeat the process for the pitchers. I’m hoping to do the results post early next week.

I’m declaring victory and tabulating the votes. Thanks to all that participated. Your punishment reward is that you’ll be asked to do it again 😉

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of NationalsProspects.com. Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

29 thoughts on “A Little Experiment In Crowdsourcing”

  1. Top 10 list sent!

    At WNFF… we decided to try our hand at the prospect game… ranking our own Top 30 list…

    Here’s the list,

    WNFF (Top 30)
    1. Bryce Harper – OF
    2. Anthony Rendon – IF
    3. Matt Purke – SP
    4. A.J. Cole – SP
    5. Brad Peacock – SP
    6. Derek Norris – C
    7. Alex Meyer – SP
    8. Destin Hood – OF
    9. Chris Marrero – IF
    10. Brian Goodwin – OF
    11. Robbie Ray – SP
    12. Steve Lombardozzi – IF
    13. Sammy Solis – SP
    14. Tom Milone – SP
    15. Tyler Moore – IF
    16. Michael Taylor – OF
    17. Matt Skole – IF
    18. Erik Komatsu – OF
    19. Eury Perez – OF
    20. Kevin Keyes – OF
    21. Brad Meyers – SP
    22. Wirkin Estevez – SP
    23. David Freitas – C
    24. Rick Hague – IF
    25. Jeff Kobernus – IF
    26. Daniel Rosenbaum – SP
    27. Kylin Turnbull – SP
    28. Zach Walters – IF
    29. Jack McGeary – SP
    30. Randolph Oduber – OF

  2. I prefer deeper analysis … lists are moving targets and only this site comes close to addressing that problem (as did NatsFarm before) …

    For me it becomes too much like fantasy baseball but these are real kids trying to get to the majors. And as you like to say their parents and they themselves read this blog.

    Would be nice if the hard working, relentless, yet higher in age, (and often called “AAAA” guys), like Michael Morse, Jhonatan Solano and Mat Antonelli could be given their due more often at this level and more of a shot at the majors.

    1. Its funny you mention giving the OG’s more credit, I was just thinking of making a rankings of the OG’s as just something to kick around. The AAAA job is one of the most thankless jobs in baseball, but all the Tug Hulets, Michael Aubreys, Brian Bixlers, etc are just as important to keeping an orginzation running as the prospects. The best thing is that if they can performe at the AAA level long enough, they will get their shots like Morse did and if you want a hockey example, Joel Ward is the perfect example.

    2. We do the best we can with what we have to make as many people happy as possible. When I polled folks last Fall, separate Top 10 lists was the winner. This is just a spin on that to fill time until the next news peg appears.

    3. Oh, come on peric. You go out on a limb for 2-3 players a year; just compile a list & toss it at Sue_D. It’s purely on the ‘hush-hush’, as it’s an aggregate he’s looking for.

      1. I left off Marerro. Like Brad Meyers I suspect he may be gone in a trade during these upcoming winter meetings.

        Guess we’ll find out who the Nats sign … and if any deals are made to continue to replenish the prospects bin.

  3. This is so much harder than years past, Sue, really need a Top 15 list.
    The first 4 are going to be pretty unanimous, but after that you have 11-13 names to fit into 6 spaces. Unfair.

    I left off anyone who hasn’t actually played for the Nats yet.
    Also, left out Brad Meyers because he’s guaranteed to be gone after the Rule V.

    1. Of course it is, but I think we’ll have a better Top 10 list than if it were strictly my opinion. Like you, I’m not keen on ranking folks with no professional experience, so now I don’t have to take the heat for not including them 😉

        1. Read, think, … react. Almost always the best way to generate a thought-thru response.
          I personally felt that the hitters could carry a little deeper as well, but 10 is the magic number for this one.

  4. Just saw another geek stat today. According to Rotoworld, Solis’ curveball in the AFL had one of the best ‘spin rates’ in the league.
    Now I’m sold!

  5. BTW, the photo perfectly reflects the irony and contradiction of post-Thanksgiving, black Friday Christmas shopping. Massive hordes in line buying but none look particularly happy, given the state of the economy and their pocketbooks … yet there they are because they must.

    1. Dude you need deep counseling … you have some real issues don’t you? Not sure I would ever want to sit near you at a baseball game you probably tell everyone around you to shut up so that you can hear it? What a jerk.

  6. If Mr. Ladson read nationalsprospects.com, he would have known about the Maldonado signing weeks ago 😉

    1. That reminds me, isn’t this a curious signing? Maldonado’s been a good soldier, but we already have Solano and Norris @ Syracuse next year.
      I sniff a major trade or two.

      1. One way of looking at it is inventory for a possible trade, another is a fail-safe if Rizzo tries to sneak Solano off the 40-man and gets caught.

  7. Yowsa! I dilly-dally waiting for a block of time when I can make a list I stand behind and I’m post update. I did get around to sending my list, and I’ll post mine in the thread when it comes up. Perhaps we’ll get an others meriting consideration that lets us know some who are barely sitting out of the top 10. I agree with the earlier poster who said that below the top 4 it really is tough to make a list. I don’t envy the guys who do this for a living one bit. Well, actually I do. They are doing it for a living after all as opposed to a hobby.

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