Transaction Update

I’ll spare you guys the row of bottles, but I did notice a few blips on the transaction front…

• Activated OF Jeff Frazier from DL
• Placed OF Gregor Blanco on 7-Day DL

• Assigned RHP Erik Davis from Potomac
• Assigned IF/OF Leonard Davis from Washington Nationals
(purchased from New Jersey Jackals of Can-Am League)

• Assigned C Adrian Nieto from Auburn
• Assigned IF Sean Nicol from Harrisburg
• Placed C Brian Peacock on the 7-Day DL

• Assigned LHP Evan Bronson from Harrisburg
• Placed OF J.P. Ramirez on 7-Day DL, retroactive to July 20
• Activated IF Justin Bloxom from 7-Day DL

• Activated Brett Newsome from 7-Day DL
• Activated Patrick Arnold from 7-Day DL

• Assigned Justino Cuevas (currently on Potomac 7-Day DL)

• Assigned OF Algenis Ramirez from Washington Nationals (turned 17 this past April, appears to be a signee from the Dominican Prospect League)

Like the previous transaction post, if there are any additions in the next 24-36 hours, I’ll update this post. The nature of these moves certainly suggests that more are coming. We still don’t know, for example, if the swap of Evan Bronson and Erik Davis to/from Harrisburg and Potomac is a permanent move or simply a one-off to accommodate the multiple doubleheadrs in Richmond over the weekend.

UPDATE #1: Potomac has announced the full extent of its roster moves, additions in bold.
UPDATE #2: Harrisburg has announced the full extent of its roster moves, additions in red. As predicted/feared/suspected, the Bronson-Davis move was reversed. Leonard Davis returns to the Nats organization, purchased from the New Jersey Jackals of the independent Can Am league.
UPDATE #3: Potomac and Syracuse have made and/or announced a couple more moves, indicated in blue.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

14 thoughts on “Transaction Update”

  1. And let’s give a hearty ‘welcome back’ to Leonard Davis, one of the most long-suffering OG’s in recent memory.

  2. Jonathan Mayo has come out with his top 50 prospects update and has updated his top 10 prospects for the Nats:

    1. Bryce Harper
    2. Bradley Peacock
    3. AJ Cole
    4. Sammy Solis
    5. Derek Norris
    6. Eury Perez
    7. Chris Marerro
    8. Destin Hood
    9. Cole Kimball (confusing given the injury?)
    10. Rick Hague

    1. More like incompetant considering Cole Kimball had rotator cuff surgery, which means 18 months at least.

      Rick Hague, he loses a whole year because of a headfirst slide.
      Eury Perez?

      1. Yeah, that list looks like it took about 10 minutes of research from Mayo. My full comments were posted at 8:45.

  3. Mayo’s associated with who, Baseball America? I only ask because this list skews toward younger players (as BA tends to do), but also seems to ignore in-season injuries (Kimball & Hague).

    IMHO, he’s over-rating with Peacock & Perez, and has completely overlooked Lombardozzi, Milone, Ray, and maybe Moore. This could be another example of an evaluator throwing together rankings on Q-factor+paper stats, rather than actual observations.

    My two-cents worth, based on paper stats & some ‘eyes-on’ over the past couple of years…
    1) Harper – Haven’t seen him yet, but every report is that the kid is a 5-tool player at 18yo.
    2) Milone – His stuff isn’t top shelf by any scouts’ measure, but all he has done since entering pro ball is get.people.out.consistently.
    3) Cole – Only a year out of HS & basically unproven, he seems to have the kind of stuff to be a possible #2-3SP in the future.
    4) Norris – Great eye at the plate, top-level arm behind the plate, with a high motor; He may shift to another position defensively, but this kid has some serious talent.
    5) Lombardozzi – A very good player, who is ‘under the radar’ on seemingly everything. As Pat Corrales recently commented; “… watch him for two weeks, and he’s the guy you want”.
    6) Marrero – Has grown at nearly every level; Has seemingly learned to field his position (1B); Might grow back into a power bat as well.
    7) Peacock – Has blossomed over the last year, & now possesses a couple of strikeout pitches at level; Still unproven at top levels.
    8) Solis – Minor injuries set him back earlier this year, but needs to advance quickly to prove investment.
    9) Hood – Steady improvement in plate appearances & OBP, gap power hitter, might be better suited in LF defensively.
    10) Ray – Another pitcher only a year removed from HS, has shown decent command of strikezone despite his youth.

    Players like Perez, Hague, Kimball & others have what might be ‘fatal’ flaws, either through injury or other points of evaluation. We’ll see how they play out.

    1. Excellent analysis, BinM, agree with far more than disagree.
      No offense to Peric, who started this whole shebang.

  4. Ack – Damned html autofill! The ‘Smiley-face’ leading into Solis was meant to be the #8).

    1. Its ok. You don’t need to hide the fact that you are one of “Solis’ Soldiers”!

  5. Subject: Yunesky Mayo
    What is the problem with this guy? Is it fixable? Did we once again waste our money on a pipe dream?

    1. If there is a problem with Maya, it’s that he is severely lacking in confidence, imo. His assortment of pitches played reasonably well in SYR before he was called up, but not so much of late. Given what we’ve all seen in the box scores recently, he looks more like a MR candidate than a SP at this point.

    2. He dosent know how to pitch is his problem IMO. I think he should be working only on learning how to pitch, or he should be moved to the pen. Maya is kind of the opposite from Tom Milone, John Lannan, Tom Gorzelanny, ETC

  6. Glad to see Leonard Davis back in the organization. I thought his release was odd only due to the fact that there are other guys in the organization that I deemed less capable of helping. I hope to see him play for Harrisburg in Bowie tomorrow or Wednesday afternoon.

    1. I’m happy to see him back as well, as long as he can still hit. He was the Nationals’ version of the “Toy Cannon” (much like Jimmy Winn, a little dude with a big bat) for a year or two in Potomac & Harrisburg, iirc.

  7. @Natsfan/hater
    Did you see him at all at Nats Park last year or this year? He seems to have a real low margin for error given his lack of velocity. He’s like Livan Hernandez in that regard. If his control is suffering at all, he’s got to be getting hit hard in AAA or the bigs. Poor Chiefs fans watching or listening to him get lit up tonight.

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