Catching Up On Transactions

A long overdue move was finally made, which leads off our transaction update…

• LHP Matt Chico released

• IF Wilmer Difo assigned from DSL Nationals
• RHP Andy Santana assigned from DSL Nationals

As always, if there are any other minor-league moves made in the next 24-36 hours, this post will be updated.

• RHP Trevor Holder assigned to GCL Nationals for rehab
• IF Justinn Bloxom placed on 7-Day DL
(BA is reporting this, has him as active; given his hospitalization, I lean towards BA)

• OF Rick Hughes assigned to GCL Nationals
• RHP Brad Meyers assigned to Auburn for rehab

• OF Billy Burns (32) signed

• Scott Williams, Wisconsin-Stevens Point

A couple moves in Harrisburg this afternoon…

• OF Archie Gilbert placed on 7-Day DL
• IF Sean Nicol assigned from Hagerstown

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

35 thoughts on “Catching Up On Transactions”

  1. OK, I agree that this was long overdue, but even still:
    Thank you Matt Chico.
    I am glad you got your chance to play for the Nats, and you were the best pitcher we had one really bad year. It’s certainly hard to say it wasn’t a good trade to get you and Garrett Mock, because we got to root for you, and we have Livan back, anyway.
    I hope you get another chance, but thanks for the memories, in any case.

  2. OK, Chico’s gone. What was he doing pitching for the GCL team anyway?

    More importantly, WHY is Garrett Mock still on the 40 man roster?

  3. One other thought, maybe more of a question:
    It’s a big deal to go from the DSL to the GSL, isn’t it? It seems that going from the Dominican to the minor league system in the States would have to be one of the greatest successes for a Dominican player. One would still be far from the majors, but to rise from buscone fodder to being an actual prospect must be a very big deal for these kids.

  4. Wow big story on the Potomac field snafu by Amanda Comack. The County Supervisor was really ripping into Rizzo questioning his competence, his performance not really discussing the issue at hand. Corruption is rife in Prince William County perhaps?

    1. Corruption is a bit strong, and wrong-headed, imo – More like inept leadership on the PWC Board responding to being called out on one of their under-maintained facilities, then reacting badly (on the record, fwiw).

      1. Defensive stance to hide corruption … that is hidden from the public eye. Basic psychology based on the reaction. Ended statement with a ? but for that strong a reaction over something like a stadium. And the supervisor was way beyond over-the-top in his response and reaction.

        If I am a local reporter I’d be looking into the County’s finances and how they are managed ….

        1. Actually, I think you’re both right – maybe not corruption so much as cronyism, which, in some folks’ eyes may be simply semantics.

          1. I’ve been waiting for this kind of story for awhile. That the Times did it gets them off of my hit list temporarily for what they did to Goessling and Zuckerman. Notice how Prince William County finally went on the record and made a mess of themselves once a DC paper got involved. Hopefully, WaPo will be moved to send somebody down there as well.

            I trust Silber as far as I can throw him about new stadium plans. Do you believe we should have credence in these rumors? Seems to me they’ve been yacking about new stadium ever since I’ve been following the P-Nats. What would make this one real?

    1. Kevin, I’ve been sure Mock’s days were numbered for over a year now, and Rizzo just keeps proving me wrong.

  5. Sue_D: Did they push Frazier (or somebody else) to the 7-DL when Bixler was returned to SYR? Otherwise, they’re one over the limit, with 25+1 (Wang) on a 24-man roster.

    1. Wang (or any other rehab) doesn’t count against the roster number rules in the minors.

  6. Matt Eddy has the Nats signing 32nd rounder Billy Burns and a non-drafted FA from Jordan Zimmermann’s alma mater Wisconsin – Stevens Point. I think we have the market cornered on Steven’s Point alums

    1. If true, that would be o.k., I guess – The GCL roster is still short three players overall, but is currently loaded with pitchers (14 of 27 total as of 07/20/11).

  7. Thanks for the memories Chico, I hope you can pull a Chuck James and make it back as a reliver. Chico and JD were the only of our AAAA guys I had any confidence in. Remeber when Chico beat Josh Johsnon last year

    1. Testa needs to go up, Hes to old for A+, so his numbers are rather meaningless right now.

      1. Regardless of age, Testa has completely changed his delivery this year. He shifted from a 11-5 arm slot to a near sidearm 9:30-3:30 delivery. I’d give him the chance to hone that for a year in A+ POT before pressing for an advancement based on age alone. If he gets his BB rate under control later this year, then maybe he moves up.

      2. Too old for a level is about position players, as we now know that a hitter’s peak years are around 27-28.
        Age appropriate levels for pitchers is more about naval gazing than anything else.

        1. Age Approriate levels for pitchers? Is the pitcher’s arm still attached to the shoulder? Good he can play…

    2. FWIW, Chico was actually pitching in the GCL when he was cut (rehab from HAR), so it’s probably not going to shake up the ranks much.

      Smoker & Nelo have both shown good stuff in POT, and Manno has been outstanding in HAG, but the b’pen in HAR is fairly solid as well. It may be a case of depth blocking some of the prospects this year.

      This is a good thing, imo, as the previous FO in WSH was far too trigger-happy in promoting players beyond their capabilities. Rizzo seems to take a cautious approach with most draft picks, making them earn their way up the ladder.

      1. What are the thoughts on lefty reliever Severino? As one of the two lefties in the bullpen he seems a lot better than Hyde … and he too is still on the 40-man.

        1. If Burnett is hurt or needs to be “hurt,” (reference to roster shenanigans), Severino deserves a shot. When I saw him two weeks ago in Syracuse, I was impressed with how much better he had become since I last saw him in Potomac.

          1. I’m curious Sue what were those differences? Please drop the knowledge oh master of things about stuff that I know nothing about.

  8. Well said Bin would not be surprised to all the guys mentioned stay where they are. Listen Clearly Manno deserves a major promotion, but if I was Rizzo, Harris , If Manno is not going to pitch very much at the next level because of it being jammed up, then keep him where he is, Manno has shown that he is a prospect Smoker is a different story, he is having a solid year, and deserves a promotion, but he is a bonus baby and he will dealt with a bit different . testa you guys make a great point . he is older and the Nats have to see if he is for real. I understand he is now a siderarmer. which makes him a lefty specialist , manno is effective to both righty’s and lefties. Smoker simply throws heat and if he could cut down his walks, he may be in business
    just wanted to say my A/C feels like heaven

    1. I’m wondering about the other former highly touted lefty prospect McGreary. Has anyone heard anything about his progress through rehab? He should be ahead of Strasburg?

  9. Peric, thanks for mentioning the Amanda Comak article. I found it very interesting. And I’ll add a “holy cow” re the Corey Stewart and Silber reactions to the Rizzo comment that the Pfitz field was unplayable on July 14 … maybe even the word “bizarre” re Stewart’s. It struck me that Rizzo was simply a voice of reason, saying he was and had to be concerned with the welfare of the players, both the P-Nats and their opponents.

  10. I was hoping that Chico could be converted to a reliever but oh well, I wil fondly remember Chico giving us 30 starts when the rest of our rotation was cobbled together. I hope Matt catches on elsewhere

  11. @Berndaddy – Exactly what we all hope for: a little more velo on the fastball, a little more bite on the curve. As master, well, trust me when I say that my goal is to be the Yaz to Mr. Oliver’s Williams.

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