Wednesday’s News & Notes

Harrisburg sweeps but ‘pen troubles lead to three of the other affiliates losing

The Quick Rundown…

Team Yesterday’s Result Today’s Game Pitching Matchup
Syracuse Chiefs Lost, 9-2 vs. Louisville, 7:00 p.m. J.D. Martin (0-4, 5.50) vs.
Brandon Hynick (1-4, 7.55)
Harrisburg Senators Won, 6-5; Won, 7-6 @ Binghamton, 7:05 p.m. Erik Davis (2-1, 3.63) vs.
Tobi Stoner (0-2, 12.60)
Potomac Nationals Lost, 7-2 vs. Frederick, 7:05 p.m. Cameron Selik (1-4, 4.50) vs.
Ryohei Tanaka (3-0, 1.09)
Hagerstown Suns Lost, 13-5 OFF DAY N/A
DSL Nationals Won, 7-6 @ DSL Giants vs. DSL Cubs2, 10:30 a.m. Gilberto Mendez (1-0, 1.80) vs.
Julio Sanchez (0-0, 0.00)

Louisville 9 Syracuse 2
• Arnesen (L, 0-2) 6IP, 7H, 3ER, 2BB, 7K, 1HR
Balester ⅓ IP 5H, 2ER, 3-3 IR-S
• Antonelli 2-3, 3B, BB
• Brown 1-3, R, HR, RBI, BB

Eirk Arnesen gave the Chiefs a solid outing in a spot start situation, but left the game with Chiefs down 3-1 to the Louisville Bats after six innings pitched. Arnesen was victimized by a three run HR by Daniel Dorn in the third inning. After a scoreless frame from Jeff Mandel, Atahualpa Severino retired one of five batters faced and Collin Balester was even worse, giving up a single, a triple, a single, a single, a fly out, and a two-out single by Jeremy Hermidia before he was mercifully removed in front of the home crowd. Syracuse’s only relevant offense was a solo shot by Corey Brown. They scored a less relevant run when Hulett tugged [Ed. note: Nice Tom Swifty!] a line drive to center to plate Chris Marrero who had doubled in the previous at-bat.

Harrisburg 6 Binghamton 5 — GAME ONE
• Peacock (ND) 5IP, 5H, 3ER, 2BB, *9K*, 1HR
• Tatusko (W, 2-4) 1IP, 1H, 0R, 1BB, 2K
• Norris 1-2, 2R, RBI, 2BB
• Rhinehart 1-4, R, 2R HR, 3RBI

Brad Peacock continues to mystify Eastern league hitters; this time nine Binghamton Mets whiffed. Peacock didn’t emerge unscathed this time, though. In the first, Joshua Satin doubled to left and later scored on a single by Bubba Bell. In the second, two leadoff walks led to a run, although a one-out swinging strikeout of Jeurys Familia with Salomon Manriquez standing on third base helped limit the damage. The third run allowed was a solo shot by pinch hitter Jordany Valdespin in the fifth. The Senators were helped by a two run shot in the top of the fourth by Bill Rhinehart who plated Derek Norris after one of his trademark walks. Harrisburg later strolled to the win in the seventh, with a three run rally aided by SIX bases-on-balls. Apparently, Derek Norris has started preaching on the fine art of walking to his flock. [Ed. note: I’ll admit that prose was purple, sheepishly.]

Harrisburg 7 Binghamton 6 — GAME TWO
• Mock 4IP, 3H, 4R, 4ER, BB, K, 3HR
• VanAllen (W, 2-1) 2IP, 1H, 1R, 0ER, 2BB, 2K
• Lombardozzi 3-3, R, PO/CS
• Rahl 2-4, R, HR, RBI
• Off The Bench Special #1 Rhinehart 1-1, R, 2R HR, SF, 3RBI
• Off The Bench Special #2 Norris 1-1, R, 2R HR, 2RBI

Yet another Nats affiliate found themselves behind after a Garrett Mock start, as the 40-man-by-reputation pitcher gave up four runs in four innings. Binghamton’s Joshua Satin and Bubba Bell smacked back-to-back jacks in the first inning, with Satin’s clout a two-run shot. Satin feasted on Mock again in the third with a solo shot. Bill Rhinehart revived the Harrisburg offense in the fifth with a two blast to make the score 4-2. Harrisburg found 7th heaven again, this time with a five-run seventh inning rally, keyed by consecutive homers by Derek Norris (two-run, PH) and Chris Rahl (solo). Carlos Martinez was pulled after giving up a run in the 9th to make it 7-6, but Pat McCoy struck out Salomon Manriquez to clinch a hard-earned doubleheader sweep for the Senators.

Frederick 7 Potomac 2
• Demny (L, 2-7) 6IP, 9H, 3R, 3ER, 0BB, 7K, HR
• Martin ⅓ IP 0H 0R 0BB 1K
• Bloxom 1-3, R, RBI, 2E
• Peacock 1-3, 2B, BB, RBI

Make that nine losses at home in a row Last Night In Woodbridge

Greensboro 13 Hagerstown 5
• Jordan (L, 6-2) 4IP, 6H, 2R, 2ER, 2BB, 2K
• Sanchez 3-4, R, 2-2B, BB, CS
• Martinson 2-4, 2B, 2RBI, SB
• Harper 1-3, BB, RBI

Leo Durocher is often attributed with the saying “If you ain’t got a bullpen, you ain’t got s!@#” and the Suns 13-5 loss is proof positive. Four Hagerstown relievers combined to give up 11 runs over the last five innings, with no pitcher going unscathed, (no) thanks to four Suns errors. All-Star Taylor Jordan took his second loss with two runs surrendered over four innings on six hits and two walks, while Adrian Sanchez paced the offense with three of its 11 hits. With the loss, the Suns lead is now just a half game over the Grasshoppers, who head home for an eight-game homestand while Hagerstown hits the road for seven.

DSL Nationals 7 DSL Giants 6
• Marcelino 4⅔ IP, 2H, 5R, 1ER, 4BB, 4K
• Heredia (S, 2) 1IP, 2H, 0R, 0BB, 0K
• Rosario 4-4, R, 2B
• Read 2-5, R, 2B, RBI
• Ortega 1-1, 2R, RBI, 3BB, 4SB

The D-Nats blew an early 3-0 lead, but tied it at 5-5 in the sixth and got single runs in the 8th and 9th innings to prevail, 7-6. Anthony Marcelino started but was victimized by his defense for four unearned runs, as Wander Suero got the win in relief and Inocencio Heredia survived a two-hit ninth for his second save. Dionicio Rosario (4-for-4) and “Fred” Ortega (1-1, 3BB) both reached base four times and combined to score three runs to lead the D-Nat offense.

Author: The Two SDs

Souldrummer (a.k.a. The other SD) gets all of the prestige (but none of the pay), helping Sue Dinem on “her” mission to deliver the daily roundup of how the Nats did the previous day, night, or afternoon.

19 thoughts on “Wednesday’s News & Notes”

  1. Hi Sue. A while ago I expressed concern about Norris’ low batting average, but you were quick to tell me not to worry, that he would turn it around. Boy, were you right! On another note, what do you make of Lombardozzi? It seems like he just keeps getting better. Is he a top ten prospect for the Nats or merely a great future utility guy?

    1. I like Lombardozzi a lot but don’t feel as strongly about his ceiling. His arm isn’t good enough for the left side of the infield, even if he’s played there on occasion. With him, the hope is that he hits so well that the organization decides it wants to move Espinosa to his natural position, slot Lombo at second, and make Desmond a super utility guy (Buster Olney recently mentioned that scouts feel this would be his best usage, too.)

      1. Do you think Lombo has the skills to be a leadoff hitter (or a #2 hitter) if he manages to make his way to the majors? He hasn’t walked as much this season but is still getting on base at a pretty decent clip. Doesn’t seem to K as much either. He seems to have decent speed (maybe he’s not “fast” per se, but rather a smart base runner).

        I’ve always liked guys like this. Not a superstar in any one area, but solid in just about each one. Reminds me of a David Eckstein/Dustin Pedroia type of gritty player.

        1. Yes. He doesn’t give away at-bats and puts the ball in play. He’ll steal 15-20 by picking his spots, not worm-burning speed.

      2. Lombo is probably going to be a 2B, or a MI sub when he gets to the majors (and he will, bank on it). He’s an Eckstein/Polanco/Manny Trillo-type comparible, imo; Does everything at a plus to average level, but is a great gamer, and makes the expected fielding plays 98% of the time.

    2. Most interesting thing about the draft is coming up with our new top 10 assuming our top 3 sign Lombardozzi might not make the list. If he doesn’t make it it’s not because he’s not talented it’s that the talent and number of high ceiling prospects has grown a lot. Here’s my guess at a top ten including the top three draft picks(if we sign Purke our list becomes very impressive)

      1. Harper
      2. Rendon
      3. Norris
      4. A. Meyer
      5. A.J. Cole
      6. B. Peacock
      7. R. Ray
      8. B. Goodwin
      9. S. Solis
      10. S. Lombardozzi/E. Perez/B. Meyer/D. Hood

      At ten you have an assortment of guys who could fit in so it all depends on preference.

      1. Marcus: While the names on the draft list look promising based on prior analysis, they have to be signed first and foremost. If the Nationals can indeed sign their top four (Rendon, Meyer, Goodwin, Purke), their sorting might get shuffled by the pundits before the end of 2011.
        If they all sign, and they’re all healthy, I’d personally rank them as 1) Rendon, 2) Purke, 3) Meyer, and 4) Goodwin for additions to the Nationals top-ten. How they’d fit overall, imo…

        1)- B. Harper (OF-18yo)
        2)- D. Norris (CA- 22yo)
        3)- A. Rendon (3B- 21yo draftee)
        4)- R. Ray (LSP- 20yo)
        5)- M. Purke (LSP- 21yo draftee)
        6)- S. Solis (LSP- 21yo)
        7)- A. Cole (RSP- 19yo)
        8)- A. Meyer (RSP- 21yo draftee)
        9)- C. Marrero (1B- 22yo)
        10)- S. Lombardozzi (2B- 22yo)

        Others)- Brad Peacock (RSP- 23yo); E.Perez (CF- 21yo); J. Kobernus (2B- 22yo); D. Hood (OF- 21yo); B. Goodwin (OF- 21yo); B. Meyers (RSP- 26yo).

  2. As a member fo the Rhinehart mafia, I all but gave up hope on him as a National a little while ago, and accepted his role as an organizational type of player. But really, is there any hope for him as a utility kind of guy? He’s serviceable at both 1st and RF (and a pitcher!), plus he’s got a real good bat that is not shrinking this year in Harrisburg (2 homers and six RBI’s yesterday). He doesn’t want to just go away.

    1. I second that emotion, also as a member of the Rhinehart Mafia.
      I know Bill Rhinhart is 26 but gang, after 130+ AB’s, he’s got an OPS of .915! That’s great!
      If you read the box scores, you can tell he’s being used as an OG, but c’mon……….915!

      Sue, another quote……. Bob Lemon the great pitcher & Yankee manager said ” The two most important things in life are good friends & a strong bullpen”.

      I can’t argue with that one.

  3. Have to wonder if Rizzo wants Bryce Harper going to a losing team like Potomac or straight to AA Harrisburg. The other thought is can Bryce Harper help turn Potomac into a winning team?

    1. Some say he is going to Harrisburg because of the field. I suspect it has more to do with the crowded outfield in Potomac. There are players Player Development wants to see play everyday. Same with Harper.

      Harrisburg has three “Org” guys manning their outfield. Plenty of space for a player promoted from Potomac and Harper. Kelso would even fit well in Harrisburg. It could become even more likely given the draft. Both Rendon and Goodwin could start in Potomac but will likely begin in Hagerstown. I think they both have Boras as their agent so it might be toward the middle of August though …

      1. A fair point to be considered with the current OF alignments in POT vs HAR. Potomac has Ramirez/Perez/Hood as their ‘regulars’, while Harrisburg has Gilbert/Tucker/Rhinehart/Rahl (all OG’s) in rotation. Either team would gladly make space for him – A four-man rotation in Potomac of Ramirez/Perez/Hood/Harper (as Sue_D suggested earlier in the year) could be easily accomplished. In Harrisburg, he’d likely cost a player like Tucker a job.
        The only question would be does Harper really require some exposure at High-A before moving up? I’m torn on this, with part of me (the selfish side) wanting to see him first-hand, but alternately keeping him in a winning situation (Harrisburg) makes some sense as well. Ultimately, it’s Rizzo’s call, and will most likely be made after the Sally League All-Star game.

  4. At the Suns game last night. I love these guys but defense is at best horrible. I would not want to be a pitcher on this team $ or 5 outs every inning

  5. Elliot, agreed. Did you see how many unearned runs there were based on errors?! that’s nuts… and I bet very frustrating for the pitchers.

  6. @Marcus,

    If Purke gets healthy and decides to sign for the over slot money I’m sure they’ll offer Boras then I think he should be above Solis prospect-wise. He is a left power pitcher. Even more so than Detwiler and Ray.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Nats prospects plus farm system gets ranked after this draft. More interesting if Rizzo somehow manages to get them all to sign early so that they can get into the system this season instead of next.

    1. SOme srious wishful thinking there……….Boras clients don’t sign till August 15 @ 11:58

    2. I don’t think Bora$ Corp represents Purke, but Im fairly certain he’ll be looking for something close to the 2010 contract from the Rangers that was rejected by MLB ($4-6M bonus, minor-league status). In other words, 1st-round money as a 3rd-round pick with an injury.

  7. Rizzo will not offer that kind of money If he does not take 1.7-2.2 he is going back to school

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