Rule 5 Draft Results

A quick peek at how the Nats fared in the Rule 5 draft.

Our commenters passed along the news first, but to summarize…

In the major-league phase, the Nationals selected RHPs Elvin Ramirez (Mets) and Brian Broderick (Cardinals) and RHP Michael Allen (Twins) in the AAA phase. The Phillies selected IF-OF Michael Martinez to the Phillies, which isn’t a terrible move because the odds are he’ll see less than 200PA, he can play multiple positions, and he can run. For $50K if he doesn’t stick and the MLB minimum salary if he does, that’s not a bad gamble.

As the pic suggests, here’s what I could find out about the new guys…

  • Elvin Ramirez — Converted to relief in 2010 and has been clocked at 98-99mph in the Dominican Winter League. Also throws curve, changeup and slider but has been prone to walks. He’s 22 years old and is listed at 6’3″ and 208 lbs, with a strong lower body.
  • Brian Broderick — Rather than summarize, let me link you to this detailed scouting report.
  • Michael Allen — Not much to find on him, probably because his numbers are awful (7.84ERA at AA, 5.24 career at A+) but this 23-year-old is clearly a project. The one report I could find described him as big, strong with a 92-94mph fastball, an average breaking pitch as a complement but with potential to be a workhorse

I’ll update later if/when more info becomes available.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

14 thoughts on “Rule 5 Draft Results”

  1. Glad to have it here in one spot. So the current bullpen is:

    That seems to me there are two spots left for Kimball, Carr, Ramirez, and Broderick. Feels like those four guys are battling it out for two spots if we go with an 8 man pen at the beginning of the year. Who do you like the most out of that bunch?

  2. The big question is … (or should we wait for them ST or appearances in the minors) do they make the watch list? Or even the top prospects list?

  3. Borderick tutored along the way by Brent Strom and Dennis Martinez. ex-po ties no less.
    sad that Michael Martinez will not be part of the Jewitt jump street squad in SYR.
    For all of you who have a mancrush on Josh Wlikie- Merry Christmas!!!!
    now lets see how busy Doug Harris has been getting signatures for AAA/AA depth everyday guys.
    Ramirez takes one back to G. Mota off the Mets in Rule V.

  4. Last time we drafted a Mets prospect in the Rule 5 it worked out well. Hopefully we can get lucky twice. Rizzo’s known to like power arms in his bull pen so I’m sure Ramirez will be given an opportunity to make the 25 man roster.

    @souldrummer like your predictions for the bullpen. I think if we miss out on Lee we go after one of the high quality late inning relievers like Fuentes/Soriano. Then our BP could look like this:


    1. We’re not going to go after somebody like Soriano. He’s expensive and he’s Type A. Even if it’s only a third round pick, I don’t think Rizzo really wants to give up a draft pick and pay a premium for a guy like Soriano. Maybe Fuentes perhaps. A veteran that they might be able to flip around the deadline worked out for them last year and could work again.

      1. Your right Fuentes is more likely. Just love Soriano’s sub <1 WHIP from last year so I had to list him there. I think we're gonna go above slot with our three early picks to make up for any draft picks that we will loose signing FA's. No matter who we sign.

    1. Jackson — I’m not buying the 98mph heat as being legit. I was watching for it in the AFL and he only broke 94 once, and that was an overthrow in the dirt.

  5. They actually already have three closer possibilities in hand in order:


    That’s four to compete. Plus they have guys who might jump in their in Carr.

    Still think Kimball remains a starter for now as does Broderick. They now
    have plenty of young guys with nasty stuff in the high nineties for the bullpen.
    Its starters they lack.

    I think this and the first base issue are more likely to be resolved through a trade. Not sure about their chances to land LaRoche over the other teams. These relievers might interest several teams for their potential. Hopefully, they go to the AL for the talent they need avoiding getting hamstrung by a promising player they send to another team.

  6. Ramirez strikes me as ‘all sizzle, no steak’ – Unless he lowers that BB/9 to a reasonable level in Spring Training, I think he’ll get offered back to the Mets. Broderick could be a different story – He has improved as he’s moved up in the StL system, and pitched very well at AA (Springfield) in 2010. He just might be a ‘keeper’, even if the Nationals have to make a trade with StL. Allen looks like a real ‘project’, that can hopefully catch on in HAG in 2011.

    1. Wondering if Elvin is the hispanic version of “Ebby”… I’m with you on Broderick. Allen, though, will probably get assigned to Menhart to work on his mechanics… and I can’t say that I’m necessarily looking forward to seeing a potential Luis Garcia (one-pitch pitcher that can’t get that one pitch over consistently).

  7. Guy I know Ramierz. Great great pickup. Needs some work but plus plus arm and good understanding of the game. Sometimes overthrows and needs to repeat mechanics. Good choice Mr. Rizzo

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