Nationals Announce 2011 Farm Managers, Coaches

Nationals announce the 2011 lineup of managers and coaches

With the winter meetings complete, the Nationals announced today their lineup for the 2011 managers and coaches for their affiliates:


Manager – Randy Knorr (promoted from Harrisburg)

Pitching Coach – Greg Booker (returning)

Hitting Coach – Jerry Browne (returning)


Manager – Tony Beasley (Pittsburgh Pirates 3rd base coach in ’10)

Pitching Coach – Randy Tomlin (returning)

Hitting Coach – Troy Gingrich (returning)


Manager – Matt LeCroy (Promoted from Hagerstown)

Pitching Coach – Paul Menhart (returning)

Hitting Coach – Mark Harris (new hire)


Manager – Brian Daubach (Managed Pittsfield/Nashua of Can-Am League 2009-2010)

Pitching Coach – Chris Michalak (returning)

Hitting Coach – Marlon Anderson (new hire)


Manager – Gary Cathcart (Managed Potomac in ’10)

Pitching Coach – Franklin Bravo (returning)

Hitting Coach – Luis Ordaz (new hire)


Manager – Bobby Williams (returning)

Pitching Coach – Michael Tejera

Hitting Coach – Sergio Mendez (Never gonna let you go, I’m gonna hold you in my… oh, wait different guy – returning)

Coach – John Poppert (returning)

DSL Nationals

Manager – Sandy Martinez

Pitching Coach – Pablo Frias

Hitting Coach – Amaury Garcia

Coach – Eddy de los Antos

For those interested in the coordinators, MASN has them listed here.

The only surprise to me was that there was no mention of Trent Jewett, who had said three weeks ago that he was staying with the organization. His name has not yet turned up in any Google News searches, which would be my first guess: That he’d been hired by another organization to manage elsewhere. I know that he rubs some folks the wrong way, but his no-nonsense, old-school approach does get results.

Otherwise, most of this was not terribly new news. The hirings of Daubauch and promotions of LeCroy and Knorr were discussed last month, leaving the new Harrisburg manager as the only real unknown. It appears that the DSL staff is completely new, but last year’s announcement did not mention it, which may explain why Brian did not report on it at NFA.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

24 thoughts on “Nationals Announce 2011 Farm Managers, Coaches”

  1. Ex-po/ Jay and etc. Sandy Martinez the former catcher now in the dugout.
    Luis Ordaz must go back with Doug Harris or Rizzo in AZ.
    Marlon Anderson-the ex-Phillie. Did he have a cup of coffee with the early Nats?
    Tony Tarasco must have opened some eyes with his work @Hagstown with someone else.

    1. Tony’s the “Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator” for the ’11 season.
      Anderson played 109 games with the Nats in ’06 before getting traded to the Dodgers for Jhonny Nunez in late August.

      1. A little sidebar — at the time there were two players in the history of the game named Marlon………… and they were both with the Nats.
        I was very excited to see Marlon Anderson with organization, he was very much a seamheads kind of player. No great talent but managed to grind out ten productive seasons in the show. His most exciting game ever as a Nat………. he scores the winning run in walk off fashion and two hours later he’s a Dodger, right smack in the middle of a pennant race.

    1. They should both be listed as “returning” — this is what happens when you have to act as your own copy editor!

  2. Potomacs new hitting coach Mark Harris has been a Rover with the Royals. With Jerry Browne and Matt Nokes both established major leaguers as hitting coaches the past two years and now Mark Harris, this is a big step it the wrong direction.

    1. According to your logic, Rick Eckstein must be another “big step in the wrong direction”, since he was never a Major Leaguer, never even played Minor League!

      Hitting coaches analyze, correct, communicate and teach. Being a ML player does not mean one can be a good hitting coach, so it shouldn’t prevent a non-MLer being a good coach. just as Bill Belicheck does not even play college football, he became a great coach.

      I think the Yankees hitting coach never played Majors also (Kevin Long).

  3. No offense to Mark Harris, whoever he may be, but this looks like a slap in the face to Potomac. Or is it just that the organization does not want to send another quality hitting coach to that dump of a stadium?

    1. The Pfitz is now a “dump?” When were the renovations? (*rimshot!*)

      It would be nice to have a little more continuity from level to level. One of the criticisms of the organization is the lack of development for hitters, and it can’t help to have a revolving door at hitting coach at either level of full-season A ball.

      1. Hey, they got a ‘new’ scoreboard last year – Wadda you want, real concessions & outfield seating (as I duck for cover)?

    2. lol well Idk who Mark Harris is either but if he had anything to do with the development of Eric Hosmer, Wil Myers, or Mike Moustakas hitting then he is more than welcomed here…

  4. Hope the Nationals kept their word with Jewett – he was a good system manager, and deserves a spot in the Orginization, imo.

    So, is the next step trying to figure out / keep track of which MiLB players got renewed/released? They will need to trim around 30 players before the season starts by my count, and then probably drop a like number after the draft as players are inked & assigned.

  5. I anticipate a bit of a slowdown in news & posts. I expect transactional news and “morning reading” to be the norm for the next few weeks, but I’ll make sure that something is posted from Tuesday to Friday every week — even if it’s a Linda Richman post that serves as a functional forum.

  6. I think Sergio busts out with “Fool on the Hill” during BP! I tried this out on NATS Insider and got on response. I guess Sue and I are the only ones who remember Brasil 66.

  7. 204:
    You’re not alone in your memories – I’ve just worked a little harder at scrubbing that particular ‘cover’ version out of my skull.

  8. Not everybody here drinks Pepsi One!!!
    My first auotgraph was Brewer RHP Rick Austin.
    Some folks may not enjoy the irony in Matt Stairs climbing onboard the Nats sleeper car.

  9. Did Jewett spend some time on the staff of the big club at the end of the year? Wonder if they’re considering some role for him on Riggleman’s staff with the increasing youth movement on the club.

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