2014 Watchlist: Third Basemen

Cutter Dykstra Cutter Dykstra
DOB: 6/29/89
Ht. 5’11”
Wt. 180
Bats: R
Throws: R
Career Stats
While this is hardly is most likely destination if he makes it to “The
Show,” it is where he played the most in 2013. Dykstra is also the most
visible example of a player making his way back, having last been a full
watchlist player in 2011, with a .308/.459/.456 second half in Potomac.
Yes, he was old for the level, but he’s the most accomplished 3B not
named Matt Skole in the system.
J.C. Valdez Jean Carlos Valdez
DOB: 3/14/93
Ht. 6’2″
Wt. 190
Bats: R
Throws: R
Career Stats
Like Dykstra, Valdez is another former watchlist player (2012) to drop
off and return while benefiting from graduation (Rendon), ageing out
(Rivero), and position shifts (Skole, Eusebio). Whether he’ll move on or
repeat is dependent on the other two guys listed below, unless he returns
to 1B, where he’s played slightly more thus far (82G vs. 62).
Cody Gunter Cody Gunter
DOB: 4/18/94
Ht. 6’3″
Wt. 195
Bats: L
Throws: R
Career Stats
The Nats made Gunter their 6th Rd. pick of ’13 and signed him for $600
more than the Marlins’ top offer as a 19th Rd. HS pick in ’12. He also
pitched as a closer for Grayson County College, but he wanted to play 3B
as pro (some scouts said he was a better fit as a RHP) which may have
been a factor, too. Didn’t show the power or patience for Auburn that he
did for GCC which is not uncommon for many collegiate players. Strong arm
but there’s some concern that his range will eventually force a move to 1B.
Drew Ward
DOB: 11/25/94
Ht. 6’4″
Wt. 210
Bats: L
Throws: R
Career Stats
Ward is probably the best Nats prospect the casual fan has never heard of,
which of course, is our raison d’ĂȘtre. Ward hails from a small town in OK,
thus there was some doubt as to his numbers relative to his competition
though he performed well in showcases. The Nats shifted him from SS to
3B and he put up CI numbers (.292/.402/.387) as an 18-y.o. in the GCL.
Scouts believe if he doesn’t sell out for power (he’s been compared to
Joey Gallo) he can develop into a .280, 25HR, 100RBI hitter.

3 Commments

    1. Haven’t seen him in person yet. Most of the pre-draft stuff focused on his offense, with many predicting what did indeed happen — that he’s too big and slow afoot to stick at SS (where he played in HS) and some going so far as to predict that he could end up at 1B, though that’s a very common train of thought among 3B-types.

  1. Who would have have thought Dykstra would play himself in to someone watching after a lot of years of ho-hum numbers. His .800 OPS at Potomac gives him a punchers chance to make it in Harrisburg this year.

    If Ward can somehow get himself promoted to Hagerstown before the year is out, then we may be looking at a big-time story. You figure the power will come and his OBP was .402 in 2013. He’s just a pup, but one definitely worth watching.
    Can’t wait for opening day!

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