2013 Watchlist: RHPs

Christian Garcia Christian Garcia
DOB: 8/24/85
Ht. 6’5″
Wt. 215
Bats: R
Career Stats
Signed as FA in 2011, Garcia became the
reclamation project that will be cited for
years, pitching in Harrisburg in April and
in D.C. in October. Like Cameron Selik, he’s
a converted catcher, but has had two TJs.
Throws FB/CH/CV, the heat in mid-90s and
a nasty change with late sink. There has
been talk of him starting, but his ‘pen usage
(B2B app. just five times) says otherwise.
Erik Davis Erik Davis
DOB: 10/8/86
Ht. 6’4″
Wt. 200
Bats: R
Career Stats
After finishing ’11 with five losses in six
starts after being dropped down from AA to
High-A, Davis appeared to have maxed out.
Switched to relief in 2012, the Stanford grad
picked up velocity, improved his control and
increased his K rate all at AA, enough to earn
both a look-see at AAA and a 40-man spot.
Has a FB/KCV/CH combo and profiles as a
middle reliever per Sickels.
Paul Demny Paul Demny
DOB: 8/3/89
Ht. 6’2″
Wt. 200
Bats: R
Career Stats
After spending three years in “A” ball (two
in Low-A) working on his command, Demny
was given the shot at AA in 2012 but appears
to have hit his ceiling as a starter. Five of his
last six appearances came out of the ‘pen. His
secondary pitches (SL/CV/CH) have been iffy,
but a switch to relief should give his FB a
bump (already in the 90-95 range) and allow
him to shelve one of his weaker pitches.

Nathan Karns Nathan Karns
DOB: 11/25/87
Ht. 6’3″
Wt. 230
Bats: R
Career Stats
Readers of this site have heard about him
for nearly two years, but for the rest of
the Natmosphere, Karns was a bolt from the
blue in ’12 — leading the organization in
most categories to earn Pitcher of the Year.
He features a 92-94 FB that has some sink,
a hard low-80s CV and a CH that might be
good enough to keep him starting instead
of being converted into one of the hard-
throwing RHRPs that are coveted in DC.
Rob Wort Rob Wort
DOB: 2/7/89
Ht. 6’2″
Wt. 170
Bats: R
Career Stats
Wort was an inaugural watchlister, but fell
off the list after a lackluster 2011 that saw
his ERA double, his BB rate triple. Much has
been made about the K rate (15.1) but day-
to-day watchers remember the midseason
spate of blown saves along with a lot of
long counts. But, he does bring the heat
(93-95) and has a deceptive motion.
Neil Holland Neil Holland
DOB: 8/14/88
Ht. 6′
Wt. 190
Bats: R
Career Stats
Thankfully, the P-Nats weren’t slaves to the
save, using Holland in various situations.
Of course, his penchant for generating GBs
(91 in 61⅓IP), not giving up hits (6.5) or
walks (2.1) made it easier. A sidearmer with
a SK/SL/CH arsenal, tough on RHBs (.195)
and keeps the ball in the yard (8HR in
147⅔ IP for his career).
A.J. Cole A.J. Cole
DOB: 1/5/92
Ht. 6’4″
Wt. 180
Bats: R
Career Stats
This is the 2nd appearance on the watchlist
for the 21-y.o., who was traded for Gio Gonz-
alez then re-acquired for Mike Morse. 2012
was a rough one for Cole, getting lit up (7.82
ERA) in High-A Stockton for eight starts be-
fore recovering with a 2.07 ERA in 19 starts
with Low-A Burlington. Still trying to master
his slurve, but his velocity has come back to
the mid-90s and the A’s believed that his
mechanics had been fixed by year’s end. Look
for him to start 2013 in Potomac.
Aaron Barrett Aaron Barrett
DOB: 1/2/88
Ht. 6’4″
Wt. 215
Bats: R
Career Stats
A 9th-round pick out of “Ole Miss” in 2010,
Barrett needed two seasons in the NYPL to
work out the kinks but flourished in his first
full season, going from Low-A to the AFL. Has
a low-90s FB and decent slider, but more im-
portantly keeps the ball down and gets a LOT
of K’s (12.7/9 in ’12, 11.8 for his career).
Brian Rauh Brian Rauh
DOB: 7/23/91
Ht. 6’2″
Wt. 200
Bats: R
Career Stats
Drafted in the 11th round from Chapman
Univ. (CA), Rauh was bumped up midseason
from Auburn to Hagerstown after just five
appearances. His Suns numbers weren’t, um,
scorching (4.76 ERA, 1.361 WHIP) but since
promotions have become more scarce, it’s
notable when a first-year player is moved up
— especially one that turned 21 in July.
Pedro Encarnacion Pedro

DOB: 6/26/91
Ht. 6’4″
Wt. 175
Bats: R
Career Stats
Encarnacion was challenged with a jump
from the GCL to Hagerstown but was hit hard
in his first two starts and eventually sent
down to Auburn. His season was uneven for
the Doubledays, but like Rauh, it’s worth
noting when a young pitcher moves ahead
of the usual development path.
Will Hudgins
DOB: 2/12/90
Ht. 6’4″
Wt. 200
Bats: R
Career Stats
Hudgins parlayed his sole season as a start-
ing pitcher for Notre Dame into becoming
the 22nd round draft pick for Washington,
then pitched well enough in the GCL to earn
one of the few in-season promotions. Not
much info out there on his velo or stuff,
so this is mostly a gut pick.
Gilberto Mendez
DOB: 11/17/92
Ht. 6′
Wt. 165
Bats: R
Career Stats
Mendez struggled after his late promotion
to Auburn, but stays on the watchlist in
part because of it. An ’11 IFA, his sopho-
more season wasn’t quite as dominant, per-
haps because it was his first as a reliever.
Still striking out roughly a batter per IP,
and it’s probably safe to bet he’ll begin
the ’13 season in Auburn.
Daury Vasquez Daury Vasquez
DOB: 11/21/92
Ht. 6’4″
Wt. 170
Bats: R
Career Stats
Vasquez was a surprise promotion to the
GCL after a pedestrian 2011 season (1-1,
1SV, 4.41ERA, 1.378WHIP) and it was com-
pounded by the decision to put him in the
G-Nats starting rotation, thus reminding
us of the limitations of “scouting by

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