2012 Watchlist: RH Relievers

Rafael Martin Rafael Martin
DOB: 5/16/84
Ht. 6’2″
Wt. 195
Bats: R
Career Stats
Yes, he turns 28 in May, but the Nats sent
him to the AFL without the threat of losing
him to the Rule 5 draft. “Only” throws in the
87-90 range, but throws a natural sinker, a
plus slider, and a show-me change — all
with sharp control. Likely to begin 2012 at
Syracuse but could easily be the first Chief
called upon when bullpen help is needed.
Pat Lehman Pat Lehman
DOB: 10/18/86
Ht. 6’3″
Wt. 210
Bats: R
Career Stats
A converted starter, Lehman repeated at
Potomac in ’11 as the team’s closer, reeling
off 7SV in 13G before his callup to AA. He
features a FB-SL arsenal as a reliever, but
will throw the occasional offspeed pitch.
Got hit hard in the AFL, but maintained the
strong peripheral nos. he had in Harrisburg.
Marcos Frias Marcos Frias
DOB: 12/19/88
Ht. 6’2″
Wt. 190
Bats: R
Career Stats
Frias couldn’t capitalize on his strong 2010
finish and was shifted to the bullpen last
April. Though he occasionally struggled with
his command, Frias was usually good for
multiple-inning outings and significantly
increased his K rate while lowering both his
walks and hits allowed from ’10 to ’11.
Neil Holland Neil Holland
DOB: 8/14/88
Ht. 6′
Wt. 190
Bats: R
Career Stats
Holland was the only Suns reliever to get
the bump to Potomac, and just the second
RHRP to stick here on the Watchlist. He
throws sidearm with a FB/SL/CH arsenal and
gets a decent amount grounders, but
struggled some with his control at Potomac,
where he’ll likely begin the 2012 season.
Matt Swynenberg Matt Swynenberg
DOB: 2/16/89
Ht. 6’5″
Wt. 185
Bats: R
Career Stats
Swynenberg was a starter for the Suns down
the stretch but pitched primarily out of the
‘pen in ’11. Like Wort last year, the worry
from our spy in Hagerstown is that his funky
motion may not play as well in Hi-A as it
did in Low-A.
Greg Holt Greg Holt
DOB: 6/19/89
Ht. 6’2″
Wt. 205
Bats: R
Career Stats
Enrolled at UNC as a hitter, but a .190BA
in his sophomore year sent him to the ‘pen.
Scouts liked his rubber arm, I liked the hook
he threw when I saw him in Auburn last July.
Sickels predicts he’ll be a middle reliever,
citing that durability and the plus curve.

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