2011 Watchlist: Second Basemen

Josh Johnson Josh Johnson
DOB: 1/11/86
Ht. 5′ 11″
Wt. 170
Bats: S
Throws: R
Career Stats
Johnson, a former Royals prospect,
appeared to have hit the wall in ’09 in AA
at the age of 23 but experienced a
resurgence with a change of scenery in
’10, batting .293/.385/.448 for Potomac
and Harrisburg combined. As a versatile
MI, Johnson is the prototypical #2 batter
that gets on base and has “1st-to-3rd”
speed with some gap power. A fringe-
average defender with a decent arm.
Steve Lombardozzi Steve Lombardozzi
DOB: 9/11/88
Ht. 6′
Wt. 170
Bats: S
Throws: R
Career Stats
Lombardozzi is often overlooked because
he doesn’t have the “wow” factor. He’s
not big. He’s not a power hitter. He’s
not really fast. What he is, though, is
a smart ballplayer that makes the most
of his talent. An above-average defender
but a fringe-average arm, particularly
with balls hit to his right. Will smack
one in the gap and take the extra base
when it’s given to him.
Jeff Kobernus Jeff Kobernus
Born: 6/30/88
Ht. 6′ 2″
Wt. 210
Bats: R
Throws: R
Career Stats
Injuries severely curtailed Kobernus’s
2010 season, which saw flashes of
brilliance (.342/.388/.447 in July).
Converted to 2B after mostly playing
3B in college, Kobernus struggled some
defensively but Sickels and others
believe he’ll make the transition.
Likely to begin 2011 at Potomac.
Cutter Dykstra Cutter Dykstra
Born: 6/29/89
Ht. 5′ 11″
Wt. 180
Bats: R
Throws: R
Career Stats
Dykstra is a late addition to the watchlist,
picked up at the end of Spring Training in
2011 in a trade with Milwaukee for Nyjer
Morgan. The son of former Mets and
Phillies player Lenny Dykstra, Cutter is a
taller, right-handed version with similar
speed and OBP skills, but has been a
project on defense, committing 20+
errors the past two years. With a crowded
OF, he’s apparently being shifted back to
2B from 3B.
Adrian Sanchez Adrian Sanchez
Born: 8/16/90
Ht. 6′
Wt. 160
Bats: S
Throws: R
Career Stats
The Venezuelean-born Sanchez made
amazing strides in his second year
stateside, blistering GCL pitchers for a
.378/.395/.538 line as a 19-year-old. The
low-A pitchers shut down his power, but
still hit .317/.330/.356 over 25 games in
Hagerstown. Our spies liked both his
contact and baserunning skills. Given
the Rizzo track record with 20-y.o. guys,
he’s likely to return to the Suns in 2011.
Roberto Perez Roberto Perez
Born: 4/4/91
Ht. 6′ 1″
Wt. 180
Bats: R
Throws: R
Career Stats
Listed on the 2010 FIL roster as a catcher,
but played at 2B for the majority of the
2010 season. Perez was drafted in ’09 out
of Puerto Rico, and has spent the past
two seasons in the GCL, improving from
.167/.211/.167 to .310/.392/.416. He
turns 20 just before the 2011 season.

No Photo Found
“Fred” Ortega
Born: 8/1/92
Ht. 5′ 11″
Wt. 155
Bats: R
Throws: R
Career Stats
Ortega caught our eye while doing the
2010 season reviews, standing out as a
17-year-old that played just one
position (a bit odd) and respectably
(.964FA) and for stealing 29 bases in
63 games (rather exciting). And let’s
face it: Nelalexfred is a name to

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  1. This is incredibly valuable, thanks. When I originally looked at the 2nd basemen last month, there was a lot of who, huh moments. This really fills in the void.

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