2011 Watchlist: Outfielders

Corey Brown Corey Brown
DOB: 11/26/85
Ht. 6′ 1″
Wt. 205
Bats: L
Throws: L
Career Stats
Acquired in the Josh Willingham trade,
Brown is a “tools” guy that Sickels
described as a Jeromy Burnitz/Kirk
Gibson hybrid when he’s going well,
but downright awful at other times,
citing his too-aggressive approach
that leads to a ton of K’s, and
spates of errors and baserunning
blunders. ST and 4A placement will
dictate where he starts in 2011.
Would not shock me if Rizzo starts
him at Harrisburg for a month or
so to regain his confidence.
Bryce Harper Bryce Harper
DOB: 10/2/92
Ht. 6′ 3″
Wt. 225
Bats: L
Throws: R
Career Stats
Arguably the most complete prospect
since A-Rod or Griffey Jr., with 80 tools
(on the 20-80 scale) for power and
throwing arm. Always aggressive and
intense. Scouts wonder if he’ll be con-
sistently able to dial it back when
necessary to hit for a high average,
but as we saw in the AFL title game,
he’s capable. Still learning the
nuances of OF play, but most believe
his desire and work ethic will make
him a premium defender. His speed is
only slightly above average, but will
look faster because he’ll be constantly
trying to take the extra base.
Chris Curran Chris Curran
DOB: 12/21/87
Ht. 5′ 9″
Wt. 170
Bats: L
Throws: R
Career Stats
Curran is a below-average hitter with
no power, but can run, field, and throw
as well as any outfielder I’ve seen in
Woodbridge. That’s why he makes our
watchlist. Don’t be surprised if he’s
put into XST or goes to Hagerstown as
the ’11 Potomac OF is likely to become
the youngest it’s ever been as a
Nationals affiliate.
J.P. Ramirez J.P. Ramirez
DOB: 9/29/89
Ht. 5′ 10″
Wt. 185
Bats: L
Throws: L
Career Stats
A solid, steady performer for the Suns,
batting .296/.341/.470 overall and
finishing strong with a .343 BA in Aug./
Sept. Our spies have questions about
his speed and range, but like his power.
Likely to begin 2011 in Potomac.
Eury Perez Eury Perez
DOB: 5/30/90
Ht. 6′
Wt. 180
Bats: R
Throws: R
Career Stats
Above-average speed coupled with
improved basestealing skills led to 64
steals, 41 of which came in the second
half. Scouts project him as a plus
defender with an accurate-but-average
arm. Particularly adept at slashing the
ball up the middle and protecting with
two strikes, and has enough power to
get gappers for doubles and triples.
Destin Hood Destin Hood
DOB: 4/3/90
Ht. 6′ 1″
Wt. 225
Bats: R
Throws: R
Career Stats
Most famous for turning down a
football scholarship from Alabama,
Hood is your classic challenge of tran-
slating raw athletic talent into sport-
specific skill. Last season saw mixed
results, as he hit for average (.285)
but not power (5HR) and was below-
average on the basepaths (5SB, 7CS).
Our spies pointed to a weakness with
offspeed pitches in the second half
of the season.
J.R. Higley J.R. Higley
DOB: 6/21/88
Ht. 6′ 3″
Wt. 210
Bats: R
Throws: R
Career Stats
A 9th-rd. pick in the ’09 draft, Higley
came into the ’10 season as a potential
breakout. Injuries and his PED
suspension will likely knock him back
significantly, as it’s nearly a given
he’ll repeat at Hagerstown. Like Curran,
his defensive skills are fine but his
offensive skills are lagging.
Michael Taylor Michael Taylor
DOB: 3/26/91
Ht. 6′ 2″
Wt. 190
Bats: R
Throws: R
Career Stats
Taylor makes our watchlist because of
his age, his status as a GCL graduate in
2010 and being a 2010 FIL invitee.
Clearly, the 6th round pick in the ’09
draft is impressing somebody in the
FO, despite hitting just .199/.276/.298
in 43G between the GCL and Hagerstown.
Randolph Oduber Randolph Oduber
DOB: 3/18/89
Ht. 6′ 3″
Wt. 186
Bats: R
Throws: L
Career Stats
A GBI regular last summer, Oduber was
a late callup to the Suns after abusing
GCL pitchers for a .366/.434/.569 line.
Struggled (2-for-26) in his eight-game
stint at Hagerstown, but was still a 2010
FIL invitee. Scouts say the Nats’ 32nd
Rd. pick in the 2010 draft has above-
average power and can run, both of
which showed up in the boxscore, but
point to his BB (7.4%) and K (24.8%)
rates to show that the Groovin’ Aruban
still has room for improvement.
Wade Moore Wade Moore
DOB: 12/27/87
Ht. 6′ 1″
Wt. 215
Bats: L
Throws: R
Career Stats
A 2010 draftee (19th Round), Moore
made our watchlist as one of Vermont’s
better hitters and for his FIL invite.
Stole 17 of 19 bases while hitting
.287/.394/.392 and played mostly RF for
the Lake Monsters.
Russell Moldenhauer Russell Moldenhauer
DOB: 9/24/87
Ht. 6′
Wt. 200
Bats: L
Throws: R
Career Stats
A hitter in search of a position,
Moldenhauer put up good power nos.
for Vermont (8HR, .500SLG) as a part-
time DH. The 24th-round pick out of
the Univ. of Texas makes the watchlist
for those numbers, plus his FIL invite.
Rick Hughes Rick Hughes
DOB: 5/25/90
Ht. 6′ 3″
Wt. 225
Bats: R
Throws: R
Career Stats
Struggled in his brief stint in Vermont,
but performed well in limited action in
the GCL (.293/.359/.448). The 20-year-
old Hughes is said to be quite athletic
for his size and can play either corner
of the OF. Good bet to return to the
NYPL to begin 2011.

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Victor Chavez
DOB: 12/27/88
Ht. 6′ 1″
Wt. 196
Bats: R
Throws: R
Career Stats
On the old side for the DSL at 21,
Chavez will have to produce big nos.
in the GCL in 2011 to warrant any
further notice. And that’s presuming
he’ll get an invite, which is not a
sure thing. Hit .309/.420/.412 in 46
games, well above the league averages
of .235/.334/.311

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  1. Sue, are you sure you want to relate to your NP scouts as ‘spies’? Gives the impression they’re watching from behind a tree or under the bleachers. 🙂

    1. Eh, it’s still a military metaphor of sorts. I can assure you, however, that unlike Phil Wood’s “pretty consistent source” and “big league scout,” these spies are real.

      1. I still remember being on the road one night listening to Nats postgame and someone called in to ask Phil Wood what he thought of McGeary as a pitcher. He gave a very fuzzy answer of how the Stanford thing didn’t look so good and that his last 5-6 starts were not very promising — this was 3 weeks after McGeary’s Tommy John surgery(!!!).

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