2021: Rochester Red Wings

You might recall that in the space of about a month, we went from the CDC removing mask mandates for the vaccinated, to Frontier field segregating seating by vaccination status, and then joining the CDC in saying “You’re on your own.”. Not sure what Delta was on that…

Like Wilmington and Syracuse, there was a lot of nostalgia for the legends who’d passed through.

Apparently, some folks haven’t gotten the memo that baseballs are made of cowhide, not horsehide, and have been since 1974.

Design-wise, Frontier Field is pretty much like a lot of the 90s-era stadia…

…but I’ll never not praise a cantilevered roof, a feature that really needs to be standard

For those wondering, that’s the Kodak building in the background.
Unfortunately, the walk around the park and the food was a hell of a lot better than the game, which saw the Red Wings shut out one on hit, 5-0.