2013: Kannapolis Intimidators

If you don’t know why I chose to include this picture, you must be new here.

A little history: Following the 2000 season, Dale Earnhardt became a part owner of what was then known as the Piedmont Boll Weevils. Management chose to leverage his Ruthian status by renaming the team. He would not live to see his namesake take the field, as he died in February 2001. Ironically, one of Earnhardt’s public memorial services was held at the stadium.

It’s spartan compared to many of the 90s-era ballparks, but it was built by local ownership with functionality first and luxury fourteenth or fifteenth.

As you might imagine, the concrete bowl and aluminum coupled with the lack of cover makes things toasty for day games and miserable when it rains. But you are close to the action.

CMCNortheast2013-4Always love seeing minor-league concessions with minor-league pricing… CMCNortheast2013-5…and handwritten standings with magnetic logos

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