Tuesday’s News & Notes

Team Yesterday Today Probable Pitchers
Syracuse OFF DAY vs. Pawtucket,
5:05 p.m.
G. Ross (2-4, 6.38) and
McGowin (1-5, 5.98) vs.
Owens (4-4, 3.88) and TBD
Harrisburg OFF DAY @ Akron,
7:05 p.m.
Long (5-5, 2.66) vs.
Esparza (2-0, 2.57)
Potomac Won, 12-4 vs. Buies Creek,
7:05 p.m.
L. Reyes (5-5, 4.06) vs.
Quiala (4-1, 2.68)
Hagerstown Won, 3-2 @ Kannapolis,
7:05 p.m.
Sharp (3-3, 3.62) vs.
Flores (6-4, 3.14)

Day 1 Draft Recap
Nats sign a Scott Boras client in the 1st round, a pitcher coming off TJ surgery in the 2nd. In a related story, the sun rose in the East this morning. Baseball America says its sources are telling them it will set in the west tonight. White Sox fans say that’s a hoax started by Keith Law.

Syracuse – OFF DAY
Syracuse didn’t lose yesterday because they didn’t play. Tonight, they start a four-game homestand with a doubleheader against fourth-place Pawtucket before heading out on the road to central PA for three against Lehigh Valley and four against Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Roster moves: UT Wilmer Difo optioned from Washington; RHP Treovr Gott recalled to Washington.

Harrisburg – OFF DAY
The Senators had the day off yesterday, too and will spend the next three nights in Akron to face the RubberDucks before returning to City Island for a weekend series against the Flying Squirrels. Roster move: C Jake Lowery reassigned from Potomac.

Potomac 12 Buies Creek 4
• Sanburn (W, 1-1) 6IP, 4H, 3R, 3ER, 3BB, 4K, HR
• Skulina 2⅔ IP, 2H, R, ER, 2BB, 1K, HR
• Sagdal 2-4, 2R, 2B, HR, 4RBI, BB
• Wiseman 2-4, R, HR, 3RBI, OF assist at 2B
• Masters 2-4, 2R, HR, RBI

It’s too little, too late for the first half, but Potomac has strung together three straight wins with a 12-4 smackdown of Buies Creek. Nolan Sanburn got the start and the win with six innings of three-run ball on four hits and three walks while striking out four. Tyler Skulina followed with a run over two and 2/3rds but couldn’t go the requisite three innings for the rulebook save. Ian Sagdal, Rhett Wiseman, and David Masters all homered in a 13-hit barrage, highlighted by an eight-run 4th that erased a 3-2 lead by the Astros. Roster move: C Matt Reistetter activated from the 7-Day DL.

Hagerstown 3 Lakewood 2
• M. Mills (W, 6-2) 6IP, 3H, 2R, 2ER, 0BB, 4K, HR
• Peterson (SV, 3) 3IP, 1H, 0R, 0BB, 4K
• Franco 1-3, 2B, 2RBI
• Banks 1-2, R

The Suns scored three in the 2nd and made it stand up as they edged the BlueClaws, 3-2. McKenzie Mills won his sixth with a quality start of two runs let in on three hits and no walks while striking out four. Tommy Peterson finished the game with three scoreless innings for the save. Anderson Franco doubled in two while Angelo La Bruna squeezed in Jakson Reetz for the decisive run. Hagerstown leads the division by 1½ with seven to play, including a doubleheader tomorrow against third-place Kannapolis. Roster moves: LHP Tyler Watson placed on the 3-Day TIL; LHP McKenzie Mills activated from the 7-Day DL.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of NationalsProspects.com. Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

20 thoughts on “Tuesday’s News & Notes”

  1. In a curious quirk, Difo has actually only played one game in his whole career at Syracuse. He’s basically gone back and forth to Harrisburg.

    I pretty much said my piece on Seth Romero in yesterday’s comments. He has a long history of knuckleheadedness that I hope doesn’t make him organizational poison. We’ve all played with/worked with/tried to coach folks who don’t think the rules apply to them, and it’s a pain for everyone involved.

    I’m more encouraged by the pick of Wil Crowe in the second round. Although a TJ guy and a bit older, he throws hard and had be projected to go much higher. I think this is his first season back from the TJ, so don’t be surprised if he gets “shut down” at Auburn at some point.

    As for the current guys, McKenzie Mills keeps rolling. It’s also good to see Rhett Wiseman with a strong game. He’s really been scuffling this season.

  2. Rizzo won’t admit it, but part of the motivation to take Romero is the possibility that he could help in the bullpen this year. They also like that Romero’s arm is fresh as he hasn’t pitched in more than a month, while most college pitchers are maxing out to try to get to the College WS.

    Big risk. Romero will be tested for recreational drugs, and the consequences for a positive test are now significant. Also, of all his transgressions, fighting with his teammates concerns me the most. To get suspended for fighting with a teammate, it had to be more than a typical alpha dog squabble. If Romero was divisive influence in college, seems likely he would be a divisive influence as a pro.

    Guessing he signs quickly for his slot amount. To Boras, that is giving a discount.

    1. I’ll be really curious to see how the negotiations work out with Romero. Boras never offers a bargain. To Boras, the Nats got the bargain by getting a potential top 10 pick at #25. I’d be very surprised to see Romero go below slot. But we’ll see.

  3. “Nats sign a Scott Boras client in the 1st round” – after Strasburg, Harper and Rendon have been such busts you’d think they’d learn.

    1. Not to mention that Strasburg gave them a hometown discount to extend. Just an awful situation all around. Players shouldn’t even be allowed to have agents.

  4. I like the Romero pick.

    A) They got Top-10 talent at the 25th pick. Hard not to argue with that.

    B) They got a guy who has a chance to move fast up the chain. And I don’t know if any of you know this, but the team’s bullpen isn’t currently very good. Any port in a storm and all that.

    C) He hasn’t been overworked. Sure, it’s because he’s been a headcase (to be polite) that cost him a lot of college innings, but given the history of pitchers being overworked in college, this is a good thing.

    D) Yes, he’s a chucklehead and might disrupt what has mostly been a pretty passive clubhouse. But maybe it’s been a bit too passive. Just as I liked Bryce going after Hunter Strickland and just like how I liked Koda “Should Be A Set-up Man” Glover mouthing off to Puig, I like the team bringing in some ‘tude. We all know the likes of Zimmerman and Strassburg have set a pretty mellow mood in the Nats’ clubhouse. And that’s great. Helps keep an even keep when they hit a slide and makes it easy for everyone to get along and they are mostly very likable. But maybe they are too nice and too mellow sometimes. A bit off ass-holery might be what this team needs. So welcome, Seth Romero!

    E) Boras. Given his relationship with this team, I think he’ll be able to help keep him in line in DC.

    I know it’s a risk and I know he could smoke or eat or piss off his way out of baseball in 3 years. But if it works out… it could look like a steal and at 25, it’s worth the risk.

    1. The nice aspect to this draft is that last June hauled some interesting
      Lefties especially Howard and Braymer outside of Williamson and Luzardo

  5. Through round 5:

    – the Nats have taken all college players;
    – 4 pitchers and a second baseman;
    – two college seniors which is a little unusual as college prospects typically sign as juniors.

    1. Wil Crowe is a redshirt junior. He missed last season because of TJ surgery.

      Cole Freeman, the 2B from LSU, is the only pick who has actually played four seasons of college baseball. He played two seasons of JuCo ball then got picked last year in the 18th round and clearly thought he could get more money and a higher slot if he came back for his senior year. He was right. I like a kid willing to bet on himself.

      And Nick Raquet, the lefty from William & Mary they took in the third round, only played two seasons of college ball because he had to sit out 2016 after transferring from North Carolina.

  6. Another college arm in the 6th. SURPRISE!!!!

    Kyle Johnston, Jr. RHP, Texas. Turns 21 next month.

    All the picks but Raquet are from big college baseball programs in the SE (and Raquet started at UNC) and all but one are pitchers.

    It’s like there’s a trend or something.

    1. Guess the edict went out that the Nats were drafting experienced college arms.

      Through 8 rounds:

      – 7 pitchers
      – all college selections
      – every draftee is 21 or over (or turning 21 in the next month); 2 are turning 23 before the end of the season
      – at least 2 pitchers have already had TJ surgery

      Safe to say that the Nats will have lots of leverage in contract negotiations as none of the first 8 picks are in a position to wait to get their pro career started.

      1. Alex Troop MSU Spartan listed as LHP / 1b on spartan website
        Definitely Lefty pitcher intended ?

        1. The Nats drafted him as a pitcher. He was MSU’s Friday starter. He was a finalist for the Olerud Award, given to college baseball’s best two-way player.

      2. Jackson Tetreault, the JUCO pitcher, has a college commitment to U of South Florida that has to be “bought out,” so he’ll probably get at or above slot. None of the others should have a lot of leverage.

      1. Safe to say Nats scout Gonzalez
        Loves hanging out @ Texas A & M??
        Auburn outfield built around deacon , Aggie and Encarnacion?!

  7. In the tradition of Lombo, Renda, and Schrock, the Nats now have another short, scrappy 2B in Cole Freeman. The ceiling’s not too high on his MLB potential, but he should be fun to watch through the system.

    Freeman is the only hitter the Nats have taken through the first 10 rounds. So much for my wish for a few power bats!

    1. Day three should see some auburn bound bats since GCL Nats has
      Some bats not quite ready ?
      Simonetti should see upstate NY

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