Nats Pull Back Even with 3-1 Win over Mets

Harper Homers Again

Let the comeback-player stories begin as Bryce Harper launched a solo shot in the 1st against Zack Wheeler to get the Nats on the board early in a 3-1 Washington win over New York.

The 24-y.o. former N.L. MVP is 9-for-29 with six HR and nine RBI thus far in 2017 spring training.

Meanwhile, the mercurial Gio Gonzalez walked just one batter over five no-hit innings to lower his spring ERA to 0.75 and get credit for the win. In four outings, the FL native has let in one run on five hits and three walks over 12 innings.

Three watchlist position players got into the game, and they’re the usual suspects:
Pedro Severino got the start behind the plate and went 1-for-3.
Brian Goodwin subbed for Harper in RF on defense in the 7th but did not come to bat.
Rafael Bautista replaced Adam Eaton in CF and doubled in his only AB. He also committed an error, which led to the Mets’ run.

Koda Glover pitched the 9th and struck out two of three batters faced to earn the save.

The win evens up Washington’s ST record at 8-8 with three ties. Erick Fedde is expected to make the start on Friday as the Nats visit the Marlins. The game can be heard on MLB Audio (Miami feed).

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

15 thoughts on “Nats Pull Back Even with 3-1 Win over Mets”

  1. The three I am rooting for the most are Bryce Harper, Ryan Zimmermann, and Gio. I’m not expecting much for RZIM but still hoping.

  2. Glover for the spring: 6 IP, 10 K, 1 H, 1 BB. If you don’t want them to send you back to the farm, don’t give them any reason to do so. For Glover, the “future” may be now.

  3. BA piece said Nats signed 37 Latin kids in last year . Do we see them all in DSL roster or some may be simmering in DR classes??

    1. This is major news, why have the Nats not announced this?

      The big question is how much money did they spend; they are restricted for the next few years.

        1. Some stuff about some other signs… Venezuelan center fielder Ricardo Mendez(17), a skinny lefty (6′, 165) with plus or better speed, and a chance to be a plus defender… Venezuelan catcher Israel Pineda (16), an offensive-minded prospect with good strike zone command, but has an average arm and will need time for his defense to catch up to his bat and work to maintain his 5-foot-11, 190 frame…Dominicans IF Cesar Porte (18), who has a line-drive/pull approach as a RHB, listed at 6′, 180… and RHP Wilson Severino (18), a projectable 6’4″, 190, hit 92 mph, good athleticism, a loose arm and can spin a mid-70s curve… Jose Plancencio (no age given) who’s 6′, 165-lb RHP with a loose/quick arm, and throws a fastball that touches 91 with projection for more and feel to spin a breaking ball.

          1. Interesting to see two 18-year-old signees in Luke’s account. The Post had an article a week or so ago about how the Nats have been one of the few teams to aggressively sign “older” Latin players. Of course it seems funny to see 18 described as “old,” as that’s the age most of the U.S. HS kids are drafted anyway. I guess the assumption that the Latin kids are behind the curve in coaching and in weight training and nutritional development and need the extra couple of years in a pro program. The flip side of that argument is that you’re getting even younger and emotionally immature kids. A big plus for the rise of “older” signees like Difo, Lopez, and Marmeljos seems to have been their maturity level.

    2. Most in DSL, a handful in the GCL, some will be “redshirted” — the story is about the most recent signing period that a lot of teams went hog-wild in case the rules changed. The Nats haven’t announced this because they never do. The only time they did was in 2011 and that was a PR move mostly to assuage the casual fans that the HWMNBN scandal was over.

  4. Many of us have commented at times on the lack of power in the Nats’ organization. It was interesting to see in this Byron Kerr piece who Mark Scialabba thinks can develop power:

    He lists Neuse, Soto, Banks, Daniel Johnson, Robles, Wiseman, Gutierrez, and C. Kieboom. Of those, Wiseman is the only one to post a double-digit HR total in the pros, although five of the eight just came into the system last year and only played a half-season.

    1. Neuse truly forcing brass to try Franco @ 1b and 3b. Not a bad idea
      Especially since his bat will travel farther than the Latin SS
      Head used some @ Auburn .

      1. I commented at the time of the draft last year that it was curious that the Nats used two of their top three picks for guys who profile as 3B (Kieboom and Neuse) when they already had Franco, Gutierrez, and Ward in the same general age range. We’ll see where everyone ends up. There was some scuttlebutt at the time of the draft that Neuse was open to trying catching, but I haven’t heard anything more about that since he’s been in the system.

  5. Bautista and Austin Adams optioned to Syracuse. Adams gave up three runs in 4.2 IP but did strike out eight. Bautista made some points with nine hits, including two doubles.

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