A.J. Cole A.J. Cole
DOB: 1/5/92
Ht. 6’5″
Wt. 200
Bats: R
Career Stats
Drafted in 2010, traded in 2011, reacquired in 2013… and (A) still
not in the majors (B) still just 24 years old. Whether you lean towards
A or B, which says more about you than him, the scouts still believe
the kid’s got the Mott’s. He works with a FB/SL/CH/CV arsenal and a
max velo of ~96. His two breaking pitches remain borderline average,
which is a bit of a curse: He could be a big-club reliever now or sent
back to AAA to (A) wait for an injury (B) further develop.
Lucas Giolito Lucas Giolito
DOB: 07/14/94
Ht. 6’6″
Wt. 255
Bats: R
Career Stats
It would be an understatement to say that big things are expected
from the Nationals No. 1 prospect since 2012. Giolito enters 2016
with purportedly no restraints after two-plus seasons of limited IP.
Having seen him pitch in person at both A+ and AA in 2015, all that
I can say is: The big kid is as advertised: high-90s heat, a ~1985
Gooden curve, a changeup to keep LHBs honest. He’ll probably
begin 2016 in AAA, but like Harper in 2012, he might not stay long.
Austin Voth Austin Voth
DOB: 6/26/92
Ht. 6’1″
Wt. 190
Bats: R
Career Stats
Voth led both the Eastern League and the Nats minors with 148 K’s
and was second in the organization in IP at 157⅓. While he can
dial it up to 95, he mostly works with low-90s heat and relies on his
plus control to make his secondary pitches more effective. Scouts
say he’ll succeed so long as he stays in command, meaning he has
a small margin for error because he lacks a true out pitch. Still, they
like his feel for pitching and put his ceiling as a No. 4 starter.
John Simms John Simms
DOB: 1/17/92
Ht. 6’3″
Wt. 205
Bats: R
Career Stats
An offseason injury delayed the start of 2015 for Simms, for which
the Nats dropped him back to High-A. He was roughed up early,
but found his stride by mid-May. He returned to AA in late July and
notched quality starts in six of eight starts. That earned him a trip to
the AFL where he pitched well. Simms might just be the RH analog
to former Nat Danny Rosenbaum, i.e. he doesn’t have a plus pitch
but knows how to get guys out with guile and gumption.
Abel De Los Santos Abel De Los Santos
DOB: 11/21/92
Ht. 6’2″
Wt. 180
Bats: R
Career Stats
Like a Kennedy at an open bar, De Los Santos got hammered in the
AFL this past fall, which may lead some to wonder why he made
this list. That selection, coupled with the callup in July, is why.
A former starter, De Los Santos is most likely going to remain a
reliever now that he’s shown he can hit the mid-90s. The hope is
that his AFL performance is a factor of fatigue, though he pitched
only slightly more innings in 2015 vs. 2014.
Tyler Mapes Tyler Mapes
DOB: 7/18/91
Ht. 6’2″
Wt. 205
Bats: R
Career Stats
This could very well be a one-and-done watchlist appearance for
the 30th Rd. pick in 2014. Or he could very well be a late bloomer.
Mapes split time between the bullpen (22G) and starting (8G).
What’s unusual is that he was much more effective as the latter
than the former, with a line of 1.29/2.88/1.22 over 42IP and 5-1 W-L
mark for those that believe that matters. He turns 25 in July, so
an assignment to AA seems likely… if the Nats believe in him.
Reynaldo Lopez Reynaldo Lopez
DOB: 1/4/94
Ht. 6’0″
Wt. 185
Bats: R
Career Stats
A look at the stats of 2014 vs. 2015 might make one wonder what
the hype is all about. For the velo whores: Yeah, Lopez can hit 98
right from the gate and touch 100. Unlike a Cole Kimball or a Hector
Nelo, that’s 98 over the plate. Having watched him several times in
Woodbridge, the feeling here is that Lopez was tasked with improving
his offspeed stuff without regard to results. When the CV and CH
came around, the production followed. Likely to start 2015 in AA.
Austen Williams Austen Williams
DOB: 12/19/92
Ht. 6’3″
Wt. 220
Bats: R
Career Stats
In 2015, Williams roughly split time between Hagerstown (13GS) and
Potomac (11GS) and led the Nats’ age-appropriate pitchers in wins,
ERA, and WHIP. The Bob Boone Award winner features a low-90s FB,
a low-80s CV, and a fringy CH. Scouts are wary of his mechanics,
which they believe will hinder his command. Statistically, this seems
to show with his increase in walk rate and decrease in K rate from
Low- to High-A. Best bet: return to Potomac to begin ’16 then bump up.
Phillips Valdez Phillips Valdez
DOB: 11/16/91
Ht. 6’2″
Wt. 160
Bats: R
Career Stats
Valdez is an interesting case of a reclamation project that actually
worked. Signed in 2012 after pitching 2009 and 2010 in the DSL for
the Indians, the 24-y.o. worked his way up to Hagerstown by 2014.
He dominated Low-A until May, but got hit hard in High-A in June.
While he had adjusted to the league, a glut in starters forced him to
the bullpen in late July. It’s difficult to project 2016, but if he’s used
as a starter, Potomac; if he sticks as a reliever, perhaps Harrisburg.
Andrew Lee Andrew Lee
DOB: 12/2/93
Ht. 6’5″
Wt. 225
Bats: L
Career Stats
A two-way player for University of Tennessee, Lee (or the Nationals)
volunteered to be just a pitcher as a professional (though he batted
.306/.388/.590 last year). The 11th Rd. pick pitched at three levels in
2015, making a single GCL appearance, five in Auburn, and ten in
Hagerstown, the last five as a starter. Lee features a low-90s FB and
an above-average CV and both could improve with full-time focus.
A 2016 Sleeper Pick by John Sickels with a C+ grade in his debut.
Erick Fedde Erick Fedde
DOB: 2/25/93
Ht. 6’4″
Wt. 180
Bats: R
Career Stats
Giolito, redux? Well, maybe not but the Nats and their fans sure like
the parallels of a high-upside RHP for whom they hope UCL replace-
ment is a bump in the road to DC. Fedde split time between SS-A and
and Low-A in 2015 and turned in 64 innings in 14 starts, with mixed
success. Fedde features a low-90s, sinking fastball that he locates
well, a low-80s slider that’s improving, and a changeup that’s in progress.
Either Hagerstown or Potomac to begin the 2016 season is possible.
Koda Glover Koda Glover
DOB: 4/13/93
Ht. 6’5″
Wt. 225
Bats: R
Career Stats
If you believe in “looking like a closer,” Glover fits the bill. But he also
has the size and the high-90s/high-80s fastball/slider combo that’s in
demand for the so-called role. More importantly, he throws strikes and
gets strikeouts without a lot of walks (38 and 2 respectively in 30IP
last summer). Scouts love how he attacks opposing batters and his
demeanor on the mound. Given his age, his usage, and his results
thus far, it seems likely that he’ll be in Woodbridge in April 2016.
Mariano Rivera III Mariano Rivera III
DOB: 10/4/93
Ht. 5’11”
Wt. 155
Bats: R
Career Stats
Son of the legendary Yankee pitcher, Rivera3 was hit hard as a starter
for Auburn (1.098 OPS vs.) then moved to the bullpen, where he was
much better (.652). Sorry, kids, the younger Rivera does not throw
the signature cutter — he’s a FB/CV pitcher with a splitter used as a
CH and some reports say a slider. He can hit the mid-90’s with the
heat. A 2016 start in the Suns bullpen is probably the best bet.
Tommy Peterson Tommy Peterson
DOB: 10/11/93
Ht. 6’1″
Wt. 205
Bats: R
Career Stats
Peterson has already come down with Nationals elbow (2013), so it
would appear they’re looking to fast-track him as (yet another) hard-
throwing RHRP as he made stops in the GCL, Auburn, and Hagers-
town in 2015. He put up a pitcher’s line of 2.66/2.83/1.23 for the
Doubledays, pitching 20⅓ of his 27⅓ IP in 2015. The 12th Rd. pick
out would seem to be a candidate to return to the Suns to begin ’16.
Matthew DeRosier Matthew DeRosier
DOB: 7/13/94
Ht. 6’2″
Wt. 200
Bats: R
Career Stats
DeRosier was the statistically best pitcher on the 2015 G-Nats,
which means we’re scouting by boxscore. However, the 21-y.o. has
had difficulty breaking through when he’s gotten the bump to Auburn
(6.75 ERA in 30⅔ IP between 2014 and 2015). Thus, it’s hard to
not see him in upstate New York for a third straight summer.
Maximo Valerio Maximo Valerio
DOB: 7/22/95
Ht. 6’2″
Wt. 175
Bats: R
Career Stats
Valerio makes his third watchlist (2013, 2014) after splitting time
between the GCL and the NYPL in 2015. The 20-y.o. also made
three starts (after making none in 2014) which leads to the inference
that he may return to starting, which he did exclusively in the DSL.
Hagerstown in 2016 is possible but so is a return to Aubrn.

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