Notable Bats

The Notable Bats returns after being combined with the arms last year, but the principle remains the same: these are the folks that don’t quite merit full inclusion but are still noteworthy. The only rule is that player can’t be here in consecutive years – either they play their way back to their respective position or they fall off the list.

Brian Goodwin

There’s not much doubt that prospect fatigue defines Brian Goodwin, who’s been the CF of the future since 2011. Still, the consensus among scouts (or the folks who made the decision to draft him) is that the tools are still there and he still might “put it all together.”

Narciso Mesa
After bouncing between SS-A and High-A for three short seasons, Mesa finally put in an (almost) full season at High-A in 2015. There were times he looked like he was passing through on his way up the ladder, and there were times when he looked overmatched.

Rhett Wiseman
The Nats’ 3rd Rd. pick and two-time CWS finalist with Vanderbilt was just outside the Top 5 bats for the 2015 Doubledays. Scouts say his best tool is his power, though his tendency to overswing will lead to a lot of K’s, as 52 whiffs in 54 games suggests.

Jakson Reetz
Reetz was a 2015 watchlister as a catcher, thanks in large part to unusually strong on-base and power numbers for an 18-y.o. Neither was on display as a 19-y.o in the NYPL, but the hope is that by repeating the level, he’ll come around.

Blake Perkins
The Nats drafted six HS bats, just one signed. Perkins was the one. His offense is behind his defense, which scouts say is good enough to play any of three OF positions, though his speed will probably keep him in CF.

Juan Soto
Signed for $1.5M in July, which is the largest ever by the Nationals for an IFA, Soto came into the BA Top 30 in 2016 at #24 having only been seen in the Instructional League and the Dominican Prospect League. The scouts say he’s an advanced hitter for his age with good power and decent OF skills that profile best in LF. Expected to debut in the GCL.

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