So Long, Boys

So Long
Yesterday, there was another round of cuts in spring training… the big one that usually comes earlier in March, but was most likely delayed this year due to the bevy of injuries. In the latest transaction post from Baseball America today, we learned the following Nationals minor-leaguers have been released:

  • OF Garrett Gordon (Auburn)
  • RHP D.J. Jauss (GCL)
  • RHP Jean Ramirez (GCL)
  • UT Mike McQuillan (Potomac)
  • LHP Brandon Sisk (Offseason pickup)

The closest thing to a surprise was the release of Jean Ramirez, but that’s primarily because of his age (20). This is the flip side to the free-agent signings in the offseason — to make room, some guys are going to be let go, which for most means their days as a pro baseball player are over.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

11 thoughts on “So Long, Boys”

  1. I could see McQ not making the jump to
    AA with his low BA. Luke , again you are
    Correct : the jump to harrisburg is tough for some .
    Gordon was stuck under a bunch of days2
    And GCL Barrett boys

  2. So Jauss has the distinction of being the first player from the Nat’s 2014 draft class to be released. Sad for him.

    Ramirez is somewhat surprising: he was only 19 last year in Rookie ball – definitely not too old – and his peripherals didn’t look that bad. And while I’ve never seen him play, there are still plenty of players who are statistically not as good as him still there. I wonder…

  3. Ramirez proves the Latin pipeline is filling up with
    Jauss caught in reliever log jam
    McQ release proves that come June. Difo
    Will comprise left side of Sens infield with Perez (3b?)
    Lisson bumps up to Cuse unless he is there already
    With Martinson playing SS for Sens before June .
    Sound right? Luke?
    It’s a dog walking sunday
    Cue Aerosmith. Walking the Dog!

  4. With carp and Stewart on the brink of comprising
    The bench – maybe we should coin a tee shirt.
    DC choppers.
    Maybe in stadium. Zz top should play every time
    Those two Hesd to the plate.
    DC Top. Carp. Werthknome and stew!

  5. At least we can give credit to McQuillian….. 33rd rounder who played 3 years of professional ball. A .705 OPS @ 25 years old in High A is not enough.

    As always, wish him and the others well.

  6. We traded Rosey for butler
    But just greenbacks for Sandy leon???
    The depth is better. Jeroloman gains a well
    Earned Cuse spot catching the stud kids
    I am glad Blake will break camp with DC choppers!
    5-0 big bday tomorrow
    Commish doesn’t want opening day on my bday
    The least he could do is fix that gap in his teeth
    With commish $$$& lol?!

  7. Those Nats scouts combed over that gator squad
    Four years or so ago
    Dent , Casey W drafted twice but not signed
    Now den dekker. That late round CF from UF.
    Scouting notes are truly kept over time .
    Rendon ?!! ?? Marks. Ian Stewart, Espinoza

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