Zach Walters Traded For Asdrubal Cabrera

So Long
The Zach Walters era, which began in July 2011, is now over as the Washington Nationals have dealt him to the Cleveland Indians for SS-2B Asdrubal Cabrera and cash considerations.

The sad Spike pic is obligatory, of course, but the reality is that this is probably better for Walters in the long run, given that he’s currently blocked by Ian Desmond primarily and Danny Espinosa secondarily, though I’m quite sure some folks will disagree. With minutes to go as of this writing, we can only hope that perhaps some other guys who are similarly blocked might get a chance elsewhere.

Walters was batting .300/.358/.608 with 15HR and 48RBI in 60 games for Syracuse this season when he was recalled to Washington last week when Ryan Zimmerman went on the DL again with what’s been reported to be a severe (Grade 3) hamstring tear, per’s Bill Ladson. The trade will solidify the parent club’s infield with Anthon Rendon playing 3B, Desmond at SS, and Cabrera at 2B.

Author: Luke Erickson

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12 thoughts on “Zach Walters Traded For Asdrubal Cabrera”

  1. Better for Walters, better for the Nats, probably better for Cabrera too, assuming he likes playing meaningful games in September and October. All in all, not a bad return for the worn out shell of Jason Marquis.

    Best of luck Zach, but keep that 3B mitt handy, I don’t see you pushing Lindor off of SS in Cleveland.

  2. More good news for the org. Michael “BATMAN” Taylor is back for the Senators and leading off.

    1. With a HR. Yes, Michael “BATMAN” Taylor knows how to let the home fans at City Isle know that he’s back and his wrist’s ok.

  3. If the Nats don’t at least make the World Series, it’s a terrible deal. They traded a switch hitting infielder who hit at least .965 OPS from either side for a guy with a below average OPS of .735 and his backup is a guy who has a .550 OPS against righthanders.
    You think maybe they should have given Walters some at bats before doing this.

    Make no mistake, this is good for Zach. Francona will be far smarter with him than Williams, which is a pretty low bar.

    1. There is one problem in your analysis, and that’s Walters isn’t but so great in the field is he, folks? I think Rizzo wanted to sell high and I also feel that Rizzo felt a bit pressured to make the playoffs in a tough race with Atlanta when he knows Zimmerman’s down. Rizzo seems to be about things that don’t cold like defense, chemistry, and experience. Now I know that Walters last few months at Syracuse look great and that it’s just small sample size, but I hope Rizzo’s scouting eye is accurately telling him with that either Cabrera’s last not so great month is temporary or that he’s selling high on Walters. I’m glad Zach gets freed. Hopefully he’ll be like Norris and make an all star team or two. The guy that I’m more torn on is Souza. He seems to deserve a shot (provided he doesn’t get ejected like he did today much more). Expensive Werth is blocking him, though, not Desmond. Personally, I’m really intrigued by AAA Josh Hamilton and I wish that we could get a taste of him these last couple months on an everyday basis at the big league level, but the Nationals are now a winning team make decisions at the big league level for today’s pennant race victory more than the development of assets. The Walters trade is a clear sign that Rizzo’s going all in this year, much like the A’s are, and you hope we are in the flags fly forever stage of the development curve. DC needs a winner! Last one was 1992 Redskins, correct? 22 years is a mighty long time, but not as long as some (Cough, Cleveland, cough!) other cities.

        1. I kind of think it may mean that former top prospect Burriss now moves the top of the MI depth chart? Who else is there? And please don’t say Kobernus? Burriss has probably had his best season yet in the minors and yes his fielding was far and away waaaaay better than Zach in those spots. Many brainfart type throwing errors, etc by the kid Zach. Good kid but doesn’t always pay attention?

          More than anything else, given Rizzo’s defense facing posture, I’d suspect that is why you see Zach in Cleveland. Unfortunately he’s stuck back in AAA but …

          1. Peric,
            I think that we’re in agreement here. Rizzo is a pitching and defense guy. Zach never made the progress with the defense, and I don’t he trusts the swing to survive multiple times through AB. Walters definitely deserves a shot at MLB and I’ll be rooting for him and the rest of the Indians a bit harder because of this move.

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