Four Chiefs To Represent Int’l Lg. In AAA All-Star Game

All Stars
The International League roster for the AAA All-Star Game between the I.L and the P.C.L. were announced today and four Syracuse Chiefs were among the 30 players named.

Taylor Hill, Jhonatan Solano, and Steve Souza were among the 13 elected to the game by the fans, media, and team managers while Aaron Laffey was one of the 17 selected by the league office to round out the roster.

According to, this is the first All-Star selection for Hill, the second for both Solano (2010, E.L.) and Laffey (2005, Sally Lg.), and the third for Souza (2010, Sally Lg.; 2013, E.L.).

Hill is currently leading the I.L. in ERA with a 1.92 mark and is second in both wins (9) and WHIP (0.99). Solano is tied for 1st among I.L. catchers for RBI and is second in HR with nine. Souza leads the I.L. in average, OBP, and slugging percentage. Laffey, despite not pitching until April 17th, leads the I.L. with 10 pitching wins.

The All-Star game will be held July 16th in Durham, NC and the winner will be the “home” team at the one-game exhibition billed as the Triple-A National Championship on September 16th in Charlotte, NC.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

10 thoughts on “Four Chiefs To Represent Int’l Lg. In AAA All-Star Game”

  1. I wonder where BA will end up ranking Souza amongst all minor leaguers. I know his age and checkered history will work against him, but he’s gotta be in the top 50 discussion. Just an absolute incredible season he’s having….
    On another note, good to see tha the Nats making some international free agent signings..

  2. They have signed some international players? I presume it is still a matter of volume over the big splash.

    1. Assumning BA isn’t playing Fox News Historian, here’s what Ben Badler predicted yesterday:
      “It’s difficult to gauge the Nationals’ international program given the lack of financial commitment that ownership has shown in the market, until last year. With a $2.08 million pool, the Nationals will probably go the route of a lot of teams in that pool territory, signing several players in the $500,000 and under range rather than making one big splash. Dominican shortstop Bryan Bencosme, Venezuelan righthander Tomas Alastre and Dominican outfielder Yoel Andujar are three players who would fit that description and have been connected to the Nationals.” (All three have signed).

  3. All well deserved during a great season … I assume the Korea move affected Tatusko’s chances?

    1. Peric- Sorry to be dense. Did Tatusko take a contract to play in Korea? I guess I missed that. I really hoped he would get some time with the Nats to make the Cristian Guzman trade even better, but I wouldn’t want to deny a guy a good payday.

      Speaking of a good payday, I wouldn’t be surprised if some team wanted to buy the services of Laffey, or trade for him. I don’t know that he has much of a chance to be brought up to the Nats, even though he is having a great season in Syracuse.

      1. I believe Luke reported Tatusko’s move to Korea. Maybe he’ll come back to make the Nat’s active roster? You never know?

        Laffey’s stats aren’t as good as the others but they’re good enough. And he’s left-handed. He wasn’t successful with the Orioles. But then there’s the interesting story of Jake Arrietta, also Jason Hammel. Get them away from Buck and Camden Yards and woahhhh!!! They’re almost aces? And Laffey is an All Star!

        Earlier it looked they had removed him from the roster but then he reappeared? I thought that he had exercised an option. Maybe he could get a big league job. But these guys seem pretty happy playing in the glacier age. They think they can make something special happen! Hoping AJ Cole can be reasonably competent to go with Laffey and Hill. Not as deep a starting rotation as at the beginning of the season … be nice to get Ohlendorf or Taylor Jordan back.

        1. Oh a real bad on my part. Forgot Blake Trienen who has definitely turned into a quality AAA starter for the Chiefs!

          1. Peric’s on fire! It’s his thread and we’re only living in it. Sadly, Destin Hood didn’t make the AAA all-star game. Hopefully, he doesn’t make the AAAA All-Star game in two years and can settle for regular time (realistically as a 4th outfielder) in The Show. C’mon Hood, be better than The Shark!

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