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Transactions for NPP
While we patiently await the finalization of the four full-season rosters, here are few more transactions to pass along (H/T to Springfield Fan):

  • OF Wander Ramos released (Hagerstown)
  • UT Francisco Soriano released (Potomac)
  • LHP Christian Meza released (Hagerstown)

Obviously, the jettison of “Help Me” is a bit of a shock (though it could just be yet another misjudgement of a DR guy) but it’s hard to say the same of Soriano, who’d stalled at High-A, and Meza, who hit the wall at High-A.

I’m expecting another transaction post from BA today, so if there are any other notable moves this space will be updated.

Late Saturday afternoon, the Nationals signed lefty Aaron Laffey to a minor-league deal after the Cumberland, MD native was released by the Orioles. Late this afternoon, the Nationals acquired righty Omar Poveda from the White Sox for “cash considerations.”

Laffey, who turns 29 next month, has bounced around several organizations since being traded away from Cleveland to Seattle in the spring of 2011 and has surpassed 100 innings at the MLB level just twice (2009, 2012). He spent most of 2013 at the AAA level, pitching 110⅔ innings for the AAA affiliates of the Dodgers and Brewers, after getting released by the Mets after four lackluster appearances last April and the Blue Jays after one.

Poveda signed with Texas as a 17-y.o. in 2005 and rose to AAA by age 21 in 2009 before developing Nationals elbow and undergoing UCL replacement in 2010. He pitched for Florida’s AA affiliate in 2011, split time between Jacksonville (AA) and New Oleans (AAA) for the Marlins in 2012, and spent all of 2013 (164IP) pitching for Atlanta’s AAA farm club in Gwinnett. He turns 27 in September.

Both pitchers are candidates to pitch for the Syracuse Chiefs in 2014, the rosters for which are expected to be released Monday or Tuesday.

BA posted its latest transactions post, “End of Spring Avalanche,” which included the following releases that were previously unreported:

  • RHP Kelvin Perez (offseason pickup)
  • IF Mike Fontenot (offseason pickup)
  • IF Drew Rossi (offseason pickup)
  • OF Joe Dunigan (offseason pickup)
  • C Chris Snyder (offseason re-sign)

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

15 thoughts on “Transaction Update”

  1. Ramos IS a surprise. Soriano had to see this coming after 4 years in Potomac.

    Affiliate news relevant to some of our offseason conversations; The Cardinals just bought their AAA affiliate in Memphis.

    1. Yeah, Ramos surprises me as well. He regressed a little last year, but he sure didn’t fall off the charts. Perhaps he had some issues in the spring, or just got caught in the numbers game with Wooten and Vettleston now in the mix.

    2. Why is the affiliate purchase by Cardinals important? Do you want Lerners to own all the affiliates? They would certainly be an improvement over P-Nats owners.

      1. Because it’s rare. Only the Braves had the foresight to buy out most of their affiliates before the stadium boom of the 90s, which, along with expansion and the freezing of the number of affiliates, caused franchise values to skyrocket. Any affiliate would be overjoyed if the parent club were to buy them out (at their asking price, natch) because it would be a huge payday.

        Obviously, any MLB organization could afford to do that — yes, even the Marlins — but there’s not much of a business case for it unless the stadium is for sale (which in this case it was, though the city of Memphis bought it, not the Cardinals) and it merely adds to the payroll and the day-to-day responsibilities.

        Put more simply, the current arrangement works because all teams have to do is send the players & equipment they way they always have. They don’t have to sell tickets. They don’t have sell advertising. They don’t have to deal with stadium issues.

        However, given how tone-deaf the Lerners have been in 10+ years in DC, the odds of them being an improvement over current ownership/management at any of the affiliates is somewhere between nil and none.

        1. I think that Boston also owns all of thier affiliates.

          I agree with Luke about the P-Nat owners in that I don’t see the Lerners being any sort of improvement over Art Silber.

  2. Mark – Michael Martinez spent 3 seasons in Potomac and ended up on the Phillies starting roster. I think it speaks more to the Nats treatment of many of the Latino players than anything else.

    1. The Phils were pretty desperate and I’m not sure but I don’t think Michael Martinez was a CF with the Nationals?

      “, Revere had caught fire, hitting .347 with 17 stolen bases in 65 games between May 1 and July 13. In Revere‚Äôs absence, the Phillies used John Mayberry, Cesar Hernandez, Roger Bernadina, Michael Martinez, Casper Wells, and Ezequiel Carrera in center field. They all disappointed both offensively and defensively.”

      Batting averages with Philly: .196, .174.175 over the last three seasons. This isn’t even AAAA?

      Last I looked he was in spring training with the Pirates and did not make the team.

      You may be right about the Nationals system and that appears to be a work in progress. But clearly, very clearly
      player development evaluators were correct about Michael Martinez.

  3. Just saw a tweet from Lucas Giolito that he’s been told he’s starting at Hagerstown. No great surprise but it is official.
    Now when exactly they bring him up is another question.

    1. Based on a combination of tweets and options, I’ve come up with this list of confirmed assignments.

      In no real order:

      Matthew Spann
      Isaac Ballou
      Jake Walsh
      John Simm
      Lucas Giolito
      Jimmy Yezzo
      Andrew Cooper
      Austin Voth
      Nick Pivetta
      Drew Ward
      Jake Johansen
      David Masters

      Bryan Harper
      Dakota Bacus
      Derek Self
      Brian Rauh

      Jason Martinson
      Drew Vettleson
      Michael Taylor
      Matt Purke
      Sammy Solis
      Felipe Rivero
      Mitchell Canham

      1. You can add Ian Dickson and Travis Henke to the Potomac list from what the tweeters are saying

      2. That Hagerstown roster is a monster. A bunch of guys I like on there. Ward and Giolito in Hagerstown? Yes, please!

  4. According to Byron Kerr’s post of what he got from Doug Harris it seems highly likely that Bradley Meyers will be starting out on the DL probably in XST in Viera.

    1. yes, he will. I spoke with Meyers when I was in Viera, and he mentioned he’d be down there. Said he’s feeling much better, though. At least, Viera is a comfortable place to live while rehabbing. Should have put that in my Viera post and scooped Kerr! I have a lot to learn about this reporting stuff.

  5. Harper is a nice promotion for chain sake
    Cat ballou @ suns proves that the auburn outfielders may not
    Be mass pushed to Hagerstown
    Repeat infield @ Harrisburg it seems.
    Lafffey best known as relative to bobby cox pitching coach in atl. Leo the bench rocker”
    Good job Luke

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