Another Couple Top Nats Prospect Lists

Well, if you insist…
With eight days to go before spring training games begin, I’ll pass along couple more top prospect lists that were issued this week to help pass the time.

The first comes from MLB Draft Insider, a site run by Chris Crawford, who also writes for ESPN:

1. Lucas Giolito, RHP
2. A.J. Cole, RHP
3. Brian Goodwin, OF
4. Pedro Severino, C
5. Sammy Solis, LHP
6. Jefry Rodriguez, RHP
7. Michael Taylor, OF
8. Drew Vettleson, OF
9. Steve Souza, OF
10. Austin Voth, RHP
11. Eury Perez, OF
12. Felipe Rivero, LHP
13. Jake Johansen, RHP
14. Drew Ward, 3B

Frequent commenter Todd Boss nailed it when he wrote that Severino and Jefry Rodriguez were daring picks (1st comment on the article), but it turns out that Crawford’s admiration is not unique. This morning, Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus unveiled his Top 10 (warning- paid content):

1. Lucas Giolito, RHP
2. A.J. Cole, RHP
3. Brian Goodwin, OF
4. Michael Taylor, OF
5. Jake Johansen, RHP
6. Jefry Rodriguez, RHP
7. Matt Skole, 1B
8. Pedro Severino, C
9. Drew Vettleson, OF
10. Drew Ward, 3B

It’s no secret that Taylor is one of my favorites, but even I have my doubts that the bat will ever catch up to his glove or his legs. Still, Taylor is another prospect that’s getting a lot of attention this offseason.

What’s also interesting is who’s not on these lists: Skole on Crawford’s, Solis on Parks’s. A clue may be found in the fantasy angle that Parks includes in his article from Bret Sayre, BP’s fantasy guy (nah, too easy):

Skole is far more interesting from a fantasy perspective than in real life because if he is able to be a .270 hitter with 20-25 homers, he’ll be owned in nearly all leagues, regardless of eligibility.

The exclusion of Solis can be inferred by extension: He’s not likely to be a starter or a closer for Washington anytime soon, and fantasy baseball — to be blunt — doesn’t give a s!@# about relievers who don’t get saves (if you’re new here, then you know I’m with the late Dick Radatz when it comes relief pitching).

I strongly encourage folks to read Crawford’s article because it’s useful to see how folks view the Nats from outside our little bubble, particularly for his take on their drafting since I don’t write much about the draft before it happens (and not much after, either).

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

23 thoughts on “Another Couple Top Nats Prospect Lists”

  1. Keith Law also had Severino and Rodriguez listed in his top 10 so it seems as though they are getting some real attention. It’ll be interesting to see where Rodriguez ends up next season. Is there a chance for him to end up at low-A at any point?

  2. The issue with the Phillies and their draft choices last year is going to bite them hard for the next decade. Phillies scouts are going to be denied access to a lot of schools. Agents are going to shut out the Phillies. Big screwup by Phillies FO. Could ultimately cost Amaro and many others their jobs. Phillies will probably be sued by the players involved.

    1. I’ve been hearing rumors of nefarious deeds all day and it came up in a thread on What exactly did the Phillies do? Sad if it hurts some kids, but a part of me dances with glee any time embarassment and shame come down on the Phillies’ organization.

      1. The thread is on MLB Trade Rumors. The Phillies did not sign 2 of their draft choices last year and retaliated by saying that both were represented by agents. The NCAA suspended both players indefinitely. The kids have been badly hurt and the Phillies went away with their ball. They are looking real bad right now. Read the article. Ramifications for the Phillies for a long time.

        1. Man, that is some petty stuff Mr. Ruben Amaro. On the scale of moral badness how do you think that compares to some of the wonderful deeds that Mr. Leatherpants Bowden used to do while he was Nats GM?

          1. The NCAA is not the sleezy one. That would be the Philthies front office. I saw a tshirt here in Corvallis Oregon today that said “Phillies Draft This with an extended middle finger. They are going to pay a price in their college draft prospects for a very long time.

          2. Not to go off on a Tangent, but next time you head down Hwy 34 towards I-5 — last farmhouse on the right by AM/PM, that’s where the Mrs. and I lived while I was getting my master’s degree.

  3. I know Oregon State is furious with the Phillies and is going after them with passion. Several other schools in PAC12 are denying Phillies access to their facilities.

  4. Dig the graphic. Canada vs. USA hockey game just went to second intermission so I can bump some Hall and Oates while I’m waiting for the third period. Thanks for checking these links out, and I plan to read the free article that you linked to.

  5. I have to be honest, until the Keith Law write up, Severino was not on my radar at all. Now I can’t wait to see him.
    I chuckle when I read these reviews and they always talk about the big drop off after the big 3. Maybe the fact the Nats have traded 10-12 players off their top 10 in the last 3years might have something to do with it. Ya think?
    I’ve said it before, but if Ward makes it to Hagerstown anytime in 2014, he ‘s going to reach elite status.

  6. Mark L: those few who hauled tail to Hagerstown
    Saw a young warrior behind the plate plus adjusting
    To northern climate with his age and background .
    He is so promising that Rice alum Manuel
    Had rare PT to show off his catching / throwing
    And ALL those Arms he caught in the year
    Of injury , promotion and turn over amidst
    All the teaching Bravo had to do is a remarkable
    Feat for a young backstop!

  7. I will give Bowden this carrot in early days in DC:
    Selig and cronies sure turned off the faucet
    In Montreal under 29mlb.
    This from an ole expo fan
    Ironic that Bad Vlad’s contract was up the winter
    The moving vans came south.
    The Colon deal did not help either , Bud!

    1. Always amazed me that Leatherpants got the vitriol that really should have gone to Omar Minaya for turning the Montreal Expos into the Pennsylvania Road Warriors. And yes, I’m with you that I think Selig may have encouraged it.

  8. Whether you are a pure Nats fan or a nats fan
    With expo stuff in footlocker and storage –
    Brotherly love- wasn’t George McGinnis and Dr J
    Booed in philly at one point ?
    Good thing we have Henley in bullpen
    To rile up the bullpen about the need to
    Carry out the Nats pride vs philly with all his
    Expo years- Knorr too! Catchers can carry
    The distaste passion in the sport.
    Look at Rick Dempsey in his orioles years
    No need to look any further at the angst
    Between two orgs: Harrisburg and reading
    Back when expo clubs won EL crowns .
    Right, Michael Barrett!!!??

  9. I would love to see a Nats club outdo
    The 94 Expo projected win total meaning the
    Braves and Phillies choking on nats exhaust .
    Henley would agree in that comment !

  10. Apparently my man Jeff had a lot on his mind today. I must say I find your posts rather cryptic, but you add much needed personality to the site!

  11. Agree Souldrummer, jeff adds with his eccentric comments. And, as a major Expo fan from the team’s inception in 1969, (used to take my classes as an annual trip to a game. Also, a former friend of mine with whom I played basketball and hockey with was Brian Murray, a name you Washington fans must know.), I am now am an ardent Nat’s fan. And what the hell has my last comment about Brian have to do with the rest—answer–old, drinking wine, and name dropping. Sorry!

  12. Ty soul drummer
    The beautiful thing about the nats evolution since the
    Move are the various people who have links back to
    Quebec especially F.P. In the booth.
    Felipe went back to SF and enjoyed two
    World Series wins
    Now it’s time in DC!

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