Nats and A’s Make Trade, Sun To Set Tonight In The West

For the fourth time this year — and the sixth time since 2011 — Washington and Oakland have consummated a trade. This time, it’s 2013 Minor League Player of the Year Billy Burns headed for the Left Coast in favor of lefthanded reliever Jerry Blevins.

It’s hardly been a secret that the Nats have been pursuing a major-league southpaw for more than a year now, signing the likes of Fernando Abad and Bobby Bramhall last offseason, trading for and promoting Ian Krol, and claiming Xavier Cedeno and Tyler Robertson on waivers during the season. Only Cedeno and Robertson remain from that quintet (sextet, if you want to include the midseason dalliance with J.C. Romero).

As is common with Rizzo trades, Blevins remains under team control for another two seasons — like Doug Fister, who was acquired less than three weeks ago, he’s arbitration-eligible — as the A’s seemed willing to part with the 30-y.o. veteran as a cost-savings measure, despite having made 281 appearances over the past seven seasons for Oakland.

While it may appear that Rizzo has gotten his man, I wouldn’t rule out Washington acquiring one or more southpaws in tomorrow’s Rule 5 draft (don’t forget the PTBNL in the David DeJesus flip was a LHP), even if neither Matt Grace nor Danny Rosenbaum are taken.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

12 thoughts on “Nats and A’s Make Trade, Sun To Set Tonight In The West”

  1. Do nats have to clear a body or two
    To add Nate and Jerry??
    Nats should add guys like burgess and joe
    Martinez with burns exiting

    1. No, but the 40-man is full per Zuckerman. Doesn’t preclude someone getting dropped, though picking 19th, they’re unlikely to find much in the MLB phase.

    1. (Ed McMahon voice) You are correct, sir! Fixed it. As soon as I read your comment, my first thought was “must have happened Thanksgiving week”

  2. I think the reason Rizzo & the A’s find so much comity is that neither side has been perceived as having fleeced the other. These have been all win-win trades.

    While Burns was one of those ‘fun to watch’ players, just didn’t seeing him denting the the 25 man roster anytime soon.

  3. Adrian Nieto already selected by the Chi White Sox … kudos to Peric for calling this one early. Will be interesting to see if he can stick the year on a ML roster.

  4. Nieto is gone. Six can bury him for a season
    On bench. Sad team with long rebuild
    Open door for Craig Manuel who can flat out catch
    A staff
    Time will tell
    Would have been nice for Nieto to back up
    on goon squad down the road
    Maybe this means Manuel at burg
    Severino at Potnats
    If healthy Kieboom at hags with
    The German lefty swinger ???

    1. Sandy Leon hit .177 … as Luke rightly surmised that season of good offense was likely a flash-in-the-pan. Now where does he go? Potomac?

  5. Harrisburg 2014 say hello to coleLeonida
    His bat will live city isle
    Now nats add Michael burgess and that former
    Braves and snakes hand Joe Martimez
    Kris Watts still in play for Sens ??

  6. Man, I’m disappointed to see Burns go. He was my favorite of a thoroughly underwhelming crop of minor league bats. But he’s basically Beane’s prototypical player. Hope he continues to do well and exceed expectations (except against us).

  7. Excellent job by DK Dan Kolko they guy few follow because he works for Angelos … 😉 still a local silver spring rockville type tho …

    PK Pete Kerzel reports that they picked up a replacement project for Burns in a guy named Theo Bowe plus another
    pitcher named Martiras Arias.

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