Rendon, Jordan Named To BA’s Eastern League Top 20

Despite both having exhausted their rookie eligibility during the season, Baseball America has named Washington Nationals second baseman Anthony Rendon and starting pitcher Taylor Jordan to its postseason 2013 Eastern League Top 20.

Obviously, both were key injury replacements for the “Big Nats,” in 2013 with Rendon perhaps even displacing second baseman Danny Espinosa while Jordan is a strong candidate to return to the starting rotation next April, with the nos. 4 and 5 spots unsettled for 2014.

Long-term, BA believes No. 9 prospect Rendon’s future could still be at 3B while scouts still type one-handed marvel at the power:

Rendon has Gold Glove abilities at the hot corner and is more than capable at second base. Because of the vast strength in his wrists and forearms, he’s also got the potential for more than 20 homers annually and a solid average.

No. 12 E.L. guy Taylor Jordan was given props for his pitching motion — which is often compared to Angels ace Jered Weaver:

Jordan employs a sneaky delivery that includes long arm action and a stab on the back end. That deception helps his arsenal, [which] includes a low-90s heater with plenty of run, as well as a slider and a changeup, play up.

All total, eight Nationals were named in these top 20 lists, though no prospects were named at the Low-A and AAA levels. Last year, that figure was five, with Brian Goodwin named to the Top 20 of both the Sally League and the Eastern League.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

11 thoughts on “Rendon, Jordan Named To BA’s Eastern League Top 20”

  1. I didn’t know the criteria for these Top 20’s, but Rendon officially no longer qualifies for prospect status. Not so sure on Jordan or Roark.

    1. Jordan exhausted it, too. BA has this rather specious caveat in the writeup:

      To qualify for a league list, starting pitchers need to have 1/3 of an inning for each team game; relievers must have 20 appearances for full-season leagues or 10 appearances in short-season leagues. Hitters must have one plate appearance per team game. Players may qualify for more than one league list, and anyone who was rookie-eligible to begin the season can make a list, even if they exhaust their rookie eligibility during the season.

    1. If Davey were still managing I have a sneaking hunch Skole would have ended up on his bench.

      Now, I think they’ll go back to being more traditional about developing and promoting prospects. Making them graduate from every level as Rizzo once said.

  2. We all know Karns value will spell out
    With nasty stuff out of Nats bullpen in not so
    Distant future
    I do not have the Top 20 in front of me but
    With Philly, Mets and Yanx in same league
    They ate up some numbers too.
    Taylor was just filthy sick.
    Nats fans , did we not laugh at Braves using
    Freddie Garcia when next year TJ is in the
    Mix with Dorf and Herr Detweiler while BrAves
    May retain Hudson.. Hmmmm
    Repeating is a b—-

    1. Karns was the first call-up so I have a hard time seeing how he didn’t get his chance. he’ll go to Syracuse (hopefully Jordan does too) and I’m sure he’ll make the MLB roster if he has success there.

      1. Three starts isn’t a chance a your debut start against the orioles which had the best offense in baseball at that time..TJ didn’t face a good team until his ninth start and Atlanta had a ton of injuries at that time and he still had a era of 4.

    1. Karns turns 26 next month and did not impress in his MLB stint. BA will rank an older player if he does very well at a subsequent level or was drafted early. Christian Garcia last year, for example; Brandon Workman, the #19 guy (2nd Rd., 2010) this year. You can also point to his command issues and trouble with the longball as reasons for not making the cut.

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