Ivan Pineyro, PTBNL Traded For Scott Hairston, PTBNL

Late last night, news came that the Nats had traded for Scott Hairston for a minor-leaguer. Early this morning, it was reported that it would be a “Class A pitcher” (a CYA, BTW since that could mean Auburn, Hagerstown, or Potomac).

Now, it’s been revealed that Ivan Pineyro is “the guy the Cubs got,” as well as the two teams swapping players to be named later.

The 21-year-old Dominican entered the Nats system in 2011, leading that DSL squad in starts, innings, and strikeouts and second to former Suns teammate Gilberto Mendez in ERA and WHIP. Last summer, he started five games in the GCL and posted a 2.38ERA over 22⅔ innings (no record), before finishing with a less impressive 3-2 mark with a 5.50/3.26/1.660 line in eight starts with Auburn (note the FIP).

That was, however, good enough to earn Pineyro a trip to full-season ball in 2013, in addition to making this site’s 2013 Watchlist for the second straight year as one of the “Notable Arms” (which, along with $2, gets you a cup of coffee).

In Hagerstown, Pineyro went 5-3 with a 3.14 ERA in 13 starts and represented the Suns in the All-Star game. Following the break, Pineyro was moved up to Potomac, a move that at the time, appeared to be more of an injury replacement for Sammy Solis than a true promotion.

Pineyro made three starts for Potomac, all at home, with mixed results. In his debut, he was left out there a little too long and couldn’t go the requisite five innings against Carolina for the win. His second outing was in a suspended-by-rain start versus Myrtle Beach, in which he gave up a run on three hits over three innings, but was hit hard in the second inning.

His final start, however, was impressive as he threw seven scoreless on the 4th of July in a 3-1 win over Wilmington.

Pineyro was a good but not great pitcher in the limited time I was able to see him. Decent fastball, good change, but quite hittable when he missed his spots and left pitches up. There’s sure to be some overreaction to dealing one of the very few age-appropriate-to-the-level arms in the system, particularly one developed in the post-SmileyAlvarez era of the team’s efforts in the Dominican Republic.

A corresponding move in terms of “backfilling” Pineyro’s spot in the rotation has not yet been announced. Two possibilities (and this is pure speculation) are (A) Solis returning from the GCL (B) Dixon Anderson coming off the DL in Hagerstown.

Solis last pitched on July 5 in the GCL, which is prototypical for a rehabbing pitcher to appear in a game or two before returning north. Anderson was placed on the DL justbefore his scheduled start on July 4th as opposed to after his previous start on June 29, which could also indicate that he may have been one of the players under consideration (and still may be).

If/when such an announcement is made within the next few fours, this space will be updated.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of NationalsProspects.com. Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

14 thoughts on “Ivan Pineyro, PTBNL Traded For Scott Hairston, PTBNL”

  1. I thought Pineyro was a bit of an overpayment for Hairston. But I am not sure if, by what you said, you agree, Luke.

  2. I honestly don’t understand this move. For the moral of your own organization, why go out and trade any young talent for a veteran who hits .200? I don’t see what these gm’s see.

      1. Hairston is a solid professional and a RH part time player. something this team has lacked this year.

        they tried their young players in this role, Kobernus, Marrero and Moore without success

        1. $2MM per year part time .200 hitter. Someone needs to explain this business to me better. Unless you are telling me that the Cubs are going to pay him this year?

          1. The Nats needed a bench/pinch hitting upgrade and were willing to pay extra for Hairston to be that guy. Frankly, I’m glad we can put the old “the Lerners are cheap” meme to rest once and for all. They are in it to win it.

            If Hairston comes through with big pinch hits in three or four games down the stretch and the Nats make the playoffs, it will have been more than worth it. Pineyro doesn’t look like anything special at the moment. Say he makes the majors as a decent relief pitcher–even then this trade will be a win for the Nats assuming Hairston produces as expected as a pinch hitter against lefties.

          2. It’s because he hits lefties well. Look at his career numbers against lefties and you’ll see the point of the trade.

          3. +1 on bdrube… Pineyro is a nice arm to have, but he’s still unproven, whereas Hairston is a known quantity and should provide the Nats what they need now. As I wrote last fall, this is going to become more common – not everybody the Nats draft or develop is going to end up in DC. Some are gonna be kept, others are gonna be dealt.

          4. I am all for doing deals that better your ball club. I also realize that not all your draft picks pan out. I also realize that not even your best prospects sometimes just don’t find a spot on the big club. With that said, only time will tell on this one.

  3. Ok, this year he is hitting .170 vs. lefty Last year he hit .286. The two years before totaled less than .220. But I will defer to management.

    1. Joe, this year Hairston has an unsustainably low BABIP. It is .129. His career average is 150 points higher. Hairston still is mashing lefties in the power department with 8 homers in under 80 at bats against them. He is hitting a homer every 9.75 at bats against lefties. Combine that with his walk and strike out rates being around his career average and it points to a slash line that is simply bad luck vs a rapid decline. Pinyero is behind Cole, Hill, Schwartz, Rosenbaum, Purke, Solis, Karns, Jordan, Giolito and maybe even Johansen on the pecking order so it was not like we traded a top arm. It is nice to see a Dominican product starting to succeed but the big club needed an option against lefties who is an actual outfielder. Hairston won’t kill you in left if you need to give Bryce a day off.

  4. It looks like the Nats are paying the bulk of his pay for this year and next, which should have meant a lessor player traded.
    I dunno, it’s hard to part with a 21 year old in high A, even if unproven.
    I would expect Moore & Marrero don’t see the big club for some time now. They had their chences.

  5. I smell a deal to get a depth bat between
    MillerTime and Marrerro up the scale
    Nats have been signing power Latin arms
    Sign 22 to find 2! Brass will pan out another Ivan!

    1. Nats need a short term rental that can start i.e.. Garza. I agree it smells like a lot of second teir prospects that are either blocked or out of favor can be cobbled together for this. Perez, Moore, Maerro, Walters, Leon, Brown, Hood, Souza, etc. Throw in some of the lesser pitching prospects and stir.

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