Good, Bad, Interesting – Vol. 8

Our weekly look at the leaders, trailers, and outliers in the Washington Nationals minor leagues.

SYRACUSE CHIEFS 24-35, 6th place I.L. North, 11 games behind

Good Chris Marrero .301/.348/.500, 10HR, 43RBI in 54G
Bad Ryan Perry 1-4, 7.88 ERA/6.40 FIP/1.85 WHIP
Interesting Michael Broadway .111 OBA in first three appearances

HARRISBURG SENATORS 30-29, 3rd place E.L. West, 3 games behind

Good Sean Nicol .333/.395/.485 in last 10G
Bad Tyler Herron 6.75 ERA, 2.25 WHIP in six appearances
Interesting 23 pitchers used in 59 games

POTOMAC NATIONALS 34-24, 1st place C.L. North, 2 games ahead

Good Robbie Ray 11.75K/9IP
Bad Robbie Ray 4.2BB/9IP
Interesting Kevin Keyes .302/.373/.415 during current 14-game on-base streak

HAGERSTOWN SUNS 31-25, 2nd place Sally North, 1 games behind

Good Dixon Anderson 2.80 ERA/ 3.53 FIP/ 1.07 WHIP
Bad Tony Renda 11E in 56G
Interesting Pedro Severino 7E, 6PB, 49% CS

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

3 thoughts on “Good, Bad, Interesting – Vol. 8”

  1. Ah Tony, eleven errors. That is a good sign. After all, the franshise has about eleven errors also. Okay that was a tad too snarky. Sorry.

  2. Yikes, is Ray turning into the second coming of Wild Henry before our eyes? We need Crash Davis, pronto!

  3. Saturday will be the Kline/Clark hopefully
    In adding LHPs with bulk and 6’3-6’5″!!!
    I am getting indigestion from ATL adding
    Duplicate LHP make- up
    Not to mention certain prototypes for
    2b. We all love switch hit middle infielders
    Like Zach WAlters with more solid tools.
    So we drafted a player out of Deleware?
    I thought companies just sought safe haven there???

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