Auburn Announces Its 2013 Roster

The Auburn Doubledays have announced the 2013 Opening Day roster. For the second straight year, it’s not laden with 2013 picks — just 10 11 of the 30 active (plus two on the D.L.) were drafted earlier this month. But also like 2012 they do include four there are five from the top ten rounds (2013 picks are in parentheses).

This year’s marquee player will be second-rounder Jake Johansen, a 22-y.o. who throws very hard and will draw comparisons to Nathan Karns as a hard thrower with subpar collegiate numbers that the scouts believe aren’t indicative of his talents.

Perhaps more intriguing is the inclusion of 19-y.o. Cody Gunter, who the Nats are challenging with short-season A instead of the GCL, which is the usual destination for JuCo and HS picks.

If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve included a couple of links in the “Resources” from Sean Hogan of and Ryan Kelley from for folks interested in learning more about the draft picks.

Next, our eyes will turn to the GCL to see how and where the rest of the picks and players land. I’m not holding my breath, however, for the next installment of BA’s transaction to answer a lot of the “What happened to __________?” questions. Didn’t happen last year, which I was expecting given what was believed to be a large contingent of players in XST.

Finally, the usual reminder: SpringfieldFan is going to be busy as all this shakes out, so please be patient with her as she updates the Big Board over next couple of weeks.

Without further ado, here’s your 2013 Auburn Doubledays…

Joel Barrientos Austin Chubb Cody Dent (22nd) Isaac Ballou (15th)
Kevin Dicharry Erik Fernandez Wilmer Difo Narciso Mesa
L.J. Hollins Andruth Ramirez Cody Gunter (6th) Jordan Poole
Jake Johnansen (2nd) Spencer Kieboom* Bryan Lippincott Wilman Rodriguez
Jake Joyce (9th) David Masters (14th)
Reynaldo Lopez Brennan Middleton (13th)*
Silvio Medina Jean Valdez
Mike Mudron Jimmy Yezzo (7th)
David Napoli (8th)
Robert Orlan
Casey Selsor
Todd Simko
Niko Spezial (19th)
Mike Silvestri (29th)
Todd Simko+  Bold = Watchlist
Kylin Turnbull  Italics = DSL Graduate
Elliot Waterman  * = D.L.
Deion Williams  + = Rehab

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

13 thoughts on “Auburn Announces Its 2013 Roster”

  1. I appreciate linking my work, Luke. I have an interview set up with Cody Gunter – if anyone has any questions they would like for me to include, leave them here. I’ll ask him about starting in Auburn as opposed to the GCL.

  2. I appreciate linking my work, Luke. I have an interview set up with Cody Gunter – if anyone has any questions they would like for me to include, leave them here. I’ll ask him about starting in Auburn as opposed to the GCL.

  3. Isaac needs a nickname after the Lee Marvin
    Jane Fonda film. Cat Ballou
    Neat mix. Keen on Poole showing off bat
    And Mesa his speed

  4. Just put up an update on 2013 Nats Draft Info. Current known bonuses:
    Johansen – $820,000 (slot)
    Ward – $850,000 (slot was $491,200)
    Voth – $272,800 (slot)
    Gunter – $175,000 (slot was $204,300)
    Yezzo – $160,000 (slot was $160,100)
    Napoli – $15,000 (slot was $149,500)
    Joyce – $15,000 (slot was $139,700)
    Middleton – $5,000 (slot was $135,300)

    Nats have signed 13 others from rounds 14 on, but no bonus details have come out yet. Doubtful that any would sign for over $100,000, the cutoff for what you can pay guys after round 10 without it counting against your bonus pool.

  5. As a great voice in nat nation quipped to me – too bad Ward did
    Not sign for much less… That money could have
    Gone into day 3 kids very intriguing !!
    Fascinating how many DSL kids are in limbo
    Awaiting their fate on XST lists – GCL or waived!!
    We all know brass saving money to sign Jordan this winter
    Considering the location of draft picking ,
    We can all say that 8 LHPs especially OTT
    And four LH bats plus a Dent kid is not shabby.
    We could use a better Johnny D foot print
    In foreign sand lots!!

    1. I don’t know what you are referring to when you say “we know brass saving money to sign Jordan this winter” but MLB has strict rules against draft spending now so that statement makes little sense.

      The money spent on round 2,3,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 is $2,322,800 the allotment for those picks is $2,372,900. That leaves the team an extra $50,100 to either spend on Nicholas Pivetta (4th round) or on a pick later in the draft. All and all I am surprised how well they managed the tiny bonus pool they had. Being able to take a shot on Ward and Gunter could pan out well.

  6. Lippencott is on watch list ?
    He better hit somewhere between Lee Stevens
    Jason Thompson or we may be waiting on
    Several DSL LH bat options off big board to
    Climb the ladder with their slugging !

  7. Gunter will be interesting to watch. maybe the decision on his position is the reason for the aggressive placement

  8. Sorry, late with this – David Napoli was the 8th round pick out of Tulane, so 11 draft picks.

    1. For once – the copyeditor is not to blame! Official roster issued by team listed him as an ’11 pick. Will fix.

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