Checking In On The Nats MLB Rule 5 Picks

Checkin In On The MLB Rule 5 PicksWith an off day yesterday, I wasn’t sure if I’d have something to write about this morning until one of the regulars asked me about Danny Rosenbaum and Jeff Kobernus.

Truth be told, it was the first time I had checked because I’m not rooting for them to falter so “we can have them back.” For both players, this is their first (and best) chance to make a major-league roster, even if it’s just briefly like Erik Komatsu’s two-team tour in 2012.

Rosenbaum has made just two appearances thus far for a total of four scoreless innings with two hits and one walk allowed and no strikeouts. Thanks to a start last Friday, his opposition quality score is 9.2 (H/T to NatsLady for pointing out this feature on already indispensable

As you can see from the gamer in the Colorodoan, Danny was paying attention to Crash Davis:

“They told me they see me more as a long relief guy. I’ve always been a starter in college and my whole career and coming out of the ‘pen will be different. But it’s pitching and it’s the same game. However they think I can help, I want to do that,” he said.

He’s scheduled to pitch again today in relief as well.

As a position player, Kobernus has gotten a much longer look as noted in this feature from the Detroit Free Press. He’s batting .280/.308/.440 with a lower Opposition Quality score (8.4) because he’s been left in games against the reserves of other teams.

While Rosenbaum can be “hidden” in the ‘pen as a long reliever or a backup LOOGY, Kobernus has no such luxury as a bench player. That’s why the Tigers are trying him in the outfield, where he hasn’t played since his college days at Cal. Kobernus is competing against a pair of 21-year-old prospects — Nick Castellanos and Avisail Garcia — who, of course, can be returned to the minors for more seasoning, even if they are the #1 and #2 prospects per Baseball America.

Author: Luke Erickson

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2 thoughts on “Checking In On The Nats MLB Rule 5 Picks”

  1. You are taking the right approach to these guys. I admit that I would like them to at least get their cups of coffee. Komatsu definitely does not look like he will get another taste of MLB any time soon, so getting him back wasn’t too momentous for the Nats. I am sure that being a “veteran” of two major league clubs is pretty momentous for Komatsu, though. Then again, his main passion seems to be making music, if you have ever read his “tweets”.

    I suppose Detroit could let Kobernus stay up for the month or two it takes to mess with the prospects’ service time, and then send him back to the Nats.

  2. Looks like Danny’s third outing was tougher, as he gave up 5 hits across 2 innings, all with 2 outs, including an inside the park HR. Also the Rockies just picked up Bobby Cassevah on a minor league contract who looks like he’ll also compete as a long reliever. Given the Rockies quick hook with their starters, it might be tougher for Danny to “hide”, but I definitely wish him luck.

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