Final Winter League Update

With the close of the Venzuelan League’s regular season, we can now take a look at the final numbers of the Nationals players in the 2012-13 winter leagues.
VWL Hitters 1-4-13
DWL Hitters 1-4-13
PWL Hitters 1-4-13

DWL Pitchers 1-4-13
PWL Pitcher 1-4-13
MWL Pitchers 1-4-13

As I semi-predicted, the latest BA Transaction post was indeed no new news. Still a bit surprising is how slow the FA market has been in terms of former Nationals — just four have signed thus far. Even the Nationals themselves have been less active than last offseason — just nine signed as opposed to 15 by this time last year.

Author: Luke Erickson

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4 thoughts on “Final Winter League Update”

  1. I was seriously confused to read that the Royals signed Chad Tracy. Apparently, there are 2 utility corner infielders named Chad Tracy?

  2. Wow, those are some seriously underwhelming numbers all around. Eury Perez only had 3 BB and 3 XBH in 89 plate appearances? And only 2 SB? Blech.

    1. I was thinking the same on Eury….16 strikeouts….in 89 at bats….oh my. That’s surely not going to translate into a jump in levels? Or is this just too small a sample?

    2. It’s hard to extrapolate anything from winter league statistics. Carlos Maldonado isn’t suddenly an MLB All Star, and neither is Perez suddenly a scrub. Often the winter leagues are used for players to work on specific things (i.e. to how throw an offspeed pitch or how to hit breaking balls), so stats don’t show the whole picture.

      I’m more encouraged to see Perez’s AAA stats even after having a less than stellar DWL.

      My biggest concern is how Maldonado, Leon and Solano can catch for a couple more months after the regular season. Catcher is a physically demanding position, especially on one’s knees, the offseason is an important time to recover from the stress placed on one’s knees. I hope management are ensuring that any extra work is not excessive…

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