Good, Bad, Interesting – Vol. 17

Our weekly look at the leaders, trailers, and outliers in the Washington Nationals minor leagues.

SYRACUSE CHIEFS 58-61, 5th place I.L. North, 8 games behind

Good Carlos Rivero .371/.451/.649 since All-Star break (27G)
Bad 713 pitching K’s last in I.L. (next-worst, 824)
Interesting Mitch Atkins 0.87ERA, 0.39WHIP in last six relief appearances

HARRISBURG SENATORS 53-59, 5th place E.L. West, 13½ games behind

Good Justin Bloxom .281/.324/.344 last 10G
Bad Team OBP of .315 dead last in Eastern League
Interesting Team streaky — 3+ Wins, eight times; 3+ Losses, eight times

POTOMAC NATIONALS 21-25, T3rd place C.L. North Division, 1½ games behind (52-64 overall)

Good Current starters named Meyers or Karns: 1.73ERA, 0.93WHIP
Bad Current starters not named Meyers or Karns: 5.98ERA, 1.67WHIP
Interesting Steve Souza Jr. .875OPS in 12G

HAGERSTOWN SUNS 25-22, T3rd place Sally League North Divison, 1 game behind (67-49 overall)

Good Matt Skole 1.019OPS (Best in Low-A)
Bad Wilson Eusebio 7.71ERA, 1.88WHIP
Interesting Billy Burns .323BA, 3rd in Sally Lg. (.328 vs. RHBs, .315 vs. LHBs)
First full year of switch-hitting

AUBURN DOUBLEDAYS 30-20, 1st place Pinckney Division, N.Y.-Penn League, 4 games ahead

Good Mike McQuillan .300/.371/.488 in 23G
Bad Jason Smith 7.94ERA, 1.85WHIP in 22⅔ IP
Interesting Nick Lee 43K in 42IP

GCL NATIONALS 20-25, 4th Place GCL East, 8½ games behind

Good Joel Barrientos 3-0, 2.48ERA, 1.29WHIP
Bad Michael Albaladejo .483OPS
Interesting Hayden Jennings .281BA, 9SB in last 10G

DSL NATIONALS 31-26, 3rd Place Boca Chica South Division, 9½ games behind

Good 19-y.o. Younaifred Aguero .294/.397/.394 in 40G

Bad 20-y.o. Philips Valdez 5.80ERA, 2.01WHIP in 40⅓ IP
Interesting 19-y.o. LHP Hector Silvestre 2-1, 1.71ERA in last four appearances

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

12 thoughts on “Good, Bad, Interesting – Vol. 17”

  1. If Bloxom’s triple slash is the best you could come up with for Harrisburg, then things really must be looking pretty bleak…

    1. Riley is our new IT gal. Perhaps even security, but first she needs to stop barking at her own reflection.

      For folks that missed it, I created an Staff Photos album on the site’s Facebook page

  2. Carlos Rivera’s OPS — Wow

    Billy Burns is fascinating, zero adjustment problems to switch hitting. Next year is a big year for him.

  3. From a pitching perspective, the minors are definitely bleak. The only team that will make the playoffs is Auburn and their pitching is pretty gloomy too. Whether two good pitchers and Rendon at Potomac will do the job is being answered. Hagerstown is doing its usual late season swoon, while Harrisburg and Syracuse haven’t a snowball’s hope. But have you seen our major league team lately–a product of said minor leagues.

    1. I dont think the pitching is that bad, with Karns, Meyer, Giolito, Pinyero, and Perry(plus whoever im forgeting) to go along with Zimmermann, Detwiler, Strasburg, and Gonzalez locked down at the MLB level

      1. Who I’d add to your list of solid minor leaguers by stats this season:

        Auburn Starters: Mooneyham (2.53 ERA), Monar (2.68), Lee (3.86)
        Auburn Relivers: Henke (3.25), Self (3.47)
        Hagerstown Starters: Schwartz (3.8)
        Hagerstown Relievers: Meza (2.54), Holt (3.96 ERA), Bates (2.81)
        Potomac Relievers: Holland (1.29), Wort (2.14)

        1. Were also forgeting Sammy Solis, who will be back next year. Hagerstown and Auburn seem to be stacked with talent, while Potomac and Harrisburg seem a little weak

    2. Auburn boasts a VERY solid 5 man starting rotation:

      Monar – 9 starts, 2.68 ERA, 42 Ks in 43.2 IP
      Mooneyham – 5 starts (6 games), 2.53 ERA, 14Ks in 21.1 IP
      Lee – 7 starts (9 games), 3.86 ERA, 43 ks in 42 IP
      Pineyro – 4 starts, 3.27 ERA, 19 Ks in 22 IP
      Encarnacion – 8 starts (9 games), 4.43 ERA, 36 Ks in 42.2 IP

  4. That’s not many pitchers at the minor league level, jeff. And Giolito, like Purke is a question mark health wise. Actually, that is not quite true. As far as I am concerned, Purke isn’t a question mark. He will never be healthy in the foreseeable future. Perry is interesting though, and there are a couple of other possibilities. But overall, not much to get excited about and our minor league standings attest to that.

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