GCL Roster Taking Shape

Nothing, of course, is official but in the course of doing my sweep of the transactions, I noticed that the Nationals’ GCL roster appears to be in place.

I’m not privy to who’s been put on the DL or waivers, but it’s probably fair to deduce that any name you’re looking for that’s not here, and wasn’t drafted this past June, has probably been sent packing. Please note the qualifiers in the text above, and without further ado…

Bold = Watchlist Player Italics = DSL Graduate
Joel Barrientos
Michael Boyden 31st
Kevin Dicharry 24th’
Inocencio Heredia
Leonard Hollins 29th
Will Hudgins 22nd
Anthony Marcelino
Gilberto Mendez
Adalberto Mieses
Mike Mudron 32nd
Ronald Pena 16th
Ivan Pineyro
Andy Santana
Blake Schwartz 17th
Casey Selsor 23rd
Daury Vasquez

Austin Chubb 21st
Adderling Ruiz
Pedro Severino

Hunter Bailey 28th
James Brooks 20th
Wilmer Difo
Diomedes Eusebio
Matt Foat NDFA
Bryan Lippincott 19th
Mike McQuillan 33rd
Jean Carlos Valdez

Hayden Jennings 6th HS
Narciso Mesa
Tony Nix
Will Piwnica-Worms NDFA
Wilman Rodriguez

If you’re following my “code,” that’s just two (2) players from last year’s draft that are back — Tony Nix, who had his contract voided but re-signed in April, and Deion Williams, the only HS pick from the Nats’ 2011 draft.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of NationalsProspects.com. Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

7 thoughts on “GCL Roster Taking Shape”

  1. Did you notice that Casey Selsor is listed as a pitcher after being drafted as an outfielder?

  2. and that Michael Mudron has signed since the Nats press release (he was a college senior so no shock)

    1. No, on both counts. Have to wonder if Selsor will be allowed to hit a la Adam Carr to either see if he can hack it (or get it out of his system). He’s not a hard thrower according to BA, and his college numbers as a P weren’t eye-popping (ditto for his bat as a 1B/OF).

  3. Checked the roster at minor league baseball website and Deion Williams is still in GCL. Johan Rodriquez and Pergueo are two names missing from last season. I don’t understand why the Nats place 4 year seniors from college such as Brooks, Bailey and McQuillian in the GCL. They are 23 and 24 years old. In my opinion, too old to play in the GCL. I’m just saying……….

  4. Another name missing from last season roster according to minor league baseball website Trey Karlen. Yet another 23/24 year old playing in GCL…… I absolutely love the Nats and Mike Rizzo. However, I don’t think the Nats are sure how they want to develop the farm system at the lower levels. Most mlb organization will use the GCL and AZL to develop the HS talent (16 – 20 yrs of age) in the organization, the NY Penn League is normally used to develop college juniors/seniors (21 – 22 yrs of age), Low A (21 – 23 yrs of age) , High A (22 – 24 yrs of age), Double A , where most of your MLB prospects are, (24 – 25 yrs. of age) and of course Triple A where you keep your older veterans to spot fill roster moves on the major league level, (26 and older). Drafting and placing 23/24 yrs. old in the GCL is not good. At 25/26 years years of age you should be knocking at the door of big league camp. If you are not, more than likely you are not a MLB prospect. I certainly hope that the HS talent , in this case, Williams is allowed and afforded the opportunity to develop. Looking at his bio he is a young, 19 year old. No, he did not have the best season last year but he was an 18 year old playing pro ball for the first time. Being an educator, I understand the difference in development with your kids. They mature at different ages. AKA….. Bryce Harper, 19 years old but has filled out completely. Hint: Any 18 year old that is capable of growing a full beard has more than likely reached “manhood” physically. I love Nats but I would like to see more HS talent at the lower levels for development in the GCL, which is described as the “instructional league”.

  5. What happened to 2011 9th rounder Dixon Anderson?

    I see he’s not on any of the rosters… is he still with the club? Or is he rehabbing an injury of some sort?

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